Westcott’s Wrinkle-Resistant Green Screen Backdrop

By on 2013-12-04

Brandon, Content and Marketing Manager at Westcott, discusses the many features of Westcott’s Green Screen Wrinkle-Resistant Backdrops. These heavy-duty chroma key backdrops are constructed with a thick, matte cotton fabric. This material is wrinkle-resistant, making it ideal for anyone doing on-location photography as the backdrop can be quickly pulled from any bag and set up instantly. This matte fabric is also virtually reflection free, making lighting any subjects a breeze. Each backdrop is constructed with both a rod pocket and metal grommets, allowing for stand set-up as well as wall hook hanging. These innovative backdrops are even machine washable on a delicate cycle. Westcott’s Wrinkle-Resistant backdrops are available in 9′ x 20′ and 9′ x 10′ sizes and come with a heavy-duty cloth carry case for easy travel and storage.

132 Westcotts Wrinkle Resistant Green Screen BackdropGreen Detail Grommet 1024x768 Westcotts Wrinkle Resistant Green Screen BackdropGreenScreen Closeup 1024x683 Westcotts Wrinkle Resistant Green Screen Backdrop

Westcott Lighting Gear in Action

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