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It’s that time again – B.O.W. Contest!!

As many of you are aware, we have random contests that we refer to as B.O.W. (Bag of Westcott) Contest. These are random contests with random responses as well as random winners! Also, this contest is open to everyone!! Canada – YES! Europe – YES!! Australia – YES!!! EVERYONE!!!

So without anymore wait – we now launch our B.O.W. Contest #4!!


PLEASE NOTE: If you do not include all of the below, your contest submission will be invalid.

  1. First Name
  2. City, State
  3. Of everything photography, what would you like to learn about in 2011?

When does the contest end?

Contest ends March 4, 2011 at 12:01pm ET.

How will winners be chosen?

For this contest, winners will be randomly chosen. There will be only 1 WINNER who will receive a new product from Westcott.

When will the winners be announced?

Winners will be announced March 8, 2011 at 3:00pm ET.

For information on Westcott products, please visit our website. Also, be sure to check out our HOT DEALS!

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  • 1) Rachel

    2) Appleton, Wisconsin

    3) I really want to get better with off-camera flash this year.

  • Michael

    Belmont, MA


  • 1. First Name: Rick

    2. City, State: Lincoln, Lincolnshire (UK)

    3. What would I like to learn in 2011: I really wanna focus on how I interact with the model/subject of the shoot. I struggle a bit to really articulate what it is that I want from them sometimes and I think it would really improve some of my shots.

  • Joe

    Dallas, GA

    In 2011 I’d like to learn about using the non-speedlight strobes.

  • Dennis

    Powell, Ohio

    Lighting, from the smallest of flashes to the largest Octa…

  • 1. Adrian

    2. Vernon, BC (Canada)

    3. Working with different types of human subjects. (Families, Individuals, Groups, Bands, etc)

  • Didier Kaade 4 years ago

    1) Didier

    2) New York, New York

    3) Anything I can absorb that will allow me to be a better photographer. HDR, Portraits, Better lighting, Strobists,

    Hoping I can win this BOW!! :) Thanks

  • Angela Lawson 4 years ago


    Indianapolis, IN

    Lighting, lighting, lighting!

  • 1. Jeramie

    2. Seattle, WA

    3. How to use less light or better control the light I do use.

  • Patrick Mckeown

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Off Camera Flash, and keeping my camera in Manual mode to learn it properly.

  • 1) Laura

    2) Atascadero, CA

    3) I’m planning to learn more about excellent outdoor portrait lighting this year.

  • Garreth Price 4 years ago


    Winnipeg, Mb. Canada


  • Jorge

    Doral, Florida

    Lighting, with strobes mostly

  • 1. Alessandro

    2. Desio, Italy

    3. a path an all my photos, a wire from one to another…and some strobist skill

  • Kelvin

    Markham, Ontario, Canada

    How to build better HDR photographs

  • 1. Corey

    2. Jefferson city, Missouri

    3. I want to learn how to breath more life into the subjects that I photograph

  • 1. Nick

    2. Brooklyn, NY

    3. How to get the most out of my speedlights. Do an entire fashion shoot with only speedlights.

  • Dave

    Lodi, NJ

    Controlling light in different enviroments

  • 1.Dave Cox

    2.Birmingham, West Midlands (UK)

    3.I would really love to learn more about strobist setups.

  • Ryan

    Concord, New Hampshire

    A more stream lined post process workflow

  • 1) Todd

    2) Waterford, MI

    3) I’d like to learn how to use a few more modifiers then just my Umbrellas.

  • 1.) Debra

    2.) Bluffton, SC

    3.) To recognize natural light reflectors better.

  • 1. Michael

    2. Atlanta, Ga

    3. I would like to begin combining my stills with motion photography.

  • 1. Alan

    2. San Diego, CA

    3. Studio lighting

  • Cayce Elms

    North Easton, MA

    Off Camera Flash & Posing

  • 1. Adam

    2. Lincoln, Lincolnshire (UK)

    3. I want to develop my location portraits and aspirational lifestyle shoots

  • Warren

    Atlanta, GA

    I would like to learn more about composition and controlling light so that I don’t spend a lot of time in post processing.

  • Dustin

    Cary, NC

    Better portraiture.

  • 1) Brent

    2) Fort Collins, Colorado

    3) Does anything I can get my hands on count? There are several aspects of the business and marketing I want to get a grasp on, as well as getting more creative with lighting my subjects and telling stories better in my photographs.

  • 1. Anthony

    2. London, UK

    3. I’d like to learn more about strobist, lighting and how to achieve a well lit shot.

  • 1. Terri

    2. Salem, Oregon

    3. Please, please, just let me get a handle on posing and off camera lighting.

  • 1. Gary

    2. Hertford, Hertfordshire (UK)

    3. want to learn more about outside location shooting with strobes and speedlites

  • 1. Sang

    2. Wyncote, PA

    3. Editing process for portraits

  • Patrick Duany 4 years ago

    1 Patrick Duany

    2 Plainfield NH

    3 Off Camera Flash Photography

  • 1. Dianne

    2. Centennial, CO

    3. I want to continue to refine my lighting skills. Practice, practice, practice so that my sessions flow and working with my lights is just second nature.

  • 1. Todd

    2. Carrollton, GA

    3. Posing and it’s relationship with lighting

  • Jason

    Saint Cloud, FL

    Off Camera Flash, with two flash units. I currently use just one.

  • Steven Whitaker 4 years ago

    1. Steven

    2. Birmingham, AL

    3. I want to learn more about how to create environments for my subjects with off camera flash and the various flash modifiers available.

  • 1. Josh

    2. Princeton, NJ

    3. Multiple-light set ups for portraiture.

  • 1. Rob

    2. Lakeland, FL

    3. Posing models/groups

  • 1. Dana

    2. Chicago, Illinois

    3. How to produce the sharpest, clearest images;first in-camera, second adding to it with post-processing.

  • 1. Eric

    2. Pittsburgh, PA

    3. I’d like to learn more about using different types of light modifiers (especially for on-location shoots).

  • Megan

    Brooklyn, NY

    I’d like to learn to pose people to look good and yet natural.

  • Kevin
    Anaheim, CA
    I hope to learn how to gain greater appreciation of the things and people that I have in my life. Those with cancer and terminal illness are forced to confront their existence and their ability to appreciate what God has given them. I want to get closer to that state before my health or mortality forces me to do so.

