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Winners to be announced 3:00pm ET January 27, 2011.

It’s that time again – another B.O.W. (Bag Of Westcott) Contest!!! This time, the B.O.W. Contest will include THREE winners!! Each winner will receive a HOT NEW product Westcott is coming out with!

So, how can you enter? In the comment section below, include only ONE 2011 Photography New Year’s Resolution. Once the contest ends, winners will be chosen.


PLEASE NOTE: If you do not include all of the below, your contest submission will be invalid.

  1. First Name
  2. City, State
  3. Only ONE New Year’s Resolution

The winner will be notified January 27, 2011 by email as well as an updated winners blog will be posted – so keep an eye out!


When does the contest end?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011 at 11:59pm ET

How will winners be chosen?

For this contest, winners will be randomly chosen. There will be only 3 winners who will receive a new product from Westcott.

When will the winners be announced?

Thursday, Janaury 27, 2011 at 3:00pm ET

For information on Westcott products, please visit our website. Also, be sure to check out our HOT DEALS!

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  • William

    Arlington, WA

    To obtain a second flash for more dynamic lighting setups.

  • Elizabeth P

    Nashville, TN

    My New Year’s Resolution is to discover how to use creative lighting in my equestrian sessions.

  • 1. Evan

    2. San Francisco, CA

    3. My resolution is to focus on off-camera lighting and portraits, by dedicating one weekend a month to street photography!

  • Chris

    Detroit, MI

    TO lose 300 lbs! Health is king!

  • 1. Todd

    2. Carrollton, GA

    3. My New Year’s Resolution is to shoot more portraits (in the past I’ve done other types of photography).

  • Kevin

    Norwich, CT

    New Year Resolution – to use my camera every day and know it inside and out

  • Venura

    Orono, ME

    Save money to get my fav. lens: Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 :)

  • 1. Alan

    2. Palm Harbor, FL

    3. To learn more about and start using off camera flash

  • Nancy

    Sylvania, OH

    “I want to Fall down, mess up, get dirty, cry then….. Brush myself off, Laugh, Believe in myself as much as you do, take one step, get right back on that train… and REPEAT!”~not sure where I got this quote from, but it is so true!

  • Jerome

    Boston, MA

    To make enough money to fix my camera’s USB port by June so I can tether again!

  • Michael

    Belmont, MA

    I want to shoot my first wedding as the main photographer, instead of a second shooter.

  • Ken

    Fort Myers, Florida

    To photograph and publish and E-travel book.

  • 1. Diane

    2. Coventry, CT

    3. My new year’s resolution is to block out my time better – set aside one day for education, block hours for email, block time to myself, set times (and keep to them) for editing…I’ll do it!! ;)

  • Erin
    Michigan City, IN
    One of my resolutions is to spend more time with my family

  • Tina Harden 4 years ago


    Ceres, CA

    To learn to us strobes instead of only shooting natural light

  • 1. Jeni

    2. Owens Cross Roads,AL

    3. I want to get my business going and not let fear, insecurity, or lack of effort stop me!!

  • 1. Burt

    2. Waltham, MA

    3. Resolution: Shoot how I want to, not how I think others want me to shoot.

  • Lisa Napolitano 4 years ago

    1. Lisa Napolitano

    2. Cranston, RI

    3. Only ONE New Year’s Resolution: To finally get my photography business started.

  • Ryan

    Concord, NH

    To double the amount of my “Sportrait” series with teams and players from all sports

  • 1. Katie

    2. Toronto, ON, Canada

    3. To think outside the box, to push my own limits, and create some gorgeous photographs while at it.

  • Hugo Vincent 4 years ago

    Hugo Vincent

    Blainville, Quebec

    this years resolution it’s all about light.. creating and exploring as many lighting techniques as I can. there i said

    Have a great year everyone.!!

  • Michelle

    Arvada, CO

    To photograph more!

  • Charles 4 years ago


    Cleveland, Ohio

    My resolution is to start earning money with the gear I already have.

  • 1. James

    2. Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

    3. to be better than I am in the craft that I love.

  • Capers


    Shoot every day

  • 1. Adam

    2. Cumming, GA

    3. Practice like mad!

  • Brandon Jacoby

    Simi Valley, CA

    My new years resolution is to shoot way more than I did last year!

  • Gerard

    Mijdrecht (Netherlands)

    Get the very best out of my photography gear I can.

  • 1. Michael

    2. Atlanta, Ga

    3. I would like to improve my communication skills, leading to a better business overall.

  • Justin Roth 4 years ago

    Justin R.

    River Vale, NJ

    To shoot sports games for my high school and have them be in the yearbook

  • Brent

    Fort Collins, CO

    To save more and spend less so the company has more cash reserves.

  • Bourbon Julien

    Montreal, QC, Canada

    New resolution is meet a girl and make photo with her :p

  • 1. Jayantha

    2. Omaha, Nebraska

    3. “To hone my Craft”

  • Adam W.

    Brooklyn NY

    new years resolution is to shoot a comprehensive photo series.

  • Robert

    Lakeland, FL

    Get out to shoot more with my local strobist Meetup group

  • Paloma

    San Diego, CA

    Have at least 1 more destination wedding

  • Nigel

    Brooklyn, New York

    Market, Market,and then go to sleep. Wake up, and market, market, market some more!

