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This Contest Has Ended.

Winners announced shortly.

As the saying goes, “Someone has a case of the Monday’s!” – Westcott is prepared to change that!

BOWToday, we are offering a B.O.W. (BOW) Contest that everyone can compete in! So what is a BOW? A BOW is a Bag Of Westcott! This can include anything such as Westcott products or something random. (As our last contest winners discovered – Chocolate, DVD’s, Green Screen Kit, Books and other random items!) You never know what could be in a BOW!

So what are the next steps? Below are a list of questions. Please answer them through the comment box. (DEADLINE FOR COMMENTS – 4:30pm ET) We will then randomly choose winners at the end of business day today (5:00pm ET). Good luck and ‘may the BOW be with you!’

QUESTIONS (all must be answered to qualify in the contest):

1. First Name:

2. City & State

3. If Westcott could make an improvement on 1 item, what would it be? OR If Westcott could make a new product, what would you want it to be?

We look forward to seeing everyone’s input – and GOOD LUCK!

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  • 1) Rob

    2) New York, NY

    3) Develop a way to make the amazing 28″ Apollo easier to tilt down on a light stand.

  • 1. Roman. 2. Melrose Park, IL. 3. Light bulbs make them more powerful. Thanx!

  • Debbie

    Bedford, NH

    Love your lighting! :)

  • 1. Julien

    2. Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    3. 18×24 in. Fast Flags Plus Kit ….. ^^

  • Ricky B 4 years ago

    1) Ricky B.

    2) Orlando, Florida

    3) Not found anything I am not happy with at this time = )

  • Jen

    Stevens point, WI

    Brighter Bulbs

  • 1. Braden Villanueva

    2. Valencia, CA

    3. Make it compatible with Nikon CLS.

  • 1) Melissa

    2) Jacksonville, Florida

    3) Given that I only own your 28″ Apollo currently, I’d like to have a way to adjust it to tilt easier as I don’t have an assistant at most of my shoots.

  • Jeremy Landis

    Hugoton, KS

    I have fallen in love with your 28″ apollo and 50″ softboxes. If I could request and improvement for this item it would be its construction. I wish that the arms were much strong. Such as the strength of and old school clothing hanger. I would also love to see westcott jump first onto this. A bracket to attach to you umbrella rod that would hold two flashes on it at one time. Double the power in an apollo softbox to good to be true!

    Thanks and I enjoyed this way to much.

  • Larry

    Las Vegas, NV

    A diffuser set for the apollo line.

  • J Wilson Araujo 4 years ago

    J Wilson Araujo

    Sursfside, FL

    Westcott Apollo STRIPBOX (9 x 36)

  • Lawrence 4 years ago

    Better Bags with the Photobasics kit, had mine for 2months when when it started falling apart :( Thanks!

  • 1. Nicola

    2. Calgary, Alberta. Canada.

    3. Adjustable Weighted Light stand (eliminating the use of sandbags) Alternativley – for an assistant ‘ A Human Reflection Outfit!”

  • Darren Thompson 4 years ago


    Fayetteville, NC

    A bigger gear case!

  • 1.) Shannon

    2.) Kirtland, OH

    3.) Would love to see collapsible scenic backgrounds!

  • Mary S 4 years ago


    Harpers Ferry, WV

    Scenic Collapsible Backdrops!

  • Carrie 4 years ago

    1. Carrie

    2. St. Louis, MO

    3. Wish you would offer some hands on workshops in STL!

  • Steve

    Houston, TX

    a grid for the apollo

  • 1. Dennis

    2. Seffner FL


    a) Improvement – ability for the 28″ Apollo to tilt a few degrees more which means a longer zippers.

    b) New Product – a grid for the 28″ Westcott Apollo!

  • Name: Sarah Kannenberg

    City/State: Hastings, Minnesota

    Would not change a thing! Well, maybe add a discounted line.

  • 1) Laura

    2) Manchester, MI

    3) Better construction – products are great, but don’t hold up well enough for long term pro use. :(

  • 1. Diane

    2. Coventry, CT

    3. I would love to see a reasonably priced remote trigger (i.e. pocket wizards) that consistently works with flash heads!!

  • 1. Fran Ruchalski

    2. Amelia Island, Florida

    3. An Apollo Stripbox with a grid

  • 1. Bruce

    2. Aurora, CO

    3. New Product: Apollo stripbox

  • Debra

    Bluffton, SC

    I would actually like a dealer location closer to where I live so that the products can be tested before purchase.

  • 1. Sid

    2. Nashua, New Hampshire

    3. The Apollo line is spreading like wildfire. Would love to see an expanded line of the Apollo line, and perhaps refine the inner rods to make them stronger. I love my 28″ and 50″ but they have a tendency to break. Gaff tape can only save my boxes so many times!

  • Deborah Hollister 4 years ago

    1. Deb

    2. Lake Oswego, OR

    3. I’m very happy with my equipment but would love it if the corners in the softbox were reinforced. Mine has a piece of metal wire poking through.

  • David Y 4 years ago


    Los Angeles, CA

    Improve Scrim Jim Clamps

  • Sandy Stigliano 4 years ago

    1. Sandy

    2. Allen, TX

    3. More reviews

  • 1. Pierre-Jean Quilleré

    2. Seoul, South Korea

    3. Well, I’ll buy my first Westcott product (also my first lighting modifier) in the next few weeks. So, if I have any suggestion about it, I’ll let you know :]

  • 1. First Name: Kathy

    2. City & State Woodland Hills, California

    3. If Westcott could make an improvement on 1 item, what would it be? OR If Westcott could make a new product, what would you want it to be?