  • Lisa

    Chapel Hill, NC

    Extreme lighting situations (underwater?!, through fog, etc) and posing groups of people

  • 1. Tom

    2. Berlin, Germany

    3. lighting jewelry

  • 1. Bernard

    2. Vancouver, BC (Canada)

    3. I want to learn about combining long exposure shots with flash

  • 1. Matej

    2. Medovy Ujezd, Czech Republic

    3. Portraits with studio lights

  • Gudmann Birgisson 4 years ago

    1. Gudmann B.

    2. Gardabaer, Iceland

    3. Composition and BW post processing, street photography

  • 1. Ken

    2. Verona, PA

    3. I’d like to experiment more with all forms of light modifiers.

  • Dean Feltimo

    Maidenhead, Berkshire. (UK)

    I want to learn more about urban portrait shots.

  • 1. Jay

    2. Bayville, NJ

    3. How to get consistent results in my multi light portraits.

  • Kurtis 4 years ago

    1. Kurtis

    2. Vancouver, BC

    3. Posing and interacting with models.

  • Sebastian Sell 4 years ago

    1. Sebastian

    2. Dortmund, Germany

    3. lighting with off-camera flashes! (and light setups for 2 flashes)

  • 1. David

    2. Berkeley Heights, NJ

    3. How to create color profiles for cameras

  • 1. Robert

    2. Texarkana, Tx

    3. High speed sync, setting the camera and flashes up

  • 1 Mario

    2 Miami, FL and the Dominican Republic

    3 I’d like to learn more about Lighting in general , doing more fun stuff with lights

  • 1. Nancy

    2. Sylvania, OH

    3. Off camera lighting with your lovely WESTCOTT products!

  • Nathan Westerfield

    Nashville, TN

    Low light situations.

  • 1. William

    2. Marysville, WA

    3. Learning Lighting Ratios in my head

  • Shannon 4 years ago


    Hudsonville, Michigan

    Lighting for portrait photography and how to use off camera lighting best within a small studio set up.

  • 1. John

    2. Glasgow, Scotland

    3/ To learn the lighting techniques and subtleties of the great Hollywood portrait photographers of the 1930-40.

  • 1. David

    2. Oak Park, IL, USA

    3. Accomplishing high drama sports action shots with multiple lights

  • 1. Brenda

    2. Novi, Mi

    3. How to improve my group posing and lighting when on location.

  • 1. Bob

    2. Broken Arrow, OK

    3. Off camera lighting

  • 1. Adam

    2. Las Vegas, NV

    3. I would like to learn how to be more creative with photographing people on location.

  • 1. Evan

    2. San Francisco, CA

    3. More strobist work, and street photography!

  • 1. Bill

    2. Tokyo, JAPAN

    3. How to better eyeball exposures.

  • Brent

    Barberton, Ohio

    Studio management and package pricing

  • Rodger 4 years ago

    1. Rodger

    2. Cape Town, South Africa

    3. Proper Portrait Photography

  • Frank Colubriale 4 years ago

    1. Frank

    2. Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

    3. Studio/Off Camera Lighting

  • 1. Els

    2. Mount Pleasant, SC

    3. Studio lighting

  • Nick,

    West Jordan, Utah,

    Of everything photography the number one thing I would like to learn more about is how to become more of Creative Producer and less of a Consumer.

  • Lars Sorensen 4 years ago

    1. Lars

    2. Aarhus, Denmark

    3. Baby photography

  • Stephan Vermette 4 years ago

    1. Stephan

    2. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

    3. Remote strobe and live concert/low light photography

  • 1. Brad

    2. Jackson, MS

    3. Studio lighting.

  • 1. Chris

    2. Middlesex, NJ

    3. How to better light portaits in the studio and on location.

  • Jeroen Berkenbosch 4 years ago

    1. Jeroen

    2. Huizen, the Netherlands

    3. Want to learn a lot more about light and light modifiers and improving my other areas of photography.

  • 1. carolyn

    2. richmond, mi

    3. working with multiple strobes

  • 1. Allen

    2. Stone Mountain, Ga

    3. Multi light portraits with mixed modifiers.

  • Sanjay Keshup 4 years ago


    2. Dubai, UAE

    3. Would like to learn about how to improve results with one light and small modifiers.

  • 1. Abe

    2. Omaha, NE

    3. Wedding Photography and improve posing.

  • 1. Berta

    2. Rexburg, Idaho

    3. Creative studio lighting

  • David Larsen 4 years ago

    1. David

    2. Gold Canyon, AZ

    3. On-location lighting for groups (weddings)

  • 1. Waffy

    2. Baguio City, Philippines

    3. Business side of photography

  • 1. Chris

    2. Burke, VA

    3. various lighting techniques for on location shoots (i.e. mobile studio lighting, speedlight, reflector, etc) and also creative uses for backdrops so it looks more modern less like old school studio work

  • Charlie 4 years ago

    1. Charlie

    2. Seattle, WA

    3. Portable location lighting, lighting for hybrid DSLR shooting (photo/video)

  • 1. Anthony

    2. Brugge, Belgium

    3. I want to improve my directions towards the models! Also learn more about weddingphotography.

  • 1. Simon

    2. Ithaca, NY

    3. Mixing flash and ambient lighting for natural looking portraits

  • Laurie 4 years ago

    1. Laurie

    2. West Lafayette, IN

    3. Dramatic lighting for portraits

  • 1. Will

    2. Loughborough, Leicestershire

    3. Strobist street photography basics

  • 1. Curt

    2. Sault Ste Marie, ON, Canada

    3. After attending After Dark in LV definitely want to learn better use of studio lighting in non-studio situations (beauty dishes, ring flashes, etc used outdoors on location) – also increase my skills in processing

  • 1. Michelle

    2. Arvada, CO

    3. sports photography, and better lighting techniques in general

  • 1.Darin

    2.Wichita, Kansas

    3.strobes, strobes and more strobes

  • Stephen 4 years ago


    2.Jersey Shore,NJ

    3.Off camera Stuff

  • 1. Jim

    2. San Francisco

    3. Using Spiderlights for Children’s portraiture

  • 1. Dries

    2. Niel, Belgium

    3. mixing strobes with extreme sports … jiehaa

  • 1. Enzo

    2. Castel di Sangro AQ, IT

    3. I would like to work more on outdoor lighting, especially mixing natural and flash light

  • 1. Eric

    2. Boise, Idaho

    3. Outdoor location lighting. Better balancing of ambient and flash.

  • Victor S Carrano 4 years ago

    1. Victor

    2. Stony Point, NY

    3. Continuous vs. strobe lighting

  • 1: Doug

    2: Golden Valley MN

    3: Portrait posing and lighting

  • Erica w 4 years ago

    Erica- overland park ks
    I would really like to focus on usinging off camera lights this year to force me to learn to manipulate light the way I need it to be.