  • 1. Karen

    2. Sacramento, CA

    3. Resolve to have more fun with photography

  • Darrell

    St. John’s, NL, Canada

    shoot and process more film

  • Chris

    Canton, GA

    My New Years resolution is to spend more time behind the camera instead of behind a computer screen.

  • Luis

    Lewisville, TX

    Experiment with dramatic lighting

  • David Blackburn
    Sydney NSW

    To do at least one photoshoot a week to learn more and improve.

  • Lindsay H 4 years ago

    1. Lindsay Hess

    2. Charlotte, NC

    3. Get my photography business off the ground!

  • Shari Meyer 4 years ago

    1. Shari

    2. Wilcox, PA

    3. To spend more time taking photos as a hobby, since all that I’ve been taking are for business.

  • Greg Crider 4 years ago


    Houston, TX

    Network more to grow my portrait business.

  • Tom


    I will really learn to use my Speedlights so they become second nature to me.

  • Mark

    Frederick, MD

    To go from working with light… to mastering light.

  • Bob

    My resolution is to get some great new gear from Wescott!

    Wausau, WI

  • Philip Martini 4 years ago

    Take more pictures

  • 1. David

    2. Evansville, Indiana

    3. I am in a new city and have very little photography business here. Life keeps me busy working 40 hours a week at a gas station, being a newlywed, and finishing my business degree. My new years resolution is to have at least 2 planned and organized photoshoots a month. Paid or not. This is to build my skills, portfolio, and awareness around town. Wescott gear would be a great help to that:)

  • 1. Bertrand Hui

    2. White Salmon, WA

    3. To not be fearful of flash photography through better education

  • Terri

    Salem, Oregon

    Take more portraits

  • Matt T.

    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

    Take more pictures! I’ve been too lazy lately!

  • 1. Dan
    2. Arlington, TX
    3. To try some great new Westcott gear ;)

  • Stephen 4 years ago


    Jersey City, NJ

    Use my DSLR every day to make images.

  • Cresta

    Herriman, Utah

    Spend more time with my family.

  • Geoff
    Marcus Beach QLD (Australia)
    My resolution: to make time to shoot for pleasure at least once every month!

  • Patrick O 4 years ago

    1. Patrick O’Gara

    2. Marquette, MI

    3. Build a professional looking portfolio I can be satisfied with to send out to potential grad-schools.

  • Stephen

    Cocoa, FL

    To have a portfolio review at Photoshopworld (hoping for Moose Peterson or Joe McNally).

  • Mike

    Sheboygan, WI

    Set aside more time each week for self-promotion.

  • jerry a hayes 4 years ago

    Ft. Towson, Oklahoma

    My resolution is to obtain at least 5 backdrop for my new studio lighting equipment I got myself for Christmas.

  • Rudy
    Beaverton, OR
    Learn a lot of new lighting techniques

  • Brett


    to use only prime lenses.

  • Terry

    Mount Vernon, Ohio

    Carry my camera more often than not.

  • 1. Jim

    2. Chicago, IL

    3. Focus on vision not gear.

  • 1. Rexel

    2. Bacolod City, Philippines

    3. To inspire more people through photography

  • 1. First Name: Mary

    2. City, State: Westmont, IL

    3. Only ONE New Year’s Resolution: I will get my photos organized and into one Lightroom catalog!!

  • Bob

    Laramie, Wyoming

    Slow down, think, compose, expose: Get it right in camera.

  • Sandy stigliano 4 years ago


    Allen, TX

    Take a lot more photos.

  • James

    Fort Wayne, IN

    Shoot, alot.

  • Richard 4 years ago


    Hollis, NH

    Really learn to shoot with off-camera speedlights.

  • Robin. Calgary, Alberta. Complete the Canon to Nikon switch.

  • Brian Hochmuth
    Charlotte, NC

    Learn how to use lighting to produce the most flattering light for whoever I am shooting.

  • Mathieu D 4 years ago

    San Jose, CA
    Take outdoor portraits using my speedlites

  • 1. Jen
    2. Victorville, CA
    3. Learn to control lighting.

  • 1. Paul
    2. Bothell, WA
    3. Shoot more people.

  • Jayesunn
    Portland, Oregon
    To shoot for myself more often

  • Scott

    Saint Petersburg FL

    Focus on off Camers lighting

  • Wijbe Visser
    Amsterdam, NH, The Netherlands
    This year resolution is to create and explore as many lighting techniques as possible in potrait and landscape photography

  • Melissa Abbey 4 years ago


    Jacksonville, FL

    Shooting sharp photos

  • Bryan

    Oviedo, FL

    Shoot more

  • Jill

    Mill Creek, WA

    Understand lighting better, especially flash.

  • Chris Wooton 4 years ago

    Chris Wooton
    Bloomington, IN
    To take my camera everywhere I go.

  • Devin

    Jacksonville, FL

    Make more MONEY!

  • Seth

    Studio City, CA

    To expand and grow my business, improve my customer service while offering the best, most unique images possible.

  • John Wiest 4 years ago

    1. John

    2. Elk Grove, CA

    3. To figure out how to use my new Canon T2i

  • Kevin,

    Cumming, GA

    My resolution: to learn one new thing about photography every day.

