Light Painting with the Ice Light and Barndoors

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Commercial and editorial automotive photographer Andrew Link uses light paint...

Studio Portraiture with the Eyelighter

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In the Elite Photographic Studio near Detroit, Michigan, Team Westcott goes b...

Photographing Children with the Pocket Box

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Professional photography educator Erin Manning takes the Pocket Box Max modif...

Environmental Portraiture with Andrew Tomasino

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Understanding a Beauty Dish

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Westcott creates a vast amount of products for photographers of all varieties...

Introducing the Eyelighter

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Westcott, an industry-leading innovator of photo and video lighting products,...

Introducing the Zeppelin Deep Parabolic

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Westcott is proud to announce the latest addition to their softbox line-up: t...

Bruce Dorn & the Asymmetrical Stripbank

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As a Westcott Top Pro Elite photographer, Bruce Dorn has designed multiple in...

Neil Van Niekerk Reviews the Rapid Box

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Craig Beckta Reviews the 35″ Zeppelin

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Halifax portrait photographer Craig Beckta reviews the Westcott Zeppelin Deep...