    Easier way to get a softbox on the TD 5 Spiderlight

    Getting the rods in the holes like Chimera’s QuickChange Speedring would be great. I Love my TD5 light quality. I’d buy another one if the design were changed.

  • 1. Chris Bennett

    2. Buffalo NY

    3. I love my Apolo Softboxes, I just wish that the pivot angles worked better with speedlights. When I use my Studio lights inside, (the umbrella shaft mounts above the light) the pivot works well, when I use speedlights, it seems like I’m using up all of the available adjustment, just to make the light not angle upwards!

  • Bobett Davidson 4 years ago

    Bobett Davidson

    Tulsa, Oklahoma

    I would love to have lighting that is battery operated. No cords and re-chargeable battery packs. I shoot on location and this would make it so much easier.

  • Gary

    Princeton, NJ

    I would have liked a non-adhesive Velcro to come with the Micro Apollo. I generally don’t like sticking stuff on my speedlites.

    Thanks for the contest. :)

  • Bobett Davidson 4 years ago

    Bobett Davidson

    Tulsa, Oklahoma

    I would love to have lighting that is battery operated. No cords would be wonderful, and re-chargeable battery packs would be great. I shoot on location and this would make it so much easier.

  • 1. Adam

    2. Cumming, GA

    3. Improvement: Use the plastic/composite rails on the 28″ Apollo stoftbox instead of the umbrella rails. More durable.

    New Product: Grids for the Apollos

  • Toni Hamel

    Madisonville, la

    I would also like to see easier tilt of the 28″ Apollo.

  • 1. John

    2. Longwood, FL

    3. Make a softbox that could take one, two or three small flashes.

  • Steve Batz 4 years ago

    1. Steve

    2. Granite Bay Ca

    3. a light stand with a weighted bottom

  • 1. Alvaro

    2. Kensington, Md

    3. New Product: Westcott wireless flash triggers

  • 1. Rick Nunn

    2. Lincoln, UK (Can you enter from the UK?)

    3. I’d love a version of the 28 inch Apollo that folded down like the collapsable Westcott Umbrellas. They I could fit a full lighting kit in my backpack!

  • Paul

    Slidell, LA

    More demo products at conventions

  • Rob Laurnoff 4 years ago

    1. Rob

    2. Chestertown, MD

    3. Apollo Stripbox with a grid

  • Melody Bostad 4 years ago

    1. Melody Bostad

    2. Seattle, WA

    3. Also add a blue screen option for with your green screen lighting kit.

  • Peter Arnold 4 years ago

    1. Pete

    2. Edgewater, FL

    3. A quick setup light stand like the Cheetah-stand.

  • 1. Cresta

    2. Herriman, UT

    3. Affordable hard travel case for gear!

  • 1. Brooke

    2. Burleson, TX

    3. I’ve never used Westscott so I think i’m at a disadvantage…but I saw earlier that someone said wireless triggers…that would be a great addition.

  • RobertaL 4 years ago

    1. Roberta

    2. Avondale, PA

    3. Easier tilting of Apollos

  • Dustin 4 years ago

    1. Dustin

    2. Nicholasville, KY

    3. Some sort of collapsible background system would be awesome!

  • 1. John O’Nolan

    2. Woking, UK

    3. I will come at this from a slightly different angle, because that is what I am. What is one thing which Westcott could do to improve overall across the board? Roll out more extensively on an international basis and promote the Westcott name with more carefully targeted endorsements. There are several massive brand advocates online who get Westcott way more exposure than some of the currently signed “pros” – these are the people who should get Westcott support!

  • 1. Paul Howard

    2. Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

    3. A round reflector with a hand grip like a tri-grip.

  • 1. Edwin

    2. Blackpool, lancashire (UK)

    3. A nice portable Ringflash option. Preferably usable with both studio and small strobe.

  • 1. Toni Vaughan

    2. Phoenix, AZ

    3. I am also new to westscott but I am excited to try at photoshop world. Improvement for me would to have more presence at my local camera shop.

  • 1. Brent Eysler

    2. Huntington, NY

    3. I own both the 28″ and the 50″ Apollo, both of these need to be able to angle even downward, and the Zipper on the 50″ really really needs to be improved. Other then that I love them both…

  • 1. Paul Purser

    2. Charlotte NC

    3. Price drop on the Octas ;)

  • Jen Lapuz 4 years ago

    1. Jen Lapuz

    2. Victorville, CA

    3. Striplights that have similar assembly to the westcott apollos.

  • David Rogers 4 years ago

    1. David

    2. Palm Harbor, Fl

    3. I would modify your 6ft scrim frame. I would like 2 of the sides to have the ability to fold. Either to make a half size scrim or to facilitate easier transporting on set without having to dismantle. The folding sides could be locked in place with a sliding sheath collar.

  • 1. Joe Camp

    2. Dallas, GA

    3. A stronger stand in the 28″ Apollo kit would be the only improvement I can think of at the moment. Loves me some Westcott!!

  • Michael Smith 4 years ago

    1. Michael Smith

    2. Ada, Oklahoma

    3. I’m very happy with my equipment but would love to see better construction on on the 28? Apollo and 50? soft boxes the corners in the soft box were not reinforced.And that the arms were more stronger..

  • Evangeline Dean 4 years ago

    1.Evangeline Dean

    2. San Antonio Tx

    3. I agree with one of the posts! Modify Apollo to have tilting options. And would love to attend a Westcott pro tour here in San Antonio

  • 1. Roger

    2. Loomis, CA

    3. I’d like to buy your boom arm but without the weight. I need a sturdier arm and already have a sandbag. It would make it cheaper and less shipping. Maybe include a hook on the end of the arm.