  • Jim

    Cleveland, OH

    Nail down a consistent image workflow (including software) and stick with it.

  • Gavin
    Shoot more pictures

  • Randy Nicholson 4 years ago

    1. Randy

    2. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    3. Eat more sandwiches (not photo related, but is my resolution)

  • Bastian 4 years ago


    Magdeburg, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany

    Shooting more personal projects

  • Mark Adams 4 years ago


    O’Fallon, MO

    Spend more time actually shooting than sitting in front of the computer looking at other peoples photos.

  • Els
    Mount Pleasant SC
    My resolution is to grow my business by incorporating off camera lighting and doing more studio/indoor shoots

  • Tina

    Austin Texas

    to understand lighting better

  • Robert Christopher

    Charlotte, NC

    To start blog writing and posting more, specifically on topics for photographers.

  • Will

    Portland, Maine

    To be more focused and my endeavors, photographic or not.

  • Ron

    Redding, CA

    After my knee surgery next week get out and take a photo a day again

  • Jim Stover 4 years ago


    Newtown, PA

    Improve my off camera flash skills

  • Dave

    St. Louis, MO

    To start experimenting with DSLR video.

  • Mike

    Mount Vernon, IL.

    My resolution: do a better job of organizing and backing up my photos

  • 1. Amy

    2. Hollis, NH

    3. My resolution is to find my niche in photography.

  • 1. Trent

    2. Seattle, WA

    3. Organize my photo library

  • Patrick McKeown

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada -Hope we are included.

    To start taking more pictures for fun, and not just for work related activities, and to save up to get some flashes, the Canon 5d MKII and some other toys by July 1. :)

  • Susan
    Pittsburgh, PA
    shoot everyday period.

  • Jay Brune 4 years ago

    Jay Brune

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    Capture the individual uniqueness in everyone I photograph!

  • Nelson 4 years ago


    Fall River, MA

    Get my Photography business started

  • Carl. Lincolnshire UK.

    Shoot more people.

  • 1) Eric Scott Miller

    2) Indianapolis, IN

    3) To return to semi-professional photography.

  • Kevin Ridge

    Garden City, MI

    Have more patience

  • 1. Geri

    2. Bellingham WA

    3. To become more proficient with studio lighting.

  • David Bradley 4 years ago


    Mesquite, TX

    To achieve something I have never achieved before, by working harder than I ever have before!

  • Scott

    Woodbridge, New Jersey

    Learn even more about photography

  • Nick

    Brooklyn, NY

    To start carrying my camera EVERYWHERE I go.

  • Tony Amat

    San Diego, CA

    Resolution: Be a better listener…to all…

  • Lee henderson 4 years ago


    Saint Charles, Missouri

    Look at the photographs that I will make with my camera… Instead of just looking at my camera.

  • Alan

    Seattle, WA

    To take more photos than last year.

  • Ben,

    Shell Lake, WI

    Learn more useful / interesting ways of controlling light in photographs

  • 1. Edwin

    2. Blackpool, Lancashire, uk

    3. go pro this year

  • 1. Tom

    2. Spotsylvania, VA

    3. To capture images in foreign countries

  • Nate
    Denver, CO
    My resolution is to Make it all the way through a shoot without changing lenses!

  • Dan

    Slidell, LA

    To make photographs that don’t look like anything I’ve already done.

  • Dennis Oder

    Powell, Ohio

    Strobe365: Take a picture a day using speedlites or strobes.

  • Ramon Sanchez 4 years ago


    Garden Grove, Ca

    Picture my Photographs before I take them.

  • 1. Bill

    2. Spring Hill, FL

    3. To use my Westcott Apollo 28″ softbox as much as possible in different lighting conditions to achieve a heightened level of photography using an awesome light modifier.

  • Matt, Lawrence, KS

    To make more money that I spend this year (keep business in the black)!

  • 1. Kortney

    2. Knoxville, TN

    3. Complete a 52 Week Photo project

  • Didier Kaade 4 years ago


    NYC, NY

    To get published in at least 3 Magazines, local or international.

  • 1. Tom

    2. Troy, OH

    3. Shoot portraits for the those in the homeless shelter where my fiancee works.

  • Jessica P. 4 years ago

    1. Jessica

    2. Clintwood, VA

    3. To learn more about lighting and my camera.

  • Jeff Lynch

    Oak Forest, IL

    To do more portrait work.

  • 1) Josh

    2) Canton, OH

    3) Lose 40lbs

  • 1. Terry

    2. Mansfield, Qc

    3. 365-2011 (One picture a day which I post on my facebook fan page)

  • Chris Cloninger 4 years ago

    1. Chris Cloninger

    2. Leachville,AR

    3. To learn how to utilize the small amount of studio equipment that I have to be more productive to add more customers to my media business.

  • Scott Shelhamer 4 years ago

    Scott Shelhamer

    Bartlett TN

    To be a better husband and father.

  • 1. Will

    2. Quincy, MI

    3. During a shoot, try to capture more emotion and impact, and less technical correctness!

  • 1. Damien

    2. Livermore, CA

    3. Complete a 52 Week Strobe project using my new Westcott Strobelites

  • Brandon Miller 4 years ago


    Cleveland, Ohio

    To shut up and shoot.

