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Speedlite Setup for Portraiture

By 4 months ago

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This blog is courtesy of New York portrait photographer Benny Migliorino....

Mastering Location Lighting with Lindsay Adler

By 7 months ago

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This article on location lighting for photography is courtesy of renowned bea...

Choosing the Right Light Modifier with Joel Grimes

By 7 months ago

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Both new photographers and experienced professionals often question which lig...

Behind-The-Scenes with Rick Nunn

By 8 months ago

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The following article is courtesy of English portrait photographer Rick Nunn....

Outdoor Portraiture in Bad Weather

By 9 months ago

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Chicago portrait and wedding photographer Bob Davis is a 25 year veteran of p...

Modern Beauty Photography with Lou Freeman

By 10 months ago

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Lou Freeman has practiced the art of fashion, glamour, fine interior and prod...

Shooting Luke Bryan for Rolling Stone with Drew Gurian

By 1 year ago

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This article is courtesy of celebrity and music photographer Drew Gurian....

Perfecting Portraits with a Stripbank

By 1 year ago

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As most of you know, I’m kind of obsessed with studio lights. I spent my firs...

Lifestyle Portraits with Chris Lambeth

By 1 year ago

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Beauty and fashion portrait photographer Chris Lambeth uses the Westcott Apol...

Newborn Lighting Do’s and Dont’s

By 1 year ago

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This article on newborn lighting techniques is courtesy of renowned newborn p...

Shooting a Fashion Editorial with the Apollo Orb

By 1 year ago

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Starting fresh with a brand new blog in 2014. Over Christmas, my friend a...

Shooting in Sunlight with Rick Nunn

By 1 year ago

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This article is courtesy of English photographer and designer Rick Nunn....

Using Apollo Strips for a Portrait

By 1 year ago

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This article is courtesy of  renowned portrait and architecture photographer ...

Shooting a Nighttime Portrait with a Softbox

By 1 year ago

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Nashua, New Hampshire portrait photographer Sid Ceaser of Sid Ceaser Photog...

Sid Ceaser’s Favorite Modifier: The Westcott Apollo

By 1 year ago

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This review of the Westcott Apollo is courtesy of portrait photographer Sid C...

Lighting for Newborn Portraits

By 1 year ago

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This article is courtesy of premier newborn photographer Amber Scruggs of Lit...

Lighting a Creative Portrait with the Apollo

By 1 year ago

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This article on using the Apollo for creative lighting in a portrait is court...

Real Deal Review: The Apollo Strip

By 1 year ago

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Roger Ridpath, a commercial and portrait photographer based in Kansas City, m...

Rick Sammon on Adjusting Light Placement

By 1 year ago

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Join Westcott Top Pro Elite Rick Sammon as he demonstrates how light placemen...

Using the Perfect Pair Kit Through a Window

By 1 year ago

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Top Pro Elite Photographer Bob Davis heads to the streets of the big city to ...

Using the Apollo Orb to Create an Action Photo

By 1 year ago

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This Photography blog post using the Apollo Orb was originally written by Pho...

Warehouse Photo Shoot Using the Apollo Orb

By 1 year ago

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The following lighting diagram and blog is courtesy of  photographer Taryn Tr...

Review: Westcott X-Drop Backdrop System

By 1 year ago

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White Backgrounds Seamless white backgrounds are a standard request for an...

Lighting on the Go with Bob Davis

By 1 year ago

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Join Top Pro Elite Photographer Bob Da...

Sports Portraits with Green Screen

By 1 year ago

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Top Pro Elite Photographer Dave Cross shows the ease of doing sports portrait...

Studio Lighting Fundamentals Using a Mega Apollo

By 1 year ago

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Westcott Top Pro Elite Photographer Jim Schmelzer teaches us different possib...

Real Deal Review: 50″ Mega Apollo Modifier

By 1 year ago

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Watch Charles E. from New York as he reviews the 50" Mega JS Apollo for this ...

Real Deal Review: Perfect Pair Light Modifier Kit

By 2 years ago

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Photographer Patrick F. from The Woodlands, TX reviews the Bob and Dawn Davis...

Lifestyle Photo Shoot with Apollo Orb and Scrim

By 2 years ago

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Photographer Chris Garrison from Orlando, FL uses the Apollo Orb and the Larg...

