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We want to thank everyone who participated in the 2012 FOCUS Shootout this year! After the entries were reviewed, we are excited to announce our winner!


Ian Marriott-Smith

Some interesting facts about our winner:

  • He’s not just a photographer, but also a sound engineer!
  • His Great-Great-Grandfather Henry Jenkins was a successful photographer with a studio in Tunbridge wells, and then many of his family after that. (You can see the Flickr Page for this here.)
  • He has a website – here!

So what were his thoughts on the shootout?

I saw the Westcott booth as soon as I walked into FOCUS on Imaging. It was packed for a seminar on the Quality of Light with Jim Schmelzer. I got some great tips but struggled a bit to get a good photo angle – I revisited just before I headed off and managed to grab a a few frames which I was really pleased with – great model and of course I can take no credit for the great lighting!!


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