  • Brett

    Danville, PA

    Take pictures daily

  • 1. Tom

    2. Nashville, TN

    3. I want to create images that spark emotions within the viewer.

  • 1. Bill

    2. Ypsilanti, MI

    3. Shoot images that make me amazed straight off the back of the camera

  • Nithin 4 years ago

    1) Nithin

    2) South Weymouth, MA

    3) Achieve atleast 3 explore of my strobe photos.

  • Rebecca Eubanks 4 years ago

    1. Rebecca

    2. San Tan Valley, AZ

    3. To become proficient in the use of my studio lights.

  • 1. Andy

    2. Gadsden, AL

    3. I’ve been really blessed with the gear I have. This year I want to use that gear to provide portraits for people that otherwise couldn’t afford it!

  • Edward

    Hackensack, NJ

    I want to create images that assimilate a dichotomy of juxtaposing aesthetics.

  • 1 – Brian

    2 – Los Angeles, CA

    3 – Shoot more film

  • Screwed that up already.
    Athens, GA
    read all directions twice before hitting submit to anything (then charge more what I am worth than what my frugal self would be willing to pay).

  • 1. Jimmy

    2. Chattanooga, TN

    3. Use grids more effectively

  • Korey Moore 4 years ago

    1. Korey

    2. Mckinney, TX

    3. To get out, and shoot strangers more often.

  • Jason v 4 years ago

    Hillsboro, Oregon
    -Make 52 portraits

  • Robert Evjen 4 years ago

    1. Robert

    2. Williston, ND

    3. I will finely set up my studio after 5 years of collecting gear!

  • kellyw 4 years ago

    1. Kelly

    2. Odem, TX

    3. To complete a family, just-for-me project: 4×12 (family self-portrait each month)

  • Debbie 4 years ago

    1. Debbie

    2. Tustin, CA

    3. Learn how to use off camera flash

  • Jonathan 4 years ago

    1. Jonathan

    2. Golden, Mo

    3. Be more aggressive at marketing

  • Michael Lyons 4 years ago

    1. Mike

    2. Aspen CO

    3. Continue to explore the complexities of the human story told through my camera

  • Max Archer 4 years ago

    1. Max

    2. Sacramento, CA

    3. To actually make some money off of all the time I’ve been spending shooting.

  • 1. Matt

    2. Milwaukee, WI

    3. Win an online contest.

  • 1 Randy Kashka

    2 Lafayette, Oregon

    3 At least one photo shoot a month!

  • Nick
    Winter Park, Fl
    I’ve resolved to put into action everything I learned the previous year.

  • Tina Williams 4 years ago

    1. Tina
    2. Bolivar, Missouri
    3. To learn more about using camera settings to advance my photography

  • Elvin Edgar 4 years ago

    1. Elvin Edgar
    2. Selangor, Malaysia
    3. Shoot more with my lovely 28in wescott apollo.

  • 1. Milton
    2. Greenville, MI
    3. My resolution is to improve my skills as a photographer.

  • Niccolo Paderna 4 years ago

    2.San Mateo, California
    3.To stop window shopping for lighting gear, and actually getting something.

  • 1. Joanne
    2. Highlands Ranch, CO
    3. Learn to take “wow” pictures of my knitting, and also music-related photos.

  • Marisol
    Assen (Netherlands)
    Getting more into, learn more and shoot more, much more, Portrait Photography.

  • Jonathan
    Ringwood, Hampshire, England
    To take my camera with me wherever I go

  • 1. Mark
    2. Akron, OH
    3. To finish my 2011 photo-a-day project.

  • chuck kovach 4 years ago

    Emmaus PA
    To try and ‘make’ a picture instead of just ‘take’ a picture

  • 1. Abe
    2. Tel Aviv Israel
    3. Never work for free again in the promise of good exposure

  • Hristo Cheresharski 4 years ago

    1. Hristo
    2. Dupnica, Kiustendil BULGARIA
    3. Buy a new, pro camera .. to continue exploring photography

  • 1. Pam
    2. O’Fallon, MO
    3. Become a master of lighting.

  • 1: Gregory
    2: Adelaide, SA Australia
    3: Create a brand new eye-popping portfolio that makes me feel good.

  • Eduardo 4 years ago

    Garden Grove, Ca
    To obtain a Vagabond Mini! :D Much Needed!

  • 1. Alistair
    2. Albury, NSW (Australia)
    3. To finish my set of 12 for exhibition

  • Rosy Cortes 4 years ago

    1. Rosy
    2. Garden Grove, CA
    3. Get better in my photography skills

  • 1. Moe
    2. Calgary,AB
    3. Do more studio work.

  • 1. Kodi
    2. Oakdale, CA
    3. My resolution would contain the goal of owning my own DSLR camera. I am currently working hard to save enough money for a camera. If I win this contest it will give me a jump start on getting camera gear. Winning would push me even harder to make the money my own camera. Thank you for your reading. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  • 1. Kelvin
    2. Toronto, Ontario
    3. Start using off camera flash with light modifiers!

  • Fredrick 4 years ago

    1. Fred G.
    2. Cleveland, Ohio
    3. Hoping to be inspired by someone/something

  • 1. Melissa
    2. Sachse, TX
    3. Learn to use off camera lighting in a more creative way.

  • 1. Myrna
    2. Salem, OR
    3. Carry a camera with me everywhere I go.