  • Michael

    DeForest, WI

    I would like to see an expansion of the Apollo line (different sizes, different configs – rectangle, strip, etc) for use with speedlites.

  • Andrew Knapik 4 years ago

    1. Andrew Knapik

    2. Lincoln Park, MI

    3. I would like to see more products in the Apollo lineup – like a 40 inch softbox, or a 40 inch octobox.

  • Michael Chiapputo 4 years ago

    1. MIchael

    2. Jacksonville, FL

    3. Apollo: Make the Apollo stronger (umbrella arms) & add an optional egg crate grid. Additionally, The Mini Apollo does not fit for a Canon 580 flash mounted with a Flash Zebra Hotshoe adaptor (the L bracket needs to be a bit longer to attach).


  • kellee 4 years ago

    1. Kellee

    2. Las Vegas, NV

    3. An Apollo Stripbox with a grid

  • 1. Lisa

    2. Washington, IL.

    3. More choices for your collapsible backgrounds.

  • 1. Paris Carter

    2. Clermont, FL

    3. I really don’t have any suggestions as I’ve had great experiences, but

    I would buy a lot more if there were more discounts occasionally;)

  • 1 Bruce Allen

    2 Cabot, AR

    3 I love the collapsable reflectors, however some of my older ones now have reflective material flaking off, Maybe a new type of process that would improve long life of the product.

  • 1. Kevin

    2. Monterey Park, CA

    3. The “45 convertible umbrella – Silver coating on the inside of the black cover. That would make for a DIY Halo conversion.

  • 1. Dennis

    2. Powell, Ohio

    3. Affordable 5-8 Ft Octabank(s) using the Apollo framework.

  • 1. First Name: Laura

    2. City & State: Fort Wayne, IN

    3. If Westcott could make an improvement on 1 item, what would it be? OR If Westcott could make a new product, what would you want it to be? I am a hobbyist, but I would love to learn more about your products and what would be cost effective for a non pro to buy and use at home – so I guess I would want either products like that or more info on current ones that would meet this need.

  • 1- Jeff

    2- Morristown, TN.

    3- Something like an Easy-up canopy, but it would allow for the attachment of diffusion materials on the top and sides as needed. This would be perfect for shooting headshots outside especially during senior season.

  • Angie K 4 years ago

    1. First Name: Angie

    2. City & State: Yuba City, CA

    3. If Westcott could make an improvement on 1 item, what would it be? OR If Westcott could make a new product, what would you want it to be? The only experience I have with Wescott products is that 5-in-1 reflector. I also seem to have trouble getting that thing back into the bag! Haha, maybe it’s operator error? ;) I say a bigger/easier carrying bag. :)

  • 1. Terri

    2. Salem, Oregon

    3. I am new to Westcott and lighting, but I am dying to learn more. I would love to see an intuitive beginning lighting kit.

  • 1. Steve Wright Jr

    2. Conway,AR

    3. I Would love to see the Photo Basic line to be more sturdy. I bought the reflector kit had it on the stand and it BROKE!!! lol i was like wth. So i would love to see the “BUILD ” much better

  • 1. First Name: Mike

    2. City & State: Heidelberg, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

    3. Reliable wireless trigger

  • Harold Berninghausen 4 years ago

    1. Harold

    2. Forest Grove, OR

    3. adjustable (depth) grids for your soft boxes… and/or barn doors….

  • Las Vegas, NV

    Would like portable battery powered video light daylight balanced.

  • Isaiah 4 years ago

    1. Isaiah

    2. Santa Maria, CA

    3. How about some entry level lightmods? Made out of cheap material, not meat to last forever, fit to speedlights. They don’t have to be perfect or even compete with your other light mods. Just something for people at the entry level of lighting to experiment with before deciding to commit to a more expensive version.

  • Max Kaar 4 years ago

    1) Max

    2) Vantaa, Finland

    3) More international vendors

  • 1. Simon

    2. Tacoma, WA

    3. A budget line of studio softboxes. Something not a lot more expensive than some of the eBay stuff, but with a real company standing behind them.

  • Håkon Eltvik 4 years ago


    2.Sogn og fjordane, Norway

    3. The apollo softboxes could be improved!

  • I would like to see a portable and compact off camera flash kit that would give several modifier options to use for location shooting.

  • John

    Bowling Green, Ohio

    The way to attach the reversable cover on an umbrella.

  • 1. First Name: sandi

    2. City & State: San Tan Valley, AZ

    3. I have a large softbox on my Spiderlight. I would love it if the softbox could be redesigned to somehow fold and unfold quickly and easily for the times I’m taking it with me to a shoot.

  • 1. Kortney

    2. Powell, TN

    3. The one product that I would want modified would be the background support system. There needs to be a way to raise both stands at the same time with one person. I don’t know how many times I’ve had seamless slip and knock over the stand and have everything come crashing down. (An assistant is an easy fix, but sometimes theres just not one available.)

  • 1. First name is Mary

    2. City, State are Westmont, IL

    3. I’d like your “home studio” strobe kits to have higher Watt seconds . . . .

  • 1. Chris

    2. Camanche, IA

    3. I wish the Illuminator had a short extension on the mount end so I could add a counter weight.

  • Courtney 4 years ago


    Los Angeles, CA

    Suggestion: Plastic sockets versus Ceramic sockets on the TD5 and TD3. I understand Ceramic helps insulate the heat, but have you tried to gingerly put the softboxes onto the TD5 with minimal wrestling and floor contact for stabilization? Any slight bump to the socket cracks it!