  • 1. David

    2. Parsippany, NJ

    3. sports photography on a budget

  • 1. Scott

    2. Torrance, CA

    3. Studio lighting and overall use of lighting and techniques.

  • Slawomir Pulcer 4 years ago

    1. Slav

    2. Windsor, Ontario, Canada

    3. New ways to compose, crazy photoshop techniques, and how to strobe cars

  • Erick Reyes 4 years ago

    1.- Erick

    2.- Mexico, City

    3.- Landscape Photography

  • 1. Brent

    2. Sioux Falls, SD

    3. How to create certain moods using off camera lighting.

  • 1. Jack

    2. Chandler, AZ

    3. In 2011 I would like to learn more about studio lighting.

  • Casey–Farmington, MO

    I would like to become a master of all thing technical in photography. Fstops/ISO/exposure/aperture/flash

  • Mark Smith 4 years ago


    Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, England

    Studio lighting with 2 strobes, one SB 1 UB

  • 1) dan!

    2) seattle, wa

    3) how to push by photo business to the next level. I’ve been working on the technical and creative side of photography for the last couple of years. It’ time to push into the business side!

  • 1. Jake

    2. San Jose, CA

    3. I really want to learn more about off camera lighting and using studio strobes.

  • 1. Larry

    2. Upper Marlboro, MD

    3. I would like to learn how to better use light modifiers.

  • Jeremy Verinsky 4 years ago

    -Santa Cruz, CA
    -Studio strobes

  • 1. Paul

    2. McHenry, IL

    3. Off camera flash and studio setup

  • Jen Lapuz 4 years ago

    1. Jen

    2. Victorville, CA

    3. Posing and lighting

  • John Swarce 4 years ago

    1) John

    2) Taunton, MA

    3) Photography using off-camera flash and light modifiers

  • 1. Luis

    2. Lewisville, TX

    3. Dramatic lighting

  • 1. Nick

    2. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    3. More detailed knowledge on using gels for both effect and correction

  • Bill
    I’d like to learn more about working with flash on location instead of just in the studio.

  • Mark
    Prospect, KY

    I have been working with flash and now I need to get better with multiple flash

  • Aleh Dabrynski 4 years ago



    Studio lighting,street photography

  • 1) Rebecca

    2) SanTan Valley, AZ

    3) I would like to learn more about studio lighting and posing.

  • 1. Daniel (though I go by my middle name, Travis)

    2. Havertown, Pennsylvania, USA

    3. I’d like to learn more about studio lighting (no, really) as I’m just barely scratching the surface right now. (What a coincidence).

  • Richerd Reynolds 4 years ago

    1. Richerd

    2. Waterloo, Ontario

    3. More subtle control of multiple lights in studio and on location.

  • Phil
    Montreal, Quebec
    How to make my portfolio better and best way to present them to Artistic Directors.

  • 1. Chad

    2. Ottawa, ON, Canada

    3. Learn more on posing singular as well as large groups

  • Wesley 4 years ago

    To further refine my sports photography.

  • 1. Alexis

    2. Weehawken, NJ

    3. Making enough money to support myself (Making and keeping new clients, and just generally the business end of owning your own photography business)

  • Wesley 4 years ago


    North Branford, CT

    To refine my sports photography.

  • 1. Luis

    2. Sioux Falls, SD

    3. Portrait

  • Ken

    Colorado Springs, CO

    More portraiture and lighting

  • Tristin 4 years ago

    1.) Tristin

    2.) St. Paul, MN

    3.) I would like to learn more about the difference between RAW and JPEG files. What are the pros/cons of each?!

  • 1. Paul

    2. Fonthill, Ontario

    3. Outdoor portrait and lifestyle lighting, on the fly, with only 1 person.

  • -april 4 years ago

    1. April

    2. Mtn. View, Ca

    3. Lighting/Posing

  • 1. Terry

    2. Mansfield, Quebec

    3. Posing

  • 1. Mary

    2. Westmont, IL

    3. Lighting

  • 1 – Jon

    2 – Carlsbad, CA

    3 – Lighting/Equipment/Post-Production

  • Michael 4 years ago

    1. Michael

    2. London, England

    3. Learn to put my camera back to normal settings after use (or check they are normal when I turn it on!)

  • 1. Ken

    2. Blowing Rock, NC

    3. Macro HDR

  • 1. Joel

    2. Gurnee, Illinois

    3. Business side of Photography

  • 1. Faraz

    2. Santa Clara, California

    3. How to make the most of my Westcott collapsable umbrella with removable cover?

  • Denise 4 years ago

    1. Denise

    2. Pine Island, MN

    3. Off camera lighting

  • Bruce

    Cabot, AR

    Mastering new techniques in photoshop, and desinging more templates.

  • 1.Christian

    2.Wayne, Pa

    3.How to make a dollar! But really more experience in environmental portraits.

  • Anthony 4 years ago

    1. Anthony

    2. Lake Forest, IL

    3. Studio techniques and lighting for small product commercial photography

  • 1. Matt Fryer

    2. Braunton, Devon, UK.

    3. In 2011 I want to learn how to take a better picture than the one I previously took.

  • 1)Rock

    2)Las Vegas, NV

    3)Better posing techniques with off camera lighting.

  • 1. Alicia

    2. River Falls, WI

    3. Would love how to take great images in Manual and to really learn photoshop!

  • Chris casciano 4 years ago

    1. Chris

    2. Maplewood, NJ

    3. Using lighting in landscape work

  • Adam

    Williams, AZ


  • Dan

    Canton, Michigan

    How to find ways to make money with phtography

  • Rob Laurnoff 4 years ago

    1. Rob

    2. Chestertown, MD

    3. I want to master my OCF along with my Westcott umbrella and Apollo softbox

  • Rod

    Orange, CA, USA

    I would like to learn more about about improving my creative vision in 2011.

  • Andreu 4 years ago

    1. Andreu

    2. West Lafayette, IN

    3. mastering TTL in off-camera flash

  • 1. Tom

    2. Westland, MI

    3. In 2011 I would like to learn more about Photoshop and Premiere.

  • Sandra Kammerer 4 years ago

    1. Sandy

    2. Sanborn, NY

    3. Portraits and lighting

  • Dave Andrulewicz 4 years ago


    Gold River, CA

    off-camera flash and studio lighting

  • 1. Dave

    2. Bartlett, IL

    3. In 2011 I’d like to master controlled lighting

  • 1. Stephan

    2. Cloppenburg, Germany

    3. How to get the most out of my lighting equipment

  • 1. Brian

    2. Milton, ON, Canada

    3. off camera flash

  • Antoine 4 years ago

    1. Antoine

    2. Lyon, FRANCE

    3. Rare lightning setups and creative lightning of background.

  • 1. Paul

    2. Owen Sound, Ontario

    3. Would like to begin to incorporate off-camera flash and studio type lightning into my photography. Mostly just keep moving forward.