  • Jesse
    Bend, OR
    Arrange subject and location and actually shoot the photo that is the basis for the photo niche business I have in my mind.

  • Toby Bird 4 years ago


    2.London, London (UK)

    3.New years resolution is to take one letter of the alphabet every fortnight and photograph everything and anything beginning with that letter. First fortnight was the letter E! So Elephants, Elbows, eyes and ears a plenty.

  • Justin Sperry 4 years ago

    1. Justin

    2. Salina, KS

    3. Actually “Hang My Sign Out” as a business.

  • 1. Melissa

    2. Independence, KY

    3. Learn how to use off camera flash so I can establish a bricks and mortar studio.

  • 1. Adrian

    2. Vernon, BC (Canada)

    3. To do a random photo booth on a busy street or park.

  • 1. Julia

    2. Newmarket, NH

    3. To get out and shoot at least 4 times a week. I just need to get out there more often.

  • 1. Sue

    2. New Braunfels, TX

    3. Pick ONE photo processor, stick with it and print, print, print.

  • 1.Harry

    2.Orlando, FL

    3.Take proactive steps in marketing

  • 1. Maryana

    2. Harrison, NJ

    3. My New Year’s Resolution is to get my first paid client! No more hobby – work! :)

    thanks for the opportunity.

  • 1. Marie

    2. Boone, NC

    3. Book more weddings.

  • 1. Jason

    2. Saint Cloud, Fl

    3. Streamline my editing, so I can spend more time with my 2 kids, Which are six and two.

  • 1. Bryan

    2. Portishead, North Somerset

    3. To learn how to light a portrait using strobes

  • Garreth Price 4 years ago

    1. Garreth

    2. Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

    3. Slow down and shoot less but produce better

  • 1. Matt

    2. Minneapolis, Minnesota

    3. Do at LEAST 3 philanthropic shoots this year.

  • 1. Hopper

    2. Los Angeles, Ca.

    3. Work on more personal projects.

  • Seshu

    Avon, CT

    To bring even more happiness to my clients through my photography

  • George Kremer 4 years ago

    I will not be afraid of outdoor lighting in harsh light!


    Aspen, CO

  • Tony

    West Unity, OH

    Break into the Senior/Family market in my area.

  • Roger

    Loomis, CA

    Improve my collection of backdrops and sets.

  • Michael 4 years ago


    Orlando, FL

    Keep refining my skills with camera and post.

  • 1. Michael

    2. Belmont, MA

    3. Do more timelapse videos from still photos

  • kevin liu 4 years ago

    Kevin from Anaheim, CA

    This year I resolve to enjoy life a little more and to embrace living with more voracity than I give my day job. Life is precious and it slips by fast. I want to be able to say that I spent my time well, living for the good of others and not for the good of my self.

  • 1. Rob

    2. Saint Augustine, Florida

    3. To involve my 4 year old daughter in more of my shoots. <3

  • 1.David Rodriguez

    2.Cape Coral, FL.

    3.Do more creative lighting photography

  • 1) Ken

    2) Colorado Springs, CO

    3) My resolution this year is to learn how to use the Spiderlite TD5 kit I got for Christmas.

  • Truett Standefer

    Nashville, TN

    To become a better natural light photographer.

  • Mike

    Orange, CA

    Run my Photography Biz like a real business and not like a wannabe Biz.

  • Mag Hood 4 years ago


    New Brunswick, Canada

    Take more pictures.. Pretty Simple..

  • John Swarce 4 years ago


    Taunton, MA

    My resolution is to take more photos that are out of my “comfort zone”.

  • Michele 4 years ago


    Rowley, MA

    To explore more using and manipulating light

  • Jacob Fisher 4 years ago


    Bemidji, MN

    To become more confident in my own creative vision!

  • Sarah from Lusby, MD. My new years resolution this year is to try more things, take on projects that scare me a little.

  • Becki

    Sarasota, FL

    To be more creative with lighting.

  • JC

    Pembroke Pines, FL

    To find my limits and then surpass them

  • Bruce

    Cabot, Arkansas

    To find a way out of the box and create something new and exciting to build my business.

  • MelindaV 4 years ago


    Lester, IA

    To study light both natural and controlled.

  • Subrina 4 years ago

    1) Subrina

    2) Magnolia, TX

    3) To accept the fact that I can’t be scared of lighting anymore if I want to take my photography to the next level! I’m stepping out of my box this saturday during a newborn shoot with limited materials… cross your fingers it goes well!

  • Sharon 4 years ago

    Sharon from Dallas, Texas

    I would love to learn to use my flash in manual mode

  • Tom

    Westland, Michigan

    Redecorate my studio

  • 1) Ivan

    2) Paramus, NJ

    3) To be more daring, creatively.

  • Delanae

    Graham, WA

    To finally get my home studio set up with quailty gear, not the kiddy stuff I’ve been using. That’s why I’m on today. :)

  • Dave
    Inspire creativity in those who view my work.

  • 1) Timothy

    2) Bryan, Tx.

    3) To take more of my images to completion rather than let them sit on a hard-drive.

  • Steve

    Houston, Texas

    Create a body of work of photos, not just stand alone images.

  • 1. Toby

    2. Alpharetta, GA

    3. To learn more from my wife! (Photoshop Wizard!)

  • Martin
    York, UK
    To be unique In my photography.

