Matt Hernandez Creates Sports Composite with Photo Key

By on 2013-11-20

Westcott Top Pro Matt Hernandez, who specializes in sports photography, uses Photo Key 6 to remove a green background for a sports composite.  Watch how Matt sets up his lighting for this green screen image, and quickly brings it in to a football field background. With Photo Key 6 Pro, Matt was able to make subtle adjustments to improve the hue and color of the photo.
For more information on Photo Key 6, or to learn about green screen lighting kits please visit here.

The 7′ Parabolic Umbrella comes in three different versions.  The Silver interior is featured in this video, along with a white interior, and a shoot through version.  This large light modifier is great for shooting groups or settings where you need a large coverage of light.  The 7′ Parabolic Umbrella features fiberglass ribs for extreme durability.  In this setup, Matt Hernandez shows us a quick and easy setup to achieve great lighting for a sports composite.

Anything is possible with the power of Green Screen.  Photographers can place their subject on nearly any background imaginable in just seconds using PhotoKey Software.  Along with sports composites, Green Screen is very useful with Wedding Photobooths, Senior Portraits, childrens photos, Holiday Cards, and many more!

Sports Composite

Final Sports Composite Image


Westcott Lighting Gear in Action



Matt Hernandez

Matt Hernandez

Westcott Top Pro Photographer
Matt Hernandez began his career as an award-winning graphic artist then combined his love of photography with his design background and his love of sports, to become one of the country's premier sports photographers.
Matt Hernandez

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