  • 1. Pierre

    2. Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada

    3. Hoe to push my creative side with lighting to get out of my comfort zone.

  • 1. Stefaan

    2. Brugge, Belgium

    3. more lighting techniques for commercial

  • Kim Puchalski 4 years ago

    1. Kim

    2. La Crosse, WI

    3. Manipulating light-especially on location~

  • 1. Tim

    2. Woodbridge, NJ

    3. Mixing strobes and small flashes with modifiers

  • 1. Jack

    2. Hudsonville, MI

    3. Off-camera lighting with children

  • Rod

    Santa Ana, CA

    I would like to learn ways to enhance my creative vision.

  • 1. Kevin
    2. Houston, BC, Canada
    3. To refine my technique when using two or more speedlights with modifiers off camera during portraits.

  • 1. Paula

    2. Sultan, WA

    3. food styling for photography

  • 1. Kari

    2. Birmingham, AL

    3. More about using flash, on and off camera.

  • 1. Carolina

    2. Los Angeles, CA

    3. Portrait lighting techniques

  • 1. Nam

    2. Dallas, TX

    3. Creative Lighting and Photoshop

  • 1. Stephanie

    2. Weston, MO

    3. This year I would like to learn off-camera flash better.

  • Beth Rodgers 4 years ago

    1.Beth 2. Milwaukee, Wisconsin 3. Portrait lighting techniques

  • 1. Linda

    2. South Lyon, MI

    3. Studio Lighting Techniques

  • 1. Felicia M.

    2. Okeechobee, Florida

    3. Studio Lighting/ Posing

  • Brian McNamara 4 years ago

    1. Brian

    2. Limerick City, Ireland

    3. In 2011, I would like to learn how to overcome my fears about working with people, including approaching total strangers and asking if I can take a few shots.

  • William Joyner 4 years ago

    1. William

    2. College park, ga

    3. I would like to learn different lighting techniques and uses of lighting equipment.

  • 1. Allan

    2. Forest Grove, OR

    3. Lighting techniques for motor sports

  • Justin 4 years ago

    1. Justin

    2. Fargo, ND

    3. Balancing ambient and strobe light

  • 1. Paul

    2. Dallas, Tx

    3. Using wireless flash to push the envelope on how to make a landscape shoot look even better (yes it would be limited to objects closer to the shooter).

  • 1. Terry

    2. Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

    3. Portraiture, and small strobe set-ups

  • Rick

    Olympia, Wa

    Shooting at night. Presenting photos to galleries.

  • 1. Chris

    2. Portland, OR

    3. Dramatic effects on location with OCF and gels.

  • 1. Perry

    2. Columbus, OH

    3. Better technical pictures (clarity, lighting, techniques)

  • Joe

    St Simons Island, GA

    Feathering light and posing.

  • Laura

    Lake in the Hills, Illinois

    I would like to master on location photography with strobes.

  • 1. Mike

    2. Conway, AR

    3. How to tap into my creative vein and improve my work

  • 1. Mark Dunlap

    2. Hamilton, NJ

    3. As I get into studio work I’d like to gain a better understanding of studio lighting, posing and techniques.

  • 1. Andrey

    2. Riga, Latvia

    3. Some serious interior photography

  • 1. Keith

    2. Topeka, KS

    3. Correct usage of studio strobes.

  • 1. Maryana

    2. Harrison, NJ

    3. Natural light scenarios

  • 1. Mark

    2. Hamilton, NJ

    3. As I get into studio work I’d like to gain a better understanding of studio lighting, posing and techniques.

  • Charlene Burnside 4 years ago

    Because apparently I am an idiot and cannot follow direction :)

    1) Charlene
    2)Richmond Ontario Canada
    3) this year I’d love to learn off camera lighting (and how to follow directions)

  • 1. Chris
    2. Glen Spey, NY
    3. Using different lighting to enhance my photos.

  • darrell

    St. John’s, NL Canada

    i hope to learn more about large format photography in 2011.

  • 1. Pamela Davis

    2. Doniphan, Missouri

    3. Lighting! Main goal! Going to master short lighting!

  • 1. Steve

    2. West Jordan, UT

    3. off camera lighting with light modifiers.

  • Brian Herman 4 years ago

    1. Brian

    2. Pittsburgh, PA

    3. TTL fill shooting outside

  • Dana
    Conover, NC

    Not sure what it is called, but would like to learn more mood and dramatic lighting

  • Elliott 4 years ago

    1- Elliott

    2- Lakewood, New Jersey

    3-Mixing small flash and studio lights

  • Pearl

    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

    In 2011, I want to learn more about off-camera lighting…

  • Melanie Greeke 4 years ago


    Goldsboro North Carolina

    I would love to learn better outdoor lighting techniques.

  • Jim

    Newtown, PA

    Looking to improve my HDR

  • Jackie

    Missoula, MT

    Off-Camera Lighting (just tried it for the first time last week & LOVE!)

  • 1. Andy

    2. Ipswich, UK

    3. How to keep it simple but stunning

  • 1. luanne

    2. lapeer, michigan

    3. i would love to learn how to shoot manually, and trust myself with it.

  • Rachel

    Fishkill, NY

    For 2011 I’d like to learn more about lighting

  • 1. Shaun Bos

    2. Kelowna, BC

    3. Studio Lighting & Photoshop!

  • Roar Engen 4 years ago

    1. Roar

    2. Fetsund, Norway

    3. Using small flashes to light portraits and bigger scenes.

  • 1. Michael

    2. Chicago, IL

    3. Studio lighting setup.

  • 1.Annie

    2.Quebec City, Qc Canada

    3.How to get into wedding photography

  • Tim

    Stoutsville, Ohio


  • Janice

    Columbia, MO

    More Photoshop and working with depth in photos

  • 1. Lars

    2. Gemla, Kronoberg in Sweden

    3. More techniques for creative/advanced lighting setups

  • 1. David

    2. Chevy Chase, MD

    3. Creating meaningful photographs

  • Josh

    Houston, TX

    I want to learn better portrait photography

  • Clayton Straughan 4 years ago


    2.Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

    3.Lighting ratios for multiple light setups

  • 1. Brad

    2. Memphis, TN (Graceland and the best BBQ ever)

    3. How to using lighting outdoors with ambient light to improve portraits.

  • 1.Linda

    2.Altona, MB Canada

    3.Get better at looking for and reading light

  • Beth Mondillo 4 years ago

    1. Beth

    2. Costa Mesa, CA

    3. Shooting in harsh sunlight

  • 1.Rick

    2.Dayton, Ohio

    3. Studio lighting techniques

  • Jaclyn 4 years ago

    Fuquay Varina, NC
    For 2011, I’d like to improve my pp workflow.