  • Larry Pilon 4 years ago

    1. Larry
    2. Las Vegas, Nevada
    3. Make no more New Years Resolutions

  • April from Las Vegas, NV
    This year I would really like to find my niche and own creative style.

  • Gary Jefferson 4 years ago

    Odessa, Texas
    Take more photo’s

  • Clay

    Gray, GA

    This year I will start my photo business

  • kimberly
    owings mills md
    Photography one new thing with every session I do.

  • 1. Audie
    2. Warrenton, VA
    3. To get published.

  • Peter Durk 4 years ago

    Bend, OR

    Get out more and shoot.

  • Kern
    Do more photography gigs and get paid.

  • Mark

    Round Rock, Texas

    I resolve to engage in further service to charitable and volunteer organizations with photography that makes a difference and partners for further success.

  • 1. Luis
    2. Perth Amboy, NJ
    3. To do the 365 Day Project.

  • Scott Hinkle 4 years ago

    Scott Hinkle
    Fort Lauderdale, FL

    My resolution is to be more proactive in helping other photographers take and work on their images.

  • 1. Brent
    2. Canberra, Australia
    3. Stop acquiring the latest & greates photography gear and start using it!

  • 1. Chuk
    2. Warren, Michigan
    3. Shoot more personal projects.

  • Mike
    Wynnewood, PA
    To pay more attention to my health.

  • Richard 4 years ago

    2.San Diego,CA
    3.My resolution this year is to learn how to “stop and smell the roses” then photograph them :).

  • First Name – Shannon
    City, State – Garner, NC
    Only ONE New Year’s Resolution – Complete a 365 project

  • Robert Rangel 4 years ago



    To make photography a creative passion and not just a job.

  • Jason Russell 4 years ago

    1. Jason

    2. Ashton, ID

    3. To get my son his own camera so he can shoot along with Dad and we can spend more time together

  • Mark Adams 4 years ago


    O’Fallon, Missouri

  • Mark Adams 4 years ago


    O’Fallon, Missouri

    Get to know my camera better, manual settings and such.

  • Matt Leitholt 4 years ago

    1. Matt Leitholt

    2. Post Falls, Idaho

    3. Shoot more architecture

  • Rob

    Chestertown, MD

    Share more photos

  • 1. Eisen Job Alquiza

    2. Cebu City, Philippines

    3. To take more pictures of my three daughters growing up =)

  • 1. Fred

    2. Marseille, FRANCE

    3. test Westcott equipment!

  • Gary

    Princeton, NJ

    Learn more about flash photography. so far, this has been my biggest burden…

  • 1.Venura


    3.Build a successful photography business

  • Stefan Wilken

    Denmark, Copenhagen

    Les social media :) More Creative !!!

  • Jayesunn
    Lake Oswego, Oregon
    My resolution is to shoot more projects for myself this year.

  • David M. Randall 4 years ago

    Albuquerque, NM
    To get better at reading light and using my off-camera flashes.

  • Seattle, WA

    My resolution is to greatly increase my marketing in 2011.

  • 1. Toni

    2. Flora, IN

    3. Never turn down a newborn session this year. (They intimidate me) lol

  • Jeff Silkstone 4 years ago

    Winston-Salem, NC
    Take the time to understand the full capability of my camera.

  • Laura Stewart 4 years ago

    Fort Wayne, IN
    To print more photos! I take a lot and don’t get them all touched up and printed.

  • Thomas

    New Palestine, IN

    Take the time to help others improve their photography, and by doing that, it will also improve mine

  • Lance Andrade 4 years ago



    3.To produce images of nature at work in the backyard

    and around the house,ie.,outside windows,front and back

    doors,and garden settings

  • Gary Prince 4 years ago


    Moreno Valley, CA

    To increase my social network presence.

  • Pete

    Reno, NV

    To continue learning and developing my lighting style.

  • Jean

    Ottawa, Ontario

    To keep on learning and improving.

  • 1. Anya

    2. Dracut MA

    3. To enjoy life more

  • Dwayne

    Miami, Florida

    Get more press.

  • 1. Nick

    2. Edmonton, Canada

    3. Do as excellently in my university design/photography program as I did last year. Don’t fix your resolution if it’s not broken :p

  • Rod

    Fredericton, NB

    To shut up and shoot

  • Tonja

    Omaha NE

    Get a website.

  • Shawn

    Philadelphia, PA

    Learn more about using off camera flash

  • 1. Ron

    2. Enschede, OV, The Netherlands

    3. My NY’s Resolution is to share more how-to info with fellow photographers

  • Carol Thacker 4 years ago


    Longview Wa

    Improve lighting skill.

  • Sheryl
    Chula Vista, CA
    Resolution: master the technique of off camera lighting.

  • Sherwin
    Chula Vista, CA
    Learn the other 75% of what Adobe Photoshop can do.

  • Richard

    St Helens, United Kingdom

    Learn to use more of the Westcott range to improve my photos.

  • Bradford
    Huntington Beach CA
    NYR: to master incorporating sunflarein my shots :)

  • Roman. Melrose Park, IL. Travel more, much more!

  • Joel

    Eugene, Oregon

    New Year’s Resolution: To take my photography business to the next level

  • Wesley 4 years ago


    North Branford, CT

    To learn how market myself better.