Seven Tips for Shooting with a Speedlite in a Softbox

By 2 years ago

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This article is courtesy of renowned photograpger and Westcott Top Pro Elite ...

50″ Mega JS Apollo: Perfect for One or More

By 2 years ago

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Now that the Apollo line has expanded even further you might find yourself wo...

Mounting an Apollo Light Modifier to a Mono Arm

By 2 years ago

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Here is a quick video tip on how to mount the 43" Apollo Orb on the Mono Arm....

Speedlite Tips From Rick Sammon

By 2 years ago

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If you are a strobist photographer or a fan of speedlites - this blog is for ...

Review: Westcott’s Medium Apollo with Grid

By 2 years ago

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Over at the Kelby Media Group, they have an online show called D-Town TV. D-T...

Shooting Outdoors: Headshots in the Park

By 2 years ago

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Shooting Outdoors Rocks When given the choice between shooting in a studio o...

Portrait Shoot with Speedlites and Apollo Strip

By 2 years ago

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For this portrait shoot, Bob Davis had two Speedlites in Group B manual mode ...

Using Apollo Orb to Control Light with Speedlites

By 2 years ago

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Levels Aimed At: Simple lighting setup with a little practice. One light s...

An Outdoor Portrait Using Speedlites and Medium Apollo

By 2 years ago

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For this outdoor portrait shoot, I ganged 600EX RT's together all in the same...

Portrait Shoot Using Speedlites and Apollo Strip

By 2 years ago

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Bob Davis shares a quick tip from this portrait shoot for using a Westcott Ap...

Portrait Shoot At the Graffiti Wall

By 2 years ago

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Here is a quick tip from an outdoor portrait shoot using the Westcott Apollo ...

Speedlite Portraits

By 2 years ago

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Join special guest Rick Sammon with host Joe Brady and see how easy it can be...

Commercial Shoot: Sushi Photo Setup

By 2 years ago

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Commercial shoot by photographer Eric Eggly using a Westcott Strobelite plus,...

Portrait Shoot Using an Apollo and Stripbanks

By 2 years ago

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This portrait shoot by photographer Erik Valind is set up with a Westcott 50-...

Interview with Erik Valind on Environmental Portraits

By 2 years ago

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Commercial, portrait, and lifestyle photography Erik Valind joins Henry's TV ...

Speedlite Photo Tutorial by FroKnowsPhoto

By 2 years ago

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A 61-minute video by Adam Lerner and Jared Polin from FroKnowsPhoto featuring...

Outdoor Football Portrait Using a Scrim Jim

By 2 years ago

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This lighting setup and final image was provided by Westcott Top Pro Elite Ph...

Fashion Portrait Using Medium Apollo

By 2 years ago

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Join Photographer Rick Nunn in Tokyo, Japan as he completes a Fashion Portrai...

Environmental Portrait Using Strobelite Plus and Octabank

By 2 years ago

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This is a lighting diagram of an environmental portrait shoot by photographer...

Elegant Vintage Portraits

By 2 years ago

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Portrait shoot with photographer Rick Nunn in Tokyo, Japan using two Westco...

Outdoor Portrait Shoot Using a Stroblite Plus, Octabank and Scrim Jim

By 2 years ago

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Outdoor Portrait shoot by photographer Erik Valind using a Westcott Strobelit...

Portrait Shoot Using the Westcott Apollo

By 2 years ago

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Designer and photographer Rick Nunn of Lincoln, England utilizes two Westcott...

Catchlights – Round Vs. Square

By 2 years ago

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This blog was written by Westcott Top Pro, Ambassador and Professional Ph...

Differences in Photo Umbrella Light Spill

By 2 years ago

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Umbrella are a quick and easy - not to mention affordable - way to produce soft light. One of the main differences between an umbrella and a softbox though, is their ability to control where that soft light spills. Or more precisely where the light goes and where it doesn't. Lets walk through a couple different kinds of umbrellas and what kind of spill you can expect when using each.

How I Shot This by Keith Ibsen

By 3 years ago

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This week's #Tog Tuesday features professional photographer Keith Ibsen! He did a quick shot with his model Laurence and wanted to share how he shot it.

Food Photography Quick Tips

By 3 years ago

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We have a 'treat' - no pun intended - for you with this post! Top Pro Photographer Patrick Connor has had much success with food photography as well as product photography. He shares with you his process as well as setup of how he was able to photograph some amazing shots. Then his photography went on the road!