  • Amber Noland 4 years ago

    1. Amber Noland

    2. Allen Park, MI

    3. I would like to see the apollo line a little more durable.

  • 1.Klaas

    2.Woodbury, MN

    3. Make the Westcott Apollo softbox so that you can tilt the softbox down. I made a DIY cold shoe bracket that lets you just do that. (Can send a photo on request)

  • Rene

    Montgomery, Alabama

    I would love to see continued DvD’s and other educational products on lighting, such as those you have with Schmelzer, Dorn, and Ziser. I get the PhotoVision DVD’s and love them, but would love more specifics on using Westcott and really like the ones you have on your website. So I’d like more educational material for newbies making lighting purchases as well as educational materials for running with your products once they are in hand.

  • 1. Jay

    2. Bayville, NJ

    3. Greater adjustment angle on the Mini Apollo umbrella bracket.

    FYI. Westcott Customer Support is the best!

  • Barry Kriegshauser 4 years ago

    1. Barry Kriegshauser

    2. Venice, Ca

    3. Wireless magnetic flashes

  • 1) Lucio Arroz

    2) Herndon, VA

    3) Enhance the umbrella adapter that comes with the Apollo to be able to incline a little further towards the subject or more sturdy so there is no need to buy a Manfrotto.

  • James B. Solomon 4 years ago


    San Fernando, Trinidad W.I.

    Interchangable colored front panel fabrics on the softboxes.

    Other suggestions would include the ability to either buy the fabric (cloth shell) for the Softboxes along and or the “skeleton.” Accidents in the field sometimes result in the need to either replace the cloth or the frame, being able to buy either component would help promote the Company as a green entiity.

    This method could also result in providing switchable warming or cooling reflective surfaces inside the softboxes which photographers could switch out as the nees arises.

    I am not a U.S. citizen but have used Westcott prodects extensively throughout my career.

  • Joseph

    Scotch Plains, NJ

    Put markings, perhaps numbered, along the shaft of umbrellas and any umbrella style modifier, maybe at 1″ increments, so it is easier to explain to someone how the difference in distance to the modifier from the light source makes a difference.

  • 1. Mat Marrash

    2. Deshler, OH

    3. I would like to see a sturdy, affordable, giant parabolic reflector (80″+).

  • Mark Outram 4 years ago

    1 Mark

    2 Swindon, UK

    3 a new product, strobist style beauty dish and grid.


  • Gerette 4 years ago

    1. Gerette

    2. Hudson, Fl

    3. Westcott Loyalty Bonus Discounts!

  • 1. Alice

    2. Los Angeles, CA

    3. I would love to see a round / octagonal apollo.

  • 1. Vicki

    2. La Palma, CA

    3. Colored umbrella covers! Only on the outside where it can make a statement, but not color the light output.

  • Aaron Cushing 4 years ago

    Aaron Cushing

    Fredericton, NB, Canada

    An LED ring light

  • 1. Bosco

    2. Pasadena

    3. Longer zipper on the Apollo for more downward tilt.

  • 1. Tom

    2. Dayton, Ohio

    3. I would love some speedlight grids at a decent price. Sort of like how Zack Arias rigged up some 7″ spot grids, lightsphere and bungee cord.

  • 1) Roberto Munoz

    2) Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    3) Would improve W. Apollo 28″ tilt performance.

  • Tim Brechin 4 years ago


    London UK

    Camera Bags

  • Nigel Morris 4 years ago

    Nigel Morris

    Brooklyn, N.Y.

    An improvement that can be made? I would most definitely say, egg crate grids for your apollo soft boxes. I own both and would love to have grids for both of them. You guys are still great!

  • John Gerard 4 years ago

    1. John

    2. St. Charles, MO

    3. I have a few portable / collapsable light stands that are great for setting up my Speed lights and umbrellas. I would like Westcott to consider adding an easy way to attach a sandbag (or two) to the light stands to prevent them from tipping over. I’m using a “D-Ring” that has a spring loaded gate on one side to quickly attach the bags to the legs. I’m looking for a “Ring” or a hole drilled into the legs to easily attach the sand bags or clip on the “D-Ring”.

  • 1. Wojciech Roguski

    2. Warsaw, Poland (Europe)

    3. Wish to see more places where Europe people will be able to buy your awesome products..

  • 1. Dayo Gomih

    2. Olympia Fields, IL

    3. Would love to see more powerful Strobelight at a competitive price…

  • Mark C.

    Round Rock Tx.

    A set of barn doors to work with the Photo Basics uLite kit.

    Or… an alligator type clamp that would allow a Photo Basic uLite to be clamped to the top of a background for use as a hair light…

    (Bonus Day)

    A snoot for the Photo Basics lamp….

    A light positioning guidebook for softbox kit…

  • Michael Lyons 4 years ago

    1. Michael L.

    2. Aspen CO

    3. How about a smaller quick set up softbox for nikon sb 900. One that is very portable. Thanks!

  • 1. Sean

    2. Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    3. Better backdrops that don’t wrinkle and crease, or at least that are easy to get the creases out of.

  • 1. Michael Lee

    2. Mississauga, ON

    3. Definitely affordable flash triggers

  • 1. Rusty

    2. Charlotte, NC

    3. Wesctott rewards program would be cool.

  • 1. Kim Reed

    2. rochester, NY

    3. Large softboxes or octos that pack down very small for us travelling photographers.

  • Scott Wyden Kivowitz

    Woodbridge, NJ

    Wrinkle free backdrops :-)

  • 1. Trevor DeVage

    2. North Richland Hills, TX

    3. I would love to see the 28″ and 50″ Apollo softboxes able to tilt a little more drastically and more durable zippers on them. Other than that I have no complaints. I LOVE me some Westcott!!!