  • Alicia

    Kalispell, Montana

    How to create really emotionally compelling images

  • Justin Roth 4 years ago

    Westwood, NJ

    I would like to learn about studio photography.

  • 1. Andre

    2. Berkeley, CA

    3. Lighting, lighting and more lighting!

  • lucrecia 4 years ago

    1. Lucrecia

    2. Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina

    3. Lightning for portraits

  • 1. Sean

    2. New Market, Virginia

    3. Of everything photography, what would you like to learn about in 2011? — Making the most/best out of minimal hardware on a minimal budget.

  • Benjamin

    Hamburg, Germany

    Better model-directing

  • Jacques-Andre Legault
    Brossard, Qc, Canada
    More techniques for fashions lighting setups and advanced lighting setups

  • 1. Martin

    2. Skee, Sweden

    3. More about studio photography with strobes

  • 1. Matt

    2. Brookline, MA

    3. Lighting for location portraits

  • 1. First Name




  • 1. Toril

    2. Huntington, WV

    3. Perfecting post processing

  • 1. Linda

    2. Simi Valley, CA

    3. Lighting basics and choosing the right gear

  • Nikki
    Okotoks Alberta

    I would love to learn more about shooting video this year!

  • 1. Bea

    2. Durham, NC

    3. How to shoot great interior shots

  • 1. Mikko

    2. Tampere, Finland

    3. Lighting ratios

  • Neil balderson 4 years ago

    Neil balderson

    Wellingborough, Northamptonshire uk

    I want to learn to be more like Zak arias! So bring on the westcott 50″

  • Jim Arnold 4 years ago

    1. Jim

    2. Imlay City, MI

    3. I want to learn how to use light (both natural and supplemental) to make my photos better.

  • meir memi pluznik 4 years ago


    2.Ellioctt city,MD

    3.Outdoor lighting.

  • AimeeJ 4 years ago

    1. Aimee

    2. Enterprise, AL

    3. Using lighting setup indoors.

  • 1. Jennifer

    2. Toledo, Ohio

    3. Not sure what it’s called, but the use of studio lights to really sculpt the subject. The finished effect makes them look more like an oil painting instead of the high-key look you get in a lot of magazines.

  • 1. Olof

    2. Skelleftea, Sweden

    3. Portrait lighting setups

  • 1. Frank

    2. LaSalle, Ontario, Canada

    3. In 2011 I would like to learn to utilize more reflectors and flash modifiers into my natural light portraiture.

  • 1. Amanda

    2. Raleigh, NC

    3. More advanced + creative off camera lighting

  • 1. Kortney

    2. Knoxville, TN

    3. I really want to refine my use of indoor lighting and using modifiers. Need to branch out from the umbrellas that have served me faithfully for the past few years.

  • Phil

    Fort Worth, Texas

    I’d like to learn how to light outside portraits well. I’d like to develop an instinct for when exactly to use strobes or flashes and when to just filter, bounce or reflect sunlight.

  • 1. Roger

    2. Vancouver, BC

    3. Which light modifiers work best for my style of photography

  • Roman
    Melrose Park, IL
    I would like to learn how to use tilt-shift lenses.

  • Paul
    Hamilton, VA
    Using fill flash in nature photography.

  • Rob Connell 4 years ago

    1. Rob

    2. Hot Springs, AR

    3. Better use of off- camera flash and continuous lighting for stills

  • 1. jorge

    2. Mexico City, MX

    3. I would love to learn Special FX lighting techniques like for water splashes, and smoke, and light beeams .

  • 1. Thomas

    2. Dudelange, Luxembourg (Europe)

    3. Outdoor off camera flash lightning

  • 1. Ray

    2. Durham, NC

    3. I would like to know more about using off-camera lighting on location (i.e. weddings, location portraiture, etc.)! :)

  • 1. Joseph

    2. Anderson, SC

    3. marketing to new clients!

  • Thomas Mitchell 4 years ago

    1. Thomas

    2. Saginaw, MI

    3. Becoming more comfortable with using flash.

  • Michelle Bolton 4 years ago

    1. Michelle

    2. West End, NC

    3. I would like to learn more about lighting…off camera flash…light modifiers…reflectors…etc.

  • 1. Brandon Jacoby

    2.Simi Valley, CA – U.S.A.

    3. I would like to learn more about off-camera lighting.

  • Mary

    Lakewood, Ohio

    How to use portable green screen

  • 1. Kevin

    2. Pikeville, NC

    3. I would love to learn about off camera portrait lighting

  • Marilyn Parker 4 years ago

    1. Marilyn

    2. Las Vegas, Nevada

    3. I’m ready to buy a new digital camera. I want more than the point-n-shoot. How do I decide which one to get?

  • Francis
    Sydney, NSW (australia)
    Lighting using speedlights

  • Dale

    Simpsonville, KY

    Lighting like George Hurrell

  • Nelson 4 years ago

    1. Nelson

    2. Fall River, MA

    3. Learning how to get the perfect white backdrop

  • 1. Jung

    2. Anaheim, CA

    3. Effective lighting techniques and equipment for event photography

  • 1.Ron Payne

    2.Saint Joseph, Illinois -U.S.A.

    3.I would like to learn more lighting techniques for the Spiderlites TD5’s annowTD6’s. I have strobs but rarely use them after purchasing my Westcott Spiderlites.

  • 1. Paul Kelly

    2. Warwickshire, UK

    3. I’d love to learn more about posing for portraits

  • 1. Katie Fulton

    2. Savannah, GA

    3. I would love to expand my knowledge in off camera lighting, and in particular have fallen in love with the continuous lights you offer. I have seen Tamara Lackey use them, and they give such a wonderful amount of light in an easy to use way. I can rock a natural light session, but would love to expand my knowledge of studio lighting so I can open myself to those sessions as well!

  • Debbi Smirnoff 4 years ago


    Chico, California

    Painting with light photography

  • Gary
    Spanaway, WA

    Want to learn more on off camera flash and commercial shoots

  • 1. Nicole Miles

    2. Salt Lake City, UT

    3. How to improve my lighting techniques

  • 1. Chris

    2. Houston, TX

    3. I’d like to learn more about high-speed sync flash.

  • 1. Michael Lobb

    2. Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

    3. Working with people who are not professional models, learning how to best pose them and when to capture their best features. Learning to interact with them to make amazing portraits that are natural and full of their personality.

