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Lighting gear videos and written tutorials demonstrating the proper setup, usage and advantages.

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Justin Van Leeuwen Reviews the Westcott ProGrip

By 1 week ago

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Corporate and editorial portrait photographer Justin Van Leeuwen hails from O...

Bruce Dorn & the Asymmetrical Stripbank

By 2 months ago

485 Views0 Comments

As a Westcott Top Pro Elite photographer, Bruce Dorn has designed multiple in...

Balancing Natural Light with Zach & Jody

By 2 months ago

2.97K Views0 Comments

Shooting fashion in the Nevada desert, Westcott Top Pro photography couple Za...

Chris Garrison Uses Light Painting on a Ferrari California

By 3 months ago

3.79K Views0 Comments

I originally shot cars when I was coming up as a photographer, and I have wan...

Studio Lighting Fundamentals Part 4: Stripbank

By 3 months ago

605 Views0 Comments

Join Top Pro Jim Schmelzer as he uses the Westcott Spiderlite TD6 lights to d...

Studio Lighting Fundamentals Part 3: Reflectors

By 3 months ago

580 Views0 Comments

Join Top Pro Jim Schmelzer as he uses two different Westcott Reflectors to di...

Rick Sammon on Using the Ice Light While Shooting in a Small Space

By 3 months ago

798 Views0 Comments

Shooting in any type of small space can be difficult, especially in a vehicle...

Using Apollo Strips for a Portrait

By 3 months ago

652 Views0 Comments

This article is courtesy of  renowned portrait and architecture photographer ...

Lighting for Newborn Portraits

By 3 months ago

6.47K Views1 Comments

This article is courtesy of premier newborn photographer Amber Scruggs of Lit...

Justin Van Leeuwen Uses the 7′ Parabolic Umbrella

By 4 months ago

895 Views0 Comments

Westcott Top Pro and professional commercial photographer Justin Van Leeuwen ...

Strobelite Plus Walkthrough with Erik Valind

By 4 months ago

441 Views0 Comments

Westcott Top Pro Elite Erik Valind discusses all of the features and uses of ...

Erik Valind Showcases The Scrim Jim

By 4 months ago

760 Views0 Comments

Westcott Top Pro Elite and professional photographer Erik Valind discusses th...

Westcott’s Wrinkle-Resistant Green Screen Backdrop

By 4 months ago

317 Views0 Comments

Brandon, Content and Marketing Manager at Westcott, discusses the many featur...

Zach Gray: Desert Portraits with a Diffused Parabolic Umbrella

By 4 months ago

726 Views0 Comments

Westcott Top Pro Elite Zach Gray illustrates proper outdoor lighting techniqu...

Rick Sammon on Adjusting Light Placement

By 4 months ago

824 Views0 Comments

Join Westcott Top Pro Elite Rick Sammon as he demonstrates how light placemen...

Rick Sammon Uses the Rapid Box to Create Depth and Dimension

By 4 months ago

460 Views0 Comments

In this Westcott video, Top Pro Elite Rick Sammon discusses the dimension and...

Matt Hernandez Creates Sports Composite with Photo Key

By 4 months ago

667 Views0 Comments

Westcott Top Pro Matt Hernandez, who specializes in sports photography, uses ...

Using the Perfect Pair Kit Through a Window

By 5 months ago

857 Views0 Comments

Top Pro Elite Photographer Bob Davis heads to the streets of the big city to ...

Using the Apollo Orb to Create an Action Photo

By 6 months ago

959 Views0 Comments

This Photography blog post using the Apollo Orb was originally written by Pho...

Advantages of Softboxes, Strips and Grids

By 10 months ago

609 Views0 Comments

Westcott President Kelly Mondora explains the difference between a stripbank ...

Quick Tip: How to Fold a Reflector

By 10 months ago

362 Views0 Comments

This video tip features Brandon from Westcott and it shows two easy methods o...

Lighting Ratios with Erin Manning

By 10 months ago

1.30K Views2 Comments

Westcott Top Pro Elite photographer and educator Erin Manning discusses light...

How to Set the Perfect White Balance

By 1 year ago

1.98K Views0 Comments

Your white balance setting is how your camera decides what white should look ...

Photo Tips to Practice This Weekend

By 1 year ago

240 Views0 Comments

You're only scratching the surface of photography when you're simply snap...

Bruce Dorn: Portraits with Speedlites (Part 5)

By 1 year ago

400 Views0 Comments

Explorer of Light and Westcott Top Pro Elite Bruce Dorn has been teaching Spe...

Bruce Dorn: Portraits with Speedlites (Part 3)

By 1 year ago

425 Views0 Comments

Explorer of Light and Westcott Top Pro Elite Bruce Dorn has been teaching tec...

Sports Composite Photography with Mark Johnson

By 1 year ago

740 Views0 Comments

These images and the information provided on sports composite photography is ...

Bruce Dorn: Portraits with Speedlites

By 1 year ago

493 Views0 Comments

Explorer of Light and Westcott Top Pro Elite Bruce Dorn has been teaching tec...

Attaching an Adapter Ring to a Spiderlite TD3

By 1 year ago

116 Views0 Comments

Here’s a quick tip video on how to mount an adapter ring to a Spiderlite TD3....

Placing a 7′ Parabolic Umbrella in Its Carry Case

By 1 year ago

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The 7' Parabolic Umbrella comes in three different versions.  The Silver inte...

Mounting an Apollo Light Modifier to a Mono Arm

By 1 year ago

180 Views0 Comments

Here is a quick video tip on how to mount the 43" Apollo Orb on the Mono Arm....

Comparing Large Vs. Small Photo Umbrellas

By 1 year ago

672 Views0 Comments

Photographic umbrellas come in so many sizes nowadays, perhaps even more so t...

Product Photography with a Spiderlite TD5

By 1 year ago

246 Views0 Comments

Photographer Kerry Garrison at Camera Dojo walks through a product photograph...