Introducing the Eyelighter

By on 2014-07-17

Westcott, an industry-leading innovator of photo and video lighting products, teamed with photographer Larry Peters in early 2014 to pioneer a unique tool for portrait photography. The Eyelighter, designed by Peters, is the only curved reflector available on the market. This new partnership combined the highest quality construction with cutting-edge design. This truly brought Larry’s vision to life at a lower price point due to bulk-manufacturing. Fashioned with highly-reflective silver fabric, a durable aluminum frame, and compact disassembly, The Eyelighter is an essential addition for beauty and portrait photographers.

The Eyelighter

The Eyelighter’s exclusive arc-shaped design is built to create a catchlight with the same curvature of the human eye. This natural-looking reflection creates a high-key appearance in portrait, fashion, and beauty images. Unlike tri-fold or flat reflectors, this catchlight is seamless without unflattering breaks. This curve is constructed with premium reflective fabric, allowing for an optimum wrap-around reflection, evenly illuminating your subject. The frame and support rods feature an aluminum build, which is durable yet lightweight for easy set-up and travel.

Terry White - The Eyelighter
Terry White - The Eyelighter 2

Lou Freeman

Shipping now, The Eyelighter includes simple set-up instructions and a travel case for portability and storage. To learn more about this advanced reflector, please visit:



Images above courtesy of photographers Terry White and Lou Freeman.

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