  • 1. Kasia

    2. Dayton, Ohio moving back to Las Vegas, Nevada shortly

    3. I really want to conquer lighting for some rockin’ boudoir shooting.

  • 1. Tamara

    2. Laguna Niguel, CA

    3. I’d like to learn more about lighting for boudoir fusion videos

  • 1. Jim Brown

    2. Plainfield, IL

    3. Better multi-light portrait technique

  • 1-Orlando

    2-New York

    3-Portraiture and lighting

  • 1. Benoit Jansen-Reynaud

    2. Victoria, BC Canada

    3. Studio fashion shoots using off camera flash

  • Sara

    Cherryvale, ks

    In 2011, I’d really like to learn to use my speedligt for effectively.

  • Keith Wood 4 years ago


    2-Ridge, MD

    3-Latest Posing & 1 light ideas.

  • 1. Bruce

    2. Long Beach, NY

    3. Using multiple lights and mixing lights with daylight.

  • 1. Mark Heaps

    2. Austin, Texas

    3. Bending and Shaping light.

  • 1. Rexel

    2. Bacolod City, Philippines

    3. To learn more about compositions and shadows created by different light modifiers

  • Daniel 4 years ago

    1. Daniel

    2. Adelaide, South Australia

    3. I would like to learn about using constant light sources on location (i.e. weddings).

  • Yehoshua Sigala

    Efrat, Israel

    I’d like to learn more about posing

  • Stephen Heywood 4 years ago

    Phoenix, AZ
    Using off camera flash

  • 1. Paulina

    2. Petaluma, CA

    3. I’d like to learn how to better manipulate studio lighting.

  • 1. Angela

    2. Geneva, MN

    3. Would like to learn how to incorporate HD video into my sessions.

  • 1. Alex Zhu

    2. Lexington, Kentucky

    3. I’d like to start learning about lighting and creative photography.

  • Miranda G 4 years ago

    1. Miranda

    2. West Sacramento, California

    3. I would love to learn how to simplify my workflow.

  • Andrew Berglund 4 years ago

    1. Andrew

    2. Denver, CO

    3. I’d like to learn to pick appropriate lighting setups to highlight people’s facial features.

  • 1. Mark

    2. O’Fallon, MO

    3. I would like to learn more about working with strobes and light modifiers.

  • 1. Pete

    2. Edgewater, FL

    3. I would like to learn more about using controled lighting on-location.

  • 1. Mitch

    2. Salt Lake City, UT

    3. I would like to get a firm grasp on studio lighting.

  • 1. Victor

    2. London, UK

    3. Lighting exercises with lighting diagrams

  • Brian

    Fort Garland, CO

    Learn all of the ways to control light with my new, Westcott, white, 43″, double-fold umbrella.

  • Andrea 4 years ago

    1. Andrea

    2. Shingletown, CA

    3. Lighting for portraits both in the studio and outdoors

  • Ryan Feeney

    Fairhaven, MA

    I would like to learn more about wireless flash and using multiple strobes.

  • Matthew 4 years ago

    1. Matthew

    2. Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    3. To learn to use my D5000 to it’s fullest potential.

  • Amanda Fields 4 years ago

    1. Amanda

    2. Lima, Ohio

    3. find more creative ways to use lighting.

  • Marissa

    Painesville, Ohio

    I would like to learn more about using strobe techniques for indoor wedding receptions.

  • David Oxborrow 4 years ago


    Normal, Illinois

    In 2011 I’d really like to learn more about using blur to show motion and how I can integrate that with strobes/speedlights.

  • Jessica 4 years ago


    Martinsville, Virginia

    I would like to learn about using mulitiple lights and also making studio lighting mimic natural light when photographing newborns for instance. I’m also always looking for tips about posing.

  • Ty Carlson 4 years ago


    Marietta, Ga

    Studio lighting

  • Michael
    Yuba City, California
    Of everything photography I would like to learn better strobe lighting techniques.

  • 1. Scott

    2. Buffalo, Missouri

    3. Posing for portraits

  • 1. Courtney Gray

    2. Hillsborough, NC

    3. I’d like to learn more about off-camera lighting- and find the perfect shoe to shoot in for weddings. ;)

  • David

    victoria, BC

    Shooting sports better.

  • Darrin Gagnon 4 years ago



    Studio Photography

  • Mike Mitchell
    South Bend, IN
    Like to learn posing

  • Toni

    Connell WA

    On camera flash – I know nothing.

  • 1. Will

    2. Portland, ME

    3. I would like to develop a routine for on-location portraits so I can focus more on the subject, not the camera.

  • Rhonda
    Hanford, CA
    I want to learn better how to get someone to relax & be comfortable in front of the camera so I can capture their inner beauty & tell stories with my imagery.

  • Kevin Walker 4 years ago

    Kevin Walker

    Davenport, Iowa

    I would Ike to learn more about using beauty dishes.

  • 1. John

    2. Crestwood, Kentucky

    3. Posing and directing models.

  • Michael Preston 4 years ago

    1. Mike

    2. Portsmouth, VA

    3. Dramatic lighting techniques

  • Sherri 4 years ago

    1. Sherri

    2. Niceville, Florida

    3. Unique lighting setups for portraits in studio

  • 1. Clint

    2. Eldridge, Iowa

    3. I would like to learn how to use a hand held light meter for more consistent results.

  • Dennis Brickett 4 years ago

    1. Dennis

    2. Richardson, TX

    3. Would love to lean about lighting technigues and posing.

  • celestia 4 years ago

    1. Celestia

    2. Toronto, Canada

    3. Learning more ways to get creative with my lighting.

  • Miguel Martinez 4 years ago

    Miguel Martinez
    Greensboro, NC
    different types of lighting

  • Amanda Wolpink 4 years ago

    1. Amanda

    2. Henderson, NV

    3. Landscape photography.

  • 1.Scott

    2.Cherry Hill, NJ

    3.I would eraly like to learn more about dramatic lighting

  • Jerry Hammond 4 years ago


    Las Vegas, NV.

    Cutting edge commercial food photography

  • 1. Stephen Sullins

    2. Weston Missouri

    3. I’d really like to learn the best lighting setups to accomplish natural appearing light in studio.

  • Patrick O'Gara 4 years ago

    Patrick O’Gara
    Marquette, Michigan
    I would really like to learn how to travel more smoothly with my gear, as well as advanced Photoshop techniques to really put some polish on my images.

  • 1) Joel
    2) Eugene, OR
    3) Business & marketing strategies ;)

  • Michael Lyons 4 years ago

    1. Mike

    2. Aspen CO

    3. Difference in uses between speedlights and monolights in studio lighting and location lighting.

  • Jay Yamasaki 4 years ago

    1. Jay
    2. Cerritos, CA
    3. I’d like to learn more and practice light manipulation. Also, I want to perfect balancing light on different subjects — balancing lights and shadows.