  • 1. Nicholas

    2. Huntsville, Al

    3. Strip Bank Apollo’s! In second thought, a whole variety of different shape Apollos!

  • Andres T 4 years ago

    1. Andres

    2.Ashburn, VA

    3. I would like to see more training videos done by Pro Photogs in association with Westcott

  • Daniel Holmes 4 years ago

    1. Daniel Holmes

    2. Salt Lake City, UT

    3. On the reflector holders, add a light stand ‘nipple’ so that it could double as a cheap light boom, or sell it as an accessory. Not for heavy stuff, but my speedlight is lighter than my reflector.

  • 1. Aaron

    2. Spokane, WA

    3. I’d love to see some basic modifier kits and stands for those looking get some solid modifiers, but already have lights/flashes.

  • 1. Josh

    2. Austin, Texas

    3. Grids for apollos. Currently having to use a 3ftx4ft grid on a 28in softbox. Not so pretty

  • Steve

    Atlanta, GA

    I would love to see an Apollo-style (umbrella) small Octa for hotshoe strobes.

  • /1 Darrell

    /2 St. John’s NL Canada

    /3 on the Westcott Apollo soft boxes, i would like to see a different system on the bottom where the stand enters the box. Perhaps velcro instead of the zippers.

  • 1. Alex

    2. Newport Beach, CA

    3. Ring light!

  • 1. Jason

    2. Lethbridge, AB

    3. More entry level/educational products to help out the rookies!

  • 1. Brad

    2. Ann Arbor, MI

    3. I’d like to see some accessories specifically for the apollo softbox models. Something like a grid would be nice. If not that, perhaps a way to make them tilt a little more.

  • 1. Bob

    2. Palmyra, VA

    3. An affordable tri-grip diffuser

  • 1. David

    2. Charleston, SC

    3. Adaptation of Magic Slipper to permit double speedlite use, with Pocket Wizard Flex/Mini TT5 models, when using your modifers or the Kacey beauty dish.

  • Brian K. 4 years ago

    1. Brian

    2. Bethlehem, PA, USA

    3. Ring flash, please! Bonus points if it can work with the light from my existing speedlights.

  • 1. Brock Barnes

    2. Aurora, CO

    3. I would like to see a PocketWizard-esque wireless triggering system out of Westcott.

  • 1. Paul

    2. Wroclaw, Poland

    3. Cheep wireless triggers

  • 1. Carel

    2. Cambridge, England

    3. Improve the Apollo softbox in such a way that it is possible for the flash on the camera to communicate with the flash in the softbox. Another suggestion: I would be great to have a strobist-style softbox that could accomodate multiple flash heads – up to four would be great (that is 2 more stops of light). Thanks!

  • Jackie Blake 4 years ago

    1. Jackie

    2. Ham Lake, MN

    3. A book with lighting tutorials would be great!

  • Albert Li 4 years ago

    1. Albert

    2. Jersey City, NJ

    3. Affordable beauty dish

  • LEO BOJESEN 4 years ago




  • 1, Mark Salmon

    2, Worcester, UK

    3, most stuff has been said already, but I’d love a westcott beauty dish with grid

  • juice

    Melbourne Australia

    Big cheap parabolic. Like the idea, but don’t want to buy from PCB.

  • 1. Ben

    2. Amarillo TX

    3. More training videos online or DVD with westcott products.

  • Oliver 4 years ago

    1. Oliver

    2. Burlington, MA

    3. Continue to improve the Apollo line of products (inc. durability, tiltability, etc.)

  • 1. Dave

    2. Atlanta, GA

    3. A battery operated strobe in the 400 ws range or greater. Preferably small, compact and rugged that can be taken on location.

  • Brenda 4 years ago

    1. Brenda Smith

    2. Novi, Mi

    3. A camera bag/case that could carry camera + some lighting gear for smaller shoots.

  • Tony Blake 4 years ago

    1. Tony

    2. Ham Lake, MN

    3. New beauty dish!

  • 1. Terry

    2. Gatineau, QC

    3. Make a 50″ Apollo kit at a special price like the 28″ Apollo Speedlite kit :)

  • 1. David

    2. New Cumberland, Pennsylvania

    3. I would love to see more speedlight accessories…for those of us to don’t do this full-time and don’t have real lights!

  • Keith Brown 4 years ago

    1. Keith

    2. Plano, TX

    3. I would like a double fold umbrella that will last more than 2 months! It is one of the greatest products for traveling, but I seem to break one on every trip.

  • 1) Bo

    2) NY, NY

    3) 7' octabox or parabolic umbrella :)

  • 1. Dara

    2. Montvale, NJ

    3. Small reflectors

  • Jackie Blake 4 years ago

    1. Jackie Blake

    2. Ham Lake, MN

    3. A book with lighting tutorials!

  • 1. Jeff

    2. Minneapolis, MN

    3. A ring light, one that I want to use all of the time!

  • Mark Sirota 4 years ago

    1. Mark

    2. Dresher, PA

    3. Collapsible umbrellas in larger sizes.

  • 1. Chris

    2. Canton, Ga

    3. Stronger zippers on the 5-in-1 reflectors.

  • 1. Dylan Lynch

    2. Edmonton, AB, Canada

    3. Egg Crates for the Apollo softboxes would be killer!

  • Jeff Lynch

    Oak Forest, IL

    I would like to see the shaft of the 28? Apollo be a little stronger. Maybe a little more tilt would help too. Minor issues for a great product though!

  • 1. John

    2. Crestwood, KY.

    3. I would love to see a double fold, white translucent umbrella, bigger than 43″ that only eats up about one stop of light. Also, a beauty dish for speedlights would be a very cool project.

  • Bruce Stephenson 4 years ago


    Topeka, Kansas

    Maybe figure out a way to make Wescott stuff work directly with Nikon’s TTL system.

