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Portrait Quick Tip: Light Gradation

By 1 month ago

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Portrait photographer Jim Schmelzer is a advocate for continuous lighting in ...

Beauty Portraits with Terry White and the Skylux LED

By 1 month ago

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Adobe expert and photography educator Terry White takes us behind-the-scenes ...

Creating a Summer Portrait In Studio with Jim Schmelzer

By 2 months ago

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Have you ever wanted to create a warm, summer portrait in unfavorable weather...

Choosing the Right Light Modifier with Joel Grimes

By 3 months ago

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Both new photographers and experienced professionals often question which lig...

Bruce Dorn & the Asymmetrical Stripbank

By 7 months ago

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As a Westcott Top Pro Elite photographer, Bruce Dorn has designed multiple in...

Perfecting Portraits with a Stripbank

By 8 months ago

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As most of you know, I’m kind of obsessed with studio lights. I spent my firs...

Studio Lighting Fundamentals Part 5: Camera Settings

By 10 months ago

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Join Top Pro Jim Schmelzer as he uses the Westcott Spiderlite TD6 lights to d...

Using Apollo Strips for a Portrait

By 10 months ago

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This article is courtesy of  renowned portrait and architecture photographer ...

Real Deal Review: The Apollo Strip

By 1 year ago

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Roger Ridpath, a commercial and portrait photographer based in Kansas City, m...

Cinematic Photography with the Skylux LED (Part Two)

By 1 year ago

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Join Top Pro Elite Photographer Eric Eggly on his cinematic photography shoot...

Cinematic Photography with the Skylux LED (Part One)

By 1 year ago

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Join Top Pro Elite Photographer Eric Eggly on his cinematic photography shoot...

Review: Westcott X-Drop Backdrop System

By 1 year ago

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White Backgrounds Seamless white backgrounds are a standard request for an...

Advantages of Softboxes, Strips and Grids

By 1 year ago

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Westcott President Kelly Mondora explains the difference between a stripbank ...

Outdoor Fashion Photography with Zach Gray

By 1 year ago

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In this video, Top Pro Elite Zach Gray uses the 26" Rapid Box Octa in combina...

Lifestyle Photo Shoot with Apollo Orb and Scrim

By 1 year ago

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Photographer Chris Garrison from Orlando, FL uses the Apollo Orb and the Larg...

Cell Phone Photography: It’s All About the Light!

By 1 year ago

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Join Top Pro Elite Terry White for a cell phone photography fashion shoot usi...

Photographer Feature – Lighting for Composites by Mark S. Johnson

By 1 year ago

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Photographer Mark Johnson has created some amazing composites in the last few...

Lighting for Portrait Compositing

By 1 year ago

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Photographer Mark Johnson has created some amazing composites in the last few...

Sports Composite Photography with Mark Johnson

By 2 years ago

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These images and the information provided on sports composite photography is ...

Full-Length Outdoor Portrait

By 2 years ago

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A full-length outdoor portrait by photographers Zach and Jody Gray using a 24...

Composite Photography Lit by the Spiderlite TD6

By 2 years ago

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In this photo composite of a mountain biker in Boulder, Colorado, Mark S. Joh...

Digital Composite Shoot Using Strobelite Plus

By 2 years ago

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Digital composite shoot by Photographer Michael Green using multiple Westcott...

Portrait Shoot Using Westcott Spiderlites

By 2 years ago

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Capturing precise, soft portrait lighting can be difficult. Proper lighting t...

Portrait Shoot with Speedlites and Apollo Strip

By 2 years ago

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For this portrait shoot, Bob Davis had two Speedlites in Group B manual mode ...

Portrait Shoot Using Speedlites and Apollo Strip

By 2 years ago

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Bob Davis shares a quick tip from this portrait shoot for using a Westcott Ap...

Tribute to Hollywood Divas

By 2 years ago

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Joao Carlos writes, "I was commissioned in January by the fabulous team at No...

Portrait Shoot Using an Apollo and Stripbanks

By 2 years ago

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This portrait shoot by photographer Erik Valind is set up with a Westcott 50-...