  • Constantinos 4 years ago

    1. Constantinos
    2. Limassol, Cyprus
    3. Take the plunge into off-camera lighting.

  • Richard 4 years ago

    1) Richard
    2) Portland, OR
    3) New ways to incorporate creative bokeh in photographs in subtle but compelling ways.

  • Tanelle 4 years ago

    1. Tanelle
    2. Bella Coola, B.C. Canada
    3. New special effects esp with lighting in ways we havent seen yet

  • 1) Mauricio
    2) Bogota, DC (Colombia / South America)
    3) Lighting for car & motorcycle photography

    *BTW, thanks for having these B.O.W. contests ;)

  • Leon
    Scherpenheuvel, Belgium (Europe)
    which stuff to buy that can be used in many diverent types of photography (portrait, studio, location, product, …..)en how to use it best.

  • 1. Achin
    2. Antibes, Cote D’Azur, France
    3. Combining natural and artificial lights to get better outdoor portraits

  • 1. Goran
    2. Bitola, R.Macedonia (Europe)
    3. Learn After Effects like Andrew Kramer :-)

  • Alieta Santore 4 years ago

    1. Alieta
    2. Staten Island, NY
    3. Improve my skills as a pro photographer in the studio and on location and exploring new techniques and gear.

  • Michael Pollock 4 years ago

    1. Michael

    2. Seven Hills, Ohio

    3. Speedlites and food photography

  • Daniel
    Tucson, AZ
    Multiple flashes

  • Pavel Tarakanov 4 years ago

    1. Pavel
    2. Moscow, Russia
    3. Studio portrait photography

  • Martins 4 years ago

    2.Roja, Latvia
    3.How to simulate natural looking light with studio lights

  • Julie
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    Minimalistic lighting setups

  • Chris

    Canton, Ga

    More about getting better outdoor photos using off camera flash.

  • Akron, Ohio

    Better exposures/contrast in bad lighting situations.

  • 1. Mark

    2. Blacklick, OH

    3. How to better control light with off camera flash

  • Cresta

    Herriman, Utah

    How to utilize my Speedlite when I’m not in the studio.

  • 1. Ken

    2. Boston, MA

    3. mixing photos and video for multimedia experiences

  • Bill

    Lebanon, PA

    How to best use fill flash on outdoor photography

  • Aaron
    Crown Point, Indiana

    I’d love to learn more about utilizing off-camera flash lighting for weddings.

  • James

    Toronto, Canada

    I want to level up my competence with my two modifiers so that I can not have them in my mind when shooting.

  • First Name:

    Sara Schenkel

    City, State:

    Evans, CO

    Of everything photography, what would you like to learn about in 2011?

    Of everything photography, I would like to learn more about working with water. Water is one of those elements that will ruin your equipment, highly dangerous with electricity, considerably hard for the model to pose in and yet, getting that “One Image” can make or break your entire experience with the shoot. I want to learn and perfect the water fashion editorial shots.

  • Martin
    York, UK

    I want to learn freelensing.

  • 1. Michelle

    2. House Springs, MO

    3. I would like to learn more about business management. How to run a business smoothly and successfully.

  • michele peterson 4 years ago

    1. Michele Peterson

    2. Rowley, ma

    3. To be more creative in using light!

  • Barry Kriegshauser 4 years ago

    Marina del rey, ca

    I’d like to learn how to take amazing sunset, landscape photography since I live close to the beach!

  • Brent

    Cold Spring Harbor, NY

    How to actually get my freelance business going, and to put some money back into my bank account.

  • Jeni

    Owens cross roads, AL

    I would love to learn more dramatic lighting!

  • Kimberly

    Elizabeth, CO

    Using multiple strobes and speedlites

  • Terri Q 4 years ago

    1. Terri

    2. Yukon, OK

    3. How to use posing and lighting to get the “wow” factor.

  • Eric

    Indianapolis, Indiana

    My first photographic lesson for 2011 is to master HDR photography.

  • Kurt Faris 4 years ago

    Minto, Ontario, Canada

    I have spent 2010 getting proficient with strobes. In 2011 I would like to learn more about continuous lighting as I expect my next camera to have video capabilities.

    I love my D700, but there are times when sound and motion would be nice.

  • Alvin

    Commerce, CA.

    Aside from albums and canvases, I would like to know how to increase the amount of sales per event.

  • Patrick Mckeown

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Spend time learning manual mode in my camera and off camera flash. :)

  • Gerard

    Mijdrecht, Netherlands

    Ik would like to learn even more creative lighting.

  • Josh W 4 years ago

    1. Josh W.

    2. Rockford, TN

    3. Off camera flash.

  • Michael

    Mesa, AZ

    I will learn effective speedlite techniques.

  • Max Kaar 4 years ago


    Vantaa, Finland

    Business. Reaching out to and converting potential customers. Putting money in the bank. :)

  • Ted
    Grand Rapids, MN
    Large Group Lighting

  • Vanessa from Biggar, SK Canada

    I’d love to learn the most space efficient way to set up a studio while still giving myself and my clients a lot of options!

  • Jill

    Mill Creek, WA

    I still have a lot to learn about off camera flash and strobes.

  • Stefan

    Munich, Germany

    I’d like to learn to use off-camera lighting (Strobist and Studio) in order to achieve high quality portraits of interesting people.

  • Tim

    Phoenix Arizona

    I still want to learn more about photoshop CS5

  • Ricardo Rodriguez 4 years ago


    Fair Lawn, NJ

    Lighting for architectural photography….

  • David

    Williamsport, PA

    I’d like to learn more about off camera flash/lighting for outdoor portraits

  • Stephen

    St. Augustine, FLorida

    I would love to learn more creative lighting techniques.

  • Chao Zhang 4 years ago

    Chao Zhang

    Chicago, IL

    For 2011, I would like to learn how to market myself better as a photographer. Also learn how to be super comfortable with street photography and approaching strangers.

  • Giselle Pemberton 4 years ago


    Brooklyn, NY

    Of all things, I would like to learn how to better see, understand and control lighting, whether its with strobes or on/off camera flashes.

  • Alex

    Scottsburg, IN

    I really want to learn the finer points of posing!

  • Melissa Abbey 4 years ago


    St. Johns, FL

    lighting and modifiers

  • Chris Wooton 4 years ago

    Bloomington, IN
    I would like to have a better grasp of how to quickly light a subject. I need to internalize the process to be more flexible.

  • Jayesunn
    Portland, Oregon

  • Adam Gabbard 4 years ago


    Cincinnati, OH

    high speed flash sync

  • Ed Reed 4 years ago


    Bellevue, WA

    To use off-camera flash to take studio portraits.