  • 1. Will Wohler

    2. Portland Maine

    3. Easy way to costumize the outside of products with your business logo or name. The gear matches your brand.

  • 1. Eric

    2. Brooklyn

    3. Shock cords built into the smaller Scrim Jims so set up is quicker and easier…

  • 1. Linh

    2. Gaithersburg, MD

    3. 6ftx6ft autostanding reflectors, built in soft white or silver sheets

  • Lorenzo Morales 4 years ago

    1. Lorenzo Morales

    2. Houston, Texas

    3. Ring Lights

  • Birwin 4 years ago

    1. Ben

    2. Katy, TX

    3. A Lightstand monopod!! So I can have a strobe witha decent sized umbrella/soft box that i can carry around easy

  • Mat Parker 4 years ago

    1. Matt

    2. Charlotte, NC

    3. I would love to see you guys come out with a strobe system that is battery powered but more powerful than the systems provided by Canon or Nikon.

  • Jonathan 4 years ago


    Grove, OK

    octo apollo

  • 1. Russell

    2. Broadstone, UK

    3. 8ft+ Lightstands with independently adjustable legs for those shooting on uneven ground but need the lights up high.

  • 1. Adam

    2. Los Angeles, CA

    3. I’ve always wanted a mini umbrella, maybe 12 inches or so in diameter, that could be handheld…

  • 1. PeeWee.

    2. Nottingham, UK

    3. A 4 inch softbox for photographing Gnomes.

  • 1. Dan T

    2. Virginia Beach, VA

    3. More in depth videos (how to training)

  • 1. Mark

    2. Searcy, AR

    3. A couple people mentioned it before and I agree that it would be nice to have an egg crate grid for the apollos.

  • {1} Brian

    {2} Millbury, MA

    {3} Look into the logistics of a softbox bigger than a Lumiquest III but small enough to be lit with (multiple?) speedlights.

  • Andrew 4 years ago

    1. Andrew

    2. Woburn, MA

    3. A budget ring-light attachment system for standard iTTL strobes (ie less than $100)

  • 1. Deji

    2. Houston, TX

    3. A round/octa version of the hot-shoe or Appllo softboxes.

  • Holly

    Muskegon MI

    Easily collapsible softboxes

  • 1. Mike

    2. Allentown, PA

    3. I’d like to see a 4-6′ shoot through umbrella, that has a slightly off-from-center way to get a longer lens (think 70-200) through it and shield it from the strobe head it would be right next to. I’ve seen home-made versions of these and it’s essentially a huge, super soft ring flash that makes amazing light for fashion work.

  • 1. Clay Hansen

    2. Sandy, UT

    3. Ring Light

  • Mishaun 4 years ago


    2.Atlanta, GA

    3.Apollo Accessories… especially a grid!

  • 1. Steve

    2. Alpharetta, GA

    3. New product: a reasonably priced and extra sturdy speed ring adapter for hot shoe flashes.

  • 1. Jim

    2. Fairfax, VA

    3. I’d love to see more power for the TD-5’s. I’d love to use them for pets that are frightened by flash, but can’t quite get the exposure I need from them at their current power level.

  • 1. Michael

    2. Huntington, West Virginia

    3. I use your umbrellas and really like the results in my photos. I’ve become more and more of a minimalist, however, and would like to have something in a super compact package. Durability may be an issue (or maybe limitations in the materials, cost, or construction), but if there were umbrellas with hinged legs that could fold up to half the size of a regular umbrella (perhaps with the collapsible shaft you already use) I could keep a small light kit everywhere I go.

  • Matthias 4 years ago

    1. Matthias

    2. Dornbirn / Austria

    3a. Longer zipper on the Apollo for more downward tilt!

    3b. Convertible umbrellas where the outer part does not always come off the spikes when closed

  • 1. Amy Wood

    2. Greenville, SC

    3. Camera Bags or a new ring light:) I love everything else!

  • 1. Ryan

    2. Concord, NH

    3. An improvement made to the durability of the 28″ Apollo Softbox. I love that it folds down like an umbrella but the prongs that hold the umbrella in place are a bit flimsy and can detach. Better tilt on these would be an added bonus.

  • Adam shearer 4 years ago

    1. Adam

    2. London uk

    3. Think all that’s missing are some affordable

    wireless triggers

  • 1.Amy

    2. Marion, IL

    3. Would love to see larger softboxes/octoboxes that travel easily.

  • 1. Brett Cox

    2. Euless, Tx

    3. Portable, fast setup, softboxes (for speedlights). design improvement on ball head angle to allow for greater position / movement.

  • 1. Katie Sutherland

    2. Nashville, TN

    3. a booklet of ideas and examples to come with every Westcott product…highlight photogs that use your stuff and give people new (and not so new) to Westcott creative ideas on how to use your produts…

  • Alex Baird

    Mesa, AZ

    Apollo Style Strip box

    Egg crates for Apollo’s

  • 1. Elmar

    2. Munich, Bavaria, GERMANY

    3. Umbrella pin that fits in Elinchrom flash adaper (Elinchrom uses an adapter that is a little bit smaller than normal). Or generate a connecting piece.

  • Curtis 4 years ago

    I’d like a VERY light weight collapsible 12-20″ speedlight softbox that will fold and stow in my camera bag.

  • 1. Jen

    2. New York, NY

    3. I would love to see backdrops made out of a similar material to “no iron” dress shirts that are popular these days. Steaming a backdrop can be a drag…

  • 1. Suzie

    2. Fate, Texas

    3. Offer products in fun patterns and colors.

  • 1. Tony

    2. Appleton, WI

    3. A better way to tilt the 28″ and 50″ Apollos

  • 1. Craig

    2. Huntsville, AL

    3. Sturdier double-fold umbrella, with more conversion options

  • 1. James

    2. Memphis, TN

    3. More educational/instructional videos.

  • 1.) Kjell

    2.) Kennewick, WA

    3.) I’m going with more speedlight accessories: grids, softboxes, maybe a quick CTO system.

