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Behind the Scenes with Emily Soto in NYC

By 3 days ago

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Emily Soto is an internationally renowned and respected fashion photograp...

Dynamic Lighting for Fashion Portraits

By 6 days ago

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Respected educator and Top Pro photographer Zach Gray often utilizes speedlit...

Neil Van Niekerk Reviews the Rapid Box

By 1 month ago

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This article is courtesy of New Jersey portrait photographer Neil van Niekerk...

Understanding a Beauty Dish

By 2 months ago

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Westcott creates a vast amount of products for photographers of all varieties...

Mixing Available Light with Artificial Light

By 2 months ago

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Westcott Top Pro Rick Sammon is not only a renowned photographer, but is also...

Balancing Sunlight with Terry White

By 2 months ago

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With over 20 years of experience in the industry, author and educator Terry W...

Craig Beckta: The Rapid Box Strip

By 4 months ago

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Talented portrait photographer Craig Beckta, of Halifax, Nova Scotia, discuss...

Thierry Dehove Parle De La Westcott Rapid Box

By 4 months ago

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Le photographe français Thierry Dehove décrit les fonctionnalités de la Westc...

Craig Beckta Reviews the 26″ Rapid Box

By 4 months ago

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Talented portrait photographer Craig Beckta, of Halifax, Nova Scotia, discuss...

Senior Portraits with the Rapid Box XXL

By 4 months ago

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Westcott Top Pro photographer Matt Hernandez discusses the features and benef...

Real Deal Review: Rapid Box XL

By 5 months ago

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Portrait and fashion photographer Martin Howard of Columbus, Mississippi disc...

Record Store Engagement Session with Benny Migs and the Rapid Box

By 5 months ago

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This video is courtesy of  New York portrait photographer Benny Migs.Kris...

Real Deal Review: The Rapid Box XXL

By 7 months ago

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Mike Osborn of Osborn Photography in central Illinois reviews the Rapid Box X...

How To Balance Sunlight with Terry White

By 7 months ago

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Shooting on a lake in Michigan, Westcott Top Pro Elite photographer Terry Whi...

Halloween Portraiture by Tim Breaseale

By 9 months ago

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This photography blog post was originally written by photographer Tim Breasea...

Real Deal Review – The Rapid Box Speedlite Kit

By 10 months ago

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Team Westcott sent portrait and wedding photographer Benny Migs the Westcott ...

Rick Sammon Uses the Rapid Box to Create Depth and Dimension

By 10 months ago

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In this Westcott video, Top Pro Elite Rick Sammon discusses the dimension and...

Continuous Light with Skylux LED

By 11 months ago

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Join Westcott Top Pro Rafael "RC" Concepcion and the Kelby Media Group as the...

Off-Camera Flash with the Rapid Box

By 11 months ago

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This video blog post on Off-Camera Flash using the Westcott Rapid Box was ori...

Composition Tips with Rick Sammon

By 1 year ago

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Top Pro Elite Photographer Rick Sammon discusses the rules of composition in ...

Going Retro with Hernan Rodriguez

By 1 year ago

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Top Pro and Celebrity photographer Hernan Rodriguez takes us back in time wit...

Full-Length and Head Shot Portraits with The Rapid Box

By 1 year ago

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Westcott Top Pro Justin Van Leeuwen walks viewers through brief outdoor photo...

Outdoor Fashion Photography with Zach Gray

By 1 year ago

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In this video, Top Pro Elite Zach Gray uses the 26" Rapid Box Octa in combina...

Real Deal Review: The Rapid Box Speedlite System

By 1 year ago

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Photographer Kelli D. from West Virginia had the chance to review the Rapid B...