  • 1. Oscar

    2. Saint Charles, IL

    3. Get more photography business comin’ in!!!

  • Sam

    Chicago, IL

    Shoot more and creatively, like off camera lighting with a Polaroid land camera. :)

  • Andy
    Minneapolis, MN
    To take my photography to a new level using my Wescott products. ;)

  • 1. Matt

    2. Valparaiso, IN

    3. Build a solid portfolio

  • Steven 4 years ago


    New Providence, NJ

    Guide my daughter and her Girl Scouts troop earn a Photography Badge.

  • Jennifer


    New Year’s Resolution – To take some more workshops and try to better my skills and business!

  • Simon Medisch 4 years ago

    Tacoma, wa
    I would like to get my business going and make enough money to upgrade to full frame this year.

  • Darcy

    Des Moines, Iowa

    Have our photography business be successful and profitable enough to meet our business goals AND upgrade some equipment.

  • Jeremy

    Arvada, CO

    This year I want to replace at least 33% of my current income with photography so I can be at home with my kids more.

  • Maryana

    Harrison, NJ

    To turn this expensive hobby into awesome business

  • Yannick

    Aachen, Germany

    Take a bit more time for shootings, straighten and relax my workflow =)

  • David

    Homewood, IL

    To build a strong wedding photography business that is unlike my competition.

  • Keith
    California, MD
    Add 2 westcott strip banks to my kit!

  • Michelle hires 4 years ago

    Sierra vista, az
    Resolution: to attend at least one photography related conference

  • Jeremy Verinsky 4 years ago

    Santa Cruz, CA
    In 2011, I resolve to take my photography to the next level!

  • 1. John

    2. Crestwood, Kentucky

    3. My resolution is to find a particular field of photography that suits me best as opposed to doing a little bit of everything.

  • JJ
    Elizabethtown, KY
    My resolution is to try & get more correct in camera and spend less time behind the computer.

  • - James

    – New York, NY

    – Improve the look of my blog.

  • Andrea 4 years ago


    San Antonio,TX

    To gain more experince with wedding photography to start getting my business going in the wedding photography direction.

  • Scott

    Sunnyvale, CA

    Shoot more — Photoshop less.

  • Scott

    Schertz, TX

    Update my portrait portfolio with fresh, breath-taking images.

  • Melanie Greeke 4 years ago

    Melanie Greeke

    Goldsboro, NC

    To have my studio set up by the end of the year!

  • Mark Charbonneau

    Round Rock, Texas.

    I resolve to grow my photography with great people, service, and also a continued support of the community through volunteer projects.

  • William Frankhouser

    Arlington, WA

    To get out and take more photos at sports events

  • Michele 4 years ago

    Michele Peterson

    Rowley, MA

    To advance my knowledge of studio lighting and controlling light in the studio.

  • David Kindler

    Oak Park, IL

    I resolve to make beautiful portraits of everybody I shoot.

  • Michael Cox

    Belmont, MA

    Make enough money in photography to quit my day job.

  • Sebastian Sell 4 years ago

    Sebastian Sell

    Dortmund, Germany

    Finally use my strobist equipment and take photos of great people

  • Lorne marcum 4 years ago

    Austin, Texas
    Resolution is to my studio with new spyderlites fully operational

  • Patrick McKeown

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    To go to the Grand Canyon, take photos for 5 days and come back home with photos that I feel are good enough to print. :)

  • Annette 4 years ago

    St.John’s, NL
    Be better at getting it right SOOC!

  • stephanie doran

    Taylor, Mi

    This year I’d like to consistently be booking clients

  • Austin 4 years ago

    1. Austin
    2. San Lorenzo, CA
    3. To make finding MY style more of a priority by shooting more than I ever have using different techniques and pushing the envelope.

  • Joe Camp

    Dallas, GA

    I resolve to use creative lighting (more) to get the effect I want during the shoot, and to not rely on “fixing it in post”.

  • Kurt Frietchen 4 years ago

    Kurt Frietchen

    Ontario, OH

    My new years resolve is to learn how to be creative with light, whether its off camera lighting or natural light.

  • Robert Christopher 4 years ago

    Robert Christopher
    Charlotte, NC
    My resolution is to blog at least weekly where before i blog monthly if that

  • Jill

    Mill Creek, WA

    I resolve to learn more about lighting but ambient available light and strobe light.

  • Max Kaar 4 years ago

    Max Kaar

    Vantaa, Finland

    Learn to see subjects more creatively

  • April

    Hattiesburg, MS

    To rebrand and revamp my business to better fit my personality!

  • Matt Fryer,

    Braunton, UK

    I resolve to spend more time with my kids this year.

  • Vanessa 4 years ago


    Chestertown, MD

    My husband usually takes the family photos. So i’d like to take more pictures of him for a change :)

  • Marilyn Flagg 4 years ago

    Marilyn Flagg

    Gilbert, AZ

    I want to more consistent on blogging this year, getting it made over, so I hope to stay on top of it!

  • Jerald

    Kenosha, Wisconsin

    Deliver at least 2 shots per month under help portrait [] guidelines to special needs children.

  • Cayce

    Boston, MA

    To attend more workshops!

