Now that the Apollo line has expanded even further you might find yourself wondering just which softbox to purchase. While they all share the advantages of traveling light and easy setup, from there it all depends on your shooting style and subject matter. I get asked a good deal which Apollo I would recommend for shooting more than one person, whether that be couples or a small group. I highly recommend the 50″ Apollo for situations like these. It collapses down small enough but when opened it becomes a LARGE light source. This provides the coverage needed for multiple subjects and at the same time can provide a beautiful wrapping soft light for a single portrait as well.

In the following images I used the same lighting setup for a pair or models as well as a single headshot. Here’s an overhead look at what was going on:

To produce the bright white background, I used (2) Strobelite Plus units, bounced into umbrellas for an even spread of light on the background. These background lights are not casting light onto the subject though. For our models I used another Strobelite Plus directly overhead with an 50″ Apollo softbox. For an additional bit of fill I added a Medium Scrim Jim with silver reflector underneath.

In these headshots of our model by herself, I had her stand relatively close to the 50″ Apollo to achieve the maximum amount of softness in the light. After that I was able to bring in a second model and have them both take a few steps back. Because of the size of the 50″ Apollo that wrapping quality of light was maintained and I was even able to get 3/4 to full length portraits without changing any gear. This beautiful light and versatility from single portraits to small groups, is why the 50″ Apollo is one of my favorite modifiers.

Westcott Lighting Gear in Action