Behind-The-Scenes with Rick Nunn

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The following article is courtesy of English portrait photographer Rick Nunn....

Lighting and Post-Production for a Dramatic Headshot

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Utilizing a 3-point light setup in studio allows portrait photographers to ef...

Mixing Available Light with Artificial Light

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Westcott Top Pro Rick Sammon is not only a renowned photographer, but is also...

Cinematic Photography with the Skylux LED (Part Four)

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Join commercial photographer Eric Eggly behind the scenes of this cinematic  ...

Understanding a Beauty Dish

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Westcott creates a vast amount of products for photographers of all varieties...

Introducing the Zeppelin Deep Parabolic

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Westcott is proud to announce the latest addition to their softbox line-up: t...

Bruce Dorn & the Asymmetrical Stripbank

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As a Westcott Top Pro Elite photographer, Bruce Dorn has designed multiple in...

Justin Van Leeuwen Reviews the Westcott ProGrip

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Corporate and editorial portrait photographer Justin Van Leeuwen hails from O...

Craig Beckta Reviews the 35″ Zeppelin

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Halifax portrait photographer Craig Beckta reviews the Westcott Zeppelin Deep...

Real Deal Review: Zeppelin Para 47

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Photographer Jim Tincher of Lexington, Kentucky discusses the features of the...