  • Rachel Leib

    Fishkill, NY

    One (of many) New Years Resolutions for photography is to learn more about lighting (starting with my off camera flash ad refector) and move up to 1 or 2 studio lights.

  • 1. Loreen

    2. Leominster, MA

    3. Practice what I preach to my photography students and actually take my Photo of the Day shots.

  • Alex

    Scottsburg, IN

    To expand my knowledge of lighting and posing

  • Vanessa

    Biggar, SK Canada

    To finish building on my studio so I can finally move in!

  • Kenneth E. Farver 4 years ago


    Woodstock, IL

    to buy more glass than bodies

  • Suzie

    Fate, TX

    To grow my brand.

  • Mike

    Heidelberg, Germany

    Increase the amount of shooting I do.

  • Bryan Petty 4 years ago

    1) Bryan Petty
    2) Springfield, mo/USA
    My new years photography resolution is to take so much more photos of my family this year, so many they will get tired of seeing my camera in their face!

  • Danielle 4 years ago

    Wilson, North Carolina
    Become a better photographer

  • Craig Taylor

    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    Resolution: To experiment more with lighting and use the knowledge I’ve read about

  • Kim Navarette 4 years ago


    Perrysburg, Ohio

    To use more creative lighting to get better shots!

  • AimeeJ 4 years ago


    Enterprise, AL

    Start my Photography business this year.

  • Marlo
    Somerset, NJ
    To master one-light and two-light setups for portraiture so that I could make some more money through this “hobby”. (Sorry, for this second post, but I forgot to add my city and state.)

  • 1. Kamau Akabueze

    2. Jersey City, NJ

    3. Eliminate gear envy from my photographic life

  • Darryl
    Alameda, California
    I want to be better than I was in 2010.

  • 1. Daniel
    2. Geneva, Switzerland
    3. Simply to take pictures more often :-)

  • Shirley 4 years ago


    Okeechobee, Florida

    I resolve to learn all that I can to make better photos.

  • Ed Reed 4 years ago

    Ed Reed

    Bellevue, WA

    To learn and develop my studio lighting technique.

  • Sue
    North Olmsted, OH
    To be legally set up with our LLC by 12/31/11 so we can start charging for the photography! :)

  • George Kremer 4 years ago

    George Kremer

    Aspen, CO

    Get my outdoor and indoor lighting kit nice and complete!

  • Erica w 4 years ago

    Erica – overland park, Kansas

    To shoot (with camera) as much as humanly possible.

  • Scott Shelhamer 4 years ago

    Bartlett TN

    To be a better husband and father

  • Mark

    Akron OH

    To take and post one photo a day in 2011.

  • Keith

    Topeka, KS

    Learn off camera lighting.

  • Tal L Toronto Ontario Canada 4 years ago

    Tal L.
    Toronto, ON Canada
    Come up with a killer web site

  • Nichole 4 years ago


    White Cloud, MI

    To be more creative with my work this year: book less, create more.

  • Matt Britton

    Nashville, TN

    Better time management and focus.

  • Andy
    United Kingdom
    To successfully complete this years University photography coursework , after 24 years in the British Military , it’s time to get good quals and kick start a new career.

  • Sylvester Zawadzki

    Rego Park, Queens, NY

    Stop down!!! Just because a lens is f2 doesn’t mean that it should be used at f2 all the time!!! I resolve to stop down and resolve more detail in my photos.

  • ken yee 4 years ago

    Ken Yee

    Boston, MA

    resolution: to write more photography Android apps to keep Studio Buddy company :-)

  • Alistair Holloway 4 years ago

    London, England
    My new years resolution is to not worry about resolution; shoot with anything!

  • Joseph 4 years ago

    Joseph F

    Manassas, Va.

    Resolution: to successfully complete a year of shooting people and learning to retouch using photoshop.

  • Adam Gabbard 4 years ago

    Cincinnati, OH
    Get out of the technique books and get out and shoot

  • Daniel Gregory 4 years ago

    Daniel Gregory

    Seattle, WA

    resolution: to complete my series of platinum images from the Olympic National Park Beaches

  • Gary

    San Dimas, California

    I resolve to launch at least 4 issues each of the two photography magazines that I have in the works.

  • From: Mooresville, North Carolina@Adam Daniels
    Resolution: To become a better photographer NOT using the Auto setting on my camera and move to using Manual mode!

  • 1. Mike

    2. Conway, AR

    3. Work more on personal photography projects.

  • Brandon Rowell

    Hastings, Minnesota

    My 2011 resolution is to overhaul my marketing from the ground up to reach my goal of 25 new clients this year.

  • Els
    Charleston SC

    To buy more Westcott stuff!!!

  • Ken Porter 4 years ago


    Charlottesville, VA

    To do something photography related every day.

  • Ricky

    Houston, TX

    To remove internal walls that define limitations.

  • Chris

    Albany, NY

    Reosolution: Turn this hobby into a business.

  • Larry

    Ramsey, Minnesota

    To get out and Shoot more!

  • Charisse Rhodes 4 years ago

    Charisse Rhodes

    Elk Grove, CA

    One of my resolutions for 2011 is to live out loud and not be afraid to share my talents.

  • Andrew Knapik 4 years ago


    Lincoln Park,MI

    My one resolution is to not chimp as much as I do now.

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