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First, we want to thank everyone for submitting to our 4th B.O.W. Contest!! We have over 500 submissions and are so excited to be sending out this B.O.W. to one very VERY lucky winner! As stated, this is a contest about randomness and the winner never knows what they are going to get until it arrives. So, without holding off the announcement any longer…..


Brent C.

from Aiken, SC

You can find him on Facebook as well as Twitter or visit him on his website: Cline | Design.

Thanks for the BOW Contest winnings – just got back form a shoot but wanted to say from a person that rarely wins anything, this is great and I’m looking forward to receiving and using some new Westcott gear soon – THX!

Didn’t win?

Fear not! A little bird has told us that another BOW will be around the corner very soon! :)

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