  • Alvaro 4 years ago

    1. Alvaro

    2. Lima, Peru

    3. Improve materials for better durability on soft boxes and umbrellas. Modify the tilt angle on Apollo soft boxes. Speedrings for attaching several speedlights to soft boxes would be nice too. Oh, and I wish Westcott products were available in more countries in Latin America.

  • Kevin

    Providence, Rhode Island

    An Apollo sized in between the 28×28 and 50×50 or an illuminated background.

  • Carolyn Barnett 4 years ago


    2. Lyles,Tennessee

    3.Can you make an automatic adjusting light to use with any type of camera?

  • 1. Phil

    2. Hammond, Indiana

    3. Low cost beginner strobe set (Along the lines of beginner studio lighting but with strobes instead of constant light.)

  • 1. Justin Myers

    2. Portland, OR

    3. Make a reinforced 96″ scrim jim to withstand high winds. Its difficult to use and not bend when shooting in higher winds such as Windsurfing locales.

  • Robert Talley 4 years ago

    1. Robert

    2. Brunswick, Ga

    3. I would like to see higher wattage fluorescent bulbs for the spider lights.

  • 1. Keven Bouchard

    2. Québec, Canada

    3. Having an online store? :) Yeah I know, you got a lot of dealers that got one, but… I wante to buy the Apollo Flash Kit one month ago, since the price was awesome! But it was sold out everywhere… :/

  • Brandon 4 years ago

    1. Brandon

    2. Shreveport, LA

    3. affordable parabolic

  • Wayne Berry 4 years ago


    Hampton, Va

    Speedlight grids at a decent price. Flash triggers at a decent price.

  • 1. Quinn

    2. Washington, DC

    3. Ring light

  • 1. First Name: Kevin

    2. City & State: Tampa, FL

    3. If Westcott could make an improvement on 1 item, what would it be? OR If Westcott could make a new product, what would you want it to be?

    I would love to see more attention put into making light modifiers for small flashes, with more of a strobist gobo and modifier approach. A lot of work could be put into this field where there isn’t much already, as far as products go.

  • JamesED 4 years ago

    1. James

    2. Little Rock, Arkansas

    3. New Item: a 16×12 in. Recessed Front mini-Apollo

  • 1. Mike

    2. Conway, AR

    3. Hexagonal Apollo – perhaps with a lip for spill control?

  • 1) Paul

    2) Dallas, TX

    3) I’d love for the softboxes to have a way to keep the flaps up when I’m using the softbox as a reflector. When I have it tilted downward, I can’t keep the diffusing flap up like I’d want.

  • David

    Lemoore, Ca

    Crazy strong but flexible material for your umbrella structure so when your stand falls over it just bends then bounces back instead of breaking.

  • 1. Greg

    2. Charlotte, NC

    3. The Magic Slipper is a great product but one portable flash doesn’t pack enough power for larger softboxes. How about a similar product that will let us point 2 or 3 flashes into the modifer?

  • 1. Ryan

    2. Monticello, IN

    3. I absolutely love the 28″ apollo softbox, as it is one of my main modifiers. I would love to see some improvements to that, such as being able to tilt the softbox more, and some grids made for the softbox. I would also like to see a medium softbox made in between the 28″ and 50″. I love the 28″, but sometimes wish i had something a tad bit larger, yet not as big as the 50″.

  • 1. Gerald

    2. Los Angeles, CA

    3. A sensor cleaning system for digital SLRs.

  • Joshua Burns 4 years ago

    1. Joshua burns

    2. Manchester , United kingdom

    3. A range of speedlight acessories and possibly your own branded speedlight with built in transmitters .

  • 1. Jordan

    2. Melbourne, Australia.

    3. I’d love to have somewhere that stocks your products locally.

  • 1. Luca

    2. Barrie, ON Canada

    3. I’d like a lightweight but durable beauty dish in the 22-24″ range. And it would be great if there was a fast way to change between a small flash and studio flash source

  • Paul Girgis 4 years ago


    Oak Brook, Illinois

    More affordable triggers for flashes

  • 1: Mark M.

    2: Los Angeles, California

    3: I would like to see more videos on the website showing all the products in use. Not just how to put them together. Slowly getting into different lighting options.

  • Justin 4 years ago

    1. Justin Kelley

    2. Columbia, MO

    3. I would like to see more accessories for speedlights.

  • Robert K 4 years ago

    1. Robert K

    2. San Francisco, CA

    3. An adapter to allow wifi streaming of digital photos from camera directly to an iPad or other tablet device without a computer.

  • 1. Yvonne Olds

    2. Las Vegas, NV

    3. A Beauty dish Wescott currently doesn’t have one.

  • Tony Blake 4 years ago

    1. Tony Blake

    2. Ham Lake, MN

    3. A new beauty dish!

  • 1. Rachel

    2. Cary, NC

    3. Egg crates for the Apollo softboxes

  • 1. Melissa

    2. Chelsea, Massachusetts

    3. A giant light that will light an entire ice surface evenly (I didn’t miss a requirement that this be realistic, did I?)

