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Choosing the Right Light Modifier with Joel Grimes

By 5 months ago

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Both new photographers and experienced professionals often question which lig...

Environmental Portraiture with Andrew Tomasino

By 6 months ago

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This article is courtesy of Pennsylvanian portrait photographer And...

Lighting and Post-Production for a Dramatic Headshot

By 6 months ago

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Utilizing a 3-point light setup in studio allows portrait photographers to ef...

Attaching an Adapter Ring to a Spiderlite TD3

By 2 years ago

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Here’s a quick tip video on how to mount an adapter ring to a Spiderlite TD3....

The Art of Portrait Photography: Part 2

By 2 years ago

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Executive & Business PortraitsIn this executive portrait the goal i...

The Art of the Portrait Photography: Part 1

By 2 years ago

942 Views0 Comments

Portraits were some of the first images to grab my attention and draw me ...

Digital Composite Shoot Using Strobelite Plus

By 2 years ago

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Digital composite shoot by Photographer Michael Green using multiple Westcott...

Fashion Portrait Using Strobelite Plus

By 2 years ago

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Fashion Portrait shoot by photographer Courtney Dailey using a Westcott Strob...

My Favorite Parabolic Umbrella

By 2 years ago

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Most photographers love Octabanks. The light quality if amazing! Unfortunatel...

Environmental Portrait Using Strobelite Plus and Octabank

By 2 years ago

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This is a lighting diagram of an environmental portrait shoot by photographer...

Outdoor Portrait Shoot Using a Stroblite Plus, Octabank and Scrim Jim

By 2 years ago

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Outdoor Portrait shoot by photographer Erik Valind using a Westcott Strobelit...

Composite Photos with Octabank, Softbox and Grids

By 2 years ago

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Westcott Top Pro Elite Photographer Joel Grimes recently did a photoshoot for...