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Super Quick Portrait Setups

By 3 days ago

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This article on quick portrait setups is courtesy of international portrait p...

Using the Omega Reflector As a Diffuser

By 1 week ago

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The Omega Reflector is the world’s first 10-in-1 shoot-through reflector. The...

Creating Soft Cross-Lighting with Joel Grimes

By 1 month ago

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Successful commercial photographer Joel Grimes is known for creating dramatic...

Diffusing Harsh Sunlight with Clay Cook

By 9 months ago

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This article is courtesy of Louisville fashion photographer Clay Cook.I’v...

Outdoor Fashion Portraits with a 7′ Parabolic Umbrella

By 1 year ago

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Top Pro couple Zach and Jody Gray create gorgeous fashion portraits in Nelson...

Shooting Outside on a Sunny Day

By 1 year ago

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THE SUN. Our world revolves around it, and so does an outside shoot.Ther...

Lifestyle Photo Shoot with Apollo Orb and Scrim

By 1 year ago

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Photographer Chris Garrison from Orlando, FL uses the Apollo Orb and the Larg...

Lighting for Portrait Compositing

By 1 year ago

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Photographer Mark Johnson has created some amazing composites in the last few...

Bruce Dorn: Portraits with Speedlites (Part 5)

By 2 years ago

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Explorer of Light and Westcott Top Pro Elite Bruce Dorn has been teaching Spe...

Diffuse Light and Alter Light Using the Scrim Jim

By 2 years ago

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Erik Valind, Professional Photographer and Westcott Endorsed Pro talks about ...

Full-Length Outdoor Portrait

By 2 years ago

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A full-length outdoor portrait by photographers Zach and Jody Gray using a 24...

Product Shoot with Westcott DigiTent

By 2 years ago

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Join Westcott Top Pro Eric Eggly for a quick and easy solution for a product ...

Scrim Jim: Thinking Outside the Box

By 2 years ago

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The Scrim Jim: Like a Swiss Army Knife When talking about different lighting...

Comparing Large Vs. Small Photo Umbrellas

By 2 years ago

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Photographic umbrellas come in so many sizes nowadays, perhaps even more so t...

Outdoor Portrait a Using Scrim Jim

By 2 years ago

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Outdoor portrait shoot by photographer Ed Pierce using a Westcott white and a...

Portrait Shoot Using Westcott Scrim Jim

By 2 years ago

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Portrait shoot by photographer Claude Jodoin using a Westcott Small Scrim Jim...