  • John Gay 4 years ago

    1. John

    2. Dallas, Texas

    3. Stiffer support poles on softboxes.

  • 1. Daniel

    2. Dover, DE

    3. Umbrellas. More rugged, less moving parts?

  • 1. Lisa

    2. Minneapolis,MN

    3. More easy fold softboxes, maybe more sizes etc

  • 1. Ruan

    2. Cape Town, Western Cape

    3. Affordable strobe triggers for the strobists among us!

  • 1. Kim

    2. Pomaria, SC

    3. I would like an easy to use, collapsable stand to hold a reflector.

  • 1. Aaron

    2. Rockville, MD

    3. Collapsable beauty dish

  • Luis Villegas 4 years ago

    1.Luis Villegas

    2.San Jose, Costa Rica

    3.I have to agree with others here: We need more tilt ability on the Apollo.

  • Laura

    Moulton Iowa

    More Scenic Backgrounds

  • 1. Jon

    2. Richmond, BC Canada

    3. Octagonal apollo

  • scott lloyd 4 years ago



    Collapsible October

  • Mikko Mannisto 4 years ago

    1. Mikko

    2. Tampere,Finland

    3. An affordable beauty dish for speedlight

  • 1. Yehoshua

    2. Jerusalem, Israel

    3. An octa-style diffuser designed with speedlights in mind

  • Jeff Donnici 4 years ago

    1. Jeff

    2. Westminster, CO

    3. An affordable ring-light.

  • 1. Kevin Lau

    2. San Jose, CA

    3. More affordable pricing :)

  • 1. Jeff

    2. Holdenville, Ok

    3. System for wighting down small light stands.

  • 1. Gabi

    2. Jupiter, FL

    3. A tiny light that could be attached to a light stand/monopod (maybe a clamp?) that could help my assistant do two things…

    A. Aim the modifier, and

    B. Serve as an alternative to my on-camera autofocus assist illuminator.

  • 1. Chester

    2. Denver, Colorado

    3. More affordable large modifiers.

  • Cathy

    Owosso, MI

    In the catalog put an example (link) and/or picture of each product.

  • Michael 4 years ago

    1. Michael

    2. Omaha, NE

    3. Grids for Apollos would be fantastic!!

  • 1.Linda

    2.Yuma, AZ

    3. Just getting into studio lighting-so love any of it

  • 1. Chris

    2. Bloomington, IN

    3. I would be hard pressed to improve on the products that I have used, though the shafts on the umbrellas could be a bit stiffer (The pencil trick works fine too!)

  • Kurt Ruckelshaus 4 years ago

    1. Kurt Ruckelshaus

    2. Elkridge, MD

    3. 20″-24″ Octobank for Speedlight flashes

  • Lee Barber

    Rochester, NY

    Elinchrom compatible (7mm shaft) umbrellas and modifiers, specifically those nifty collapsible ones.

  • 1. Mark

    2. York, UK

    3. I’ll agree with better local availability for us European types, but I’d add an intermediate size Apollo softbox, or some internal grid/waffers to go inside (hard with the way

    yours work but hey you’re clever folks over there)

  • Mike Woods 4 years ago


    Santa Barbara, Ca

    An Apollo Octabank that folds real small.

  • 1. JC

    2. Lawrence, MA

    3. Longer zippers on the Apollo for further tilt down and a better arm to hold reflectors

  • 1. Richard Grebby

    2. Ashford, Kent, UK

    3. More speedlight friendly items

  • 1. Amber

    2. Kirkland, WA

    3. An ultra compact boom arm

  • TJ Noles 4 years ago

    1. Tommy

    2. Edmond, OK

    3. More diverse (greater array of modifiers) lighting kits, that are affordable

  • 1. William

    2. Arlington, WA

    3. large light box

  • 1.Nate Y

    2.Kelso, WA

    3. Either more entry level equipment, customizable packages, or wireless triggers.

  • Sebastian Sell 4 years ago

    1. Sebastian

    2. Dortmund, Germany

    3. A ring flash with standard hotshoe and manual control, and some adaptor rings to attach it to the filter thread

  • 1. First Name: Leah

    2. City & State: Draper, UT

    3. If Westcott could make an improvement on 1 item, what would it be? OR If Westcott could make a new product, what would you want it to be?

    More affordable but still as awesome Octabank :D

  • 1.Rocky

    2.Redding, CA

    3.Beauty Dish for speedlight on a students budget.

  • 1. Kevin H

    2. Wildomar, Ca

    3. Remote triggers with TTL that are really afordable would be great!

  • Tejinder Singh 4 years ago

    1. Tejinder

    2. Surrey, BC

    3. A ring light with a 2.5? diameter

  • 1. Stephanie Reinish

    2. Long Island City, NY

    3. more speed light friendly products and things that can be used on the fly for wedding/portraits

  • Danelle Hevron 4 years ago

    1. Danelle

    2. Flat Rock, IL

    3. More entry-level studio kits

  • Jacob Fisher 4 years ago

    1. Jacob

    2. Bemidji, Minnesota

    3. I only have experience with removable back umbrellas and one thing that would help me is markings along the shaft as reference points for consistent setups from location to location.

  • 1. Ken

    2. Boston, MA

    3. strengthen the Apollo…ripped it at the rod tips fairly quickly after buying it….

  • Diogo Andrade

    Juiz de Fora , Minas Gerais, Brazil

    A new panohead

  • 1. Hugo

    2. Blainville, QC, Canada

    3. more adaptable adapter for appolo

  • 1. Duane King

    2. Warrenton, Va.

    3. umbrella softbox like the brittdome

  • 1: John

    2: Kennewick, WA

    3: Being perennially out of studio storage space I appreciate anything that collapses small but is still ridiculously fast to set up. Applies to softboxes, reflectors, etc.

  • James Salyers 4 years ago


    Broken Arrow, OK

    I’d like to see more how to use my Westcott stuff. I’m a newb and need all the help I can get.

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