  • Jay

    Nebraska, Omaha

    Studio lighting with Flash

  • 1. Ross

    2. Christchurch, Dorset, UK

    3. This year I’m going to push myself to learn how to network and market myself better

  • Larry Pilon 4 years ago


    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Posing techniques with diffrent types of lighting.

  • Kathryn

    Seattle, WA

    I would like to learn more about on location lighting techniques :)

  • David M. Randall 4 years ago


    Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Working hard to learn how to effectively use high speed sync flash.

  • Charity

    Lihue, Hawaii

    this year I have two goal, dramatic lighting and creative lenses! Time to step out of the box!!!

  • Carissa

    Cool, CA

    Studio Lighting

  • Rod

    Fredericton, New Brunswick

    Learn better In studio lighting technique

  • Corina

    San Diego , California

    I want to be able to learn how to use lighting in all aspects better having been a natural light only photographer for many years I am starting to explore the different possibilities of lighting and by trial and error am sharing it with our community groups here. I am held back by lack of equipment and funds but I would love the opportunity to share whatever I learn with others so that they can learn right along side of me ( I want to learn and share community )

  • Niccolo Paderna 4 years ago

    Nicco Paderna

    San Francisco, California

    i would like to learn how to photograph and not need to do any post processing. and to do off camera flash at the same time.

  • Vincent

    New Canaan, Connecticut

    How to better size up a lighting situation to know if the flash you are using should be fill or primary and how to get different effects in each instance.

  • Steven 4 years ago


    New Providence, NJ

    Multi flash environmental portraits.

  • Bob

    Laramie, Wyoming

    I’ve owned several flashes, but never really learned to use them on- or off-camera. I’d love to learn light modification ( is that even the right term?) this year.

  • Daniel

    Seattle, Wa

    more clearly defined personal vision and style

  • Jennifer

    Brier, WA

    I would love to learn how to use my Canon Speed Light.

  • Dissonance 4 years ago


    Garden Grove, CA

    Posing subjects and working on composition skills in general

  • Hi! Kayce from New Orleans, LA. The current bane of my existence is getting rid of (or preventing, rather) odd color cast in the shadows for location sessions. Aaack!!! :)

  • Charles

    Seattle, Washington

    I would like to learn more about Nikon’s creative lighting system (cls)

  • John


    I would like to learn all the ins and outs of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

  • Jim

    Cottage Grove, MN

    Would love to learn about using off camera flash!

  • Vanelli
    Melbourne, FL
    Dramatic style lighting.

  • Matthew Tiegs
    Hamilton, Ontario

    This year my goal is to learn lighting for pet photography

  • Francis Zera 4 years ago

    Seattle, WA
    I’m working to improve my HD-DSLR video skills, including proper location audio and cinema lighting.

  • Mike House 4 years ago


    MT.Vernon, IL.

    Learn more about off camera flash and light modifiers.

  • Wayne

    Kalispell, montana

    I want to learn some new and creative use of reflectors.

  • Eric

    South Lyon MI

    tips in different fields of photography to increase my portfolio

  • Dave

    Seattle, WA

    Constant lights!

  • Jenn
    Pittsburgh, PA
    I would like to learn more about light: natural, speedlites, reflectors, and other modifiers.

  • Jesse

    Bend, OR

    I think 2011 would be a great year for me to really learn color management – calibration and proper colorspace and proofing so that I don’t get surprised when print orders arrive.

  • Lisa

    Saint Louis, Missouri

    I’m all about learning lighting, off camera, strobes, one light I’m ready!

  • Raquel

    St. Louis, MO

    I would like to learn more about off camera lighting this year.

  • Scott
    Richland, WA
    Blending ambient light and strobes more effectively

  • 1. Erik
    2. Royal Oak, MI
    3. To utilize standard lighting modifiers in more creative ways.

  • George 4 years ago

    Atlanta, Georgia
    Lighting for video

  • 1. Heather

    2. Kent, Wa

    3. I would love to learn more about the Gary Fong accesories available and how to use them.

  • Teri

    Sutherlin, Oregon

    I want to learn more about off camera flash and constant lights.

  • Lindsay
    Richland, WA
    The think I would most like to learn photography wise for 2011 is LIGHTING!

  • Katie Hague 4 years ago

    Katie Hague

    Melbourne, VIC, Australia

    I would love to learn the techniques of a professional newborn photographer to pose the newborns so beautifully!

  • Arnold

    Indialantic, Florida

    I would like to learn more about creative ways of capturing close-up of flowers and butterflies.

  • Dirk

    Steinen, Germany

    Sports photography, specifically swimming (there don’t seem to be many recipies out there)

  • Bill Pierson 4 years ago

    Bill Pierson

    Spring Hill, FL

    I’d like to learn how to stop getting so nervous / anxious before a shoot.

  • 1.Mark

    2.Marysville, WA

    3.Studio lighting

  • Matt

    Milwaukee, WI

    I’m going to learn more about composition.

  • cassie 4 years ago


    jackson, tn

    i would love to learn something that would give me an edge over other photographers in my area.

  • Jeff Tamagini

    Boston, MA

    I want to learn how to control my off camera light in an outdoor environment better

  • Tracy

    Billings, Montana

    I would love to learn more about off camera flash! Just took Bob & Dawn Davis’ workshop… so I have a great start!

  • Corey

    Seattle, WA

    I am going to learn to create more composite fine art images that very emotional.

  • Jove

    Corona, CA

    Off camera flash

  • Leslie
    Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada
    I really want to learn the most about off camera flash and studio lighting as I am normally a natural light shooter and want to get out of my comfort zone! xoxo

  • 1. Christine

    2. Omaha, NE, USA

    3. I want to learn how to create drama and shadows with off camera light.

  • Raven

    Louisville, Kentucky

    I would love to learn more about lighting and how to use it in dynamic ways to take my images to the next level.

  • Ashley
    Atlanta, GA
    I would love to learn/hone the skill to use my intuition to capture those special, emotional moments as they happen. Let’s go 2011! :-)

  • Marty

    Carmel, CA

    I would like to learn more about architectural lighting.

  • 1- Gabriel

    2- Las Piedras, Puerto Rico

    3- Food photography and lighting

  • Juan

    Miami, FL

    I would like to learn off camera lighting on location!

  • Brad

    Wenatchee, Wa

    I would like to learn more about posing and lighting.

  • reece

    mount shasta, ca

    working to incorporate off-camera lighting into our wedding photography using video lights and flashes for more of a fashion/model look.

  • Charles 4 years ago


    North Olmsted, Ohio

    I would like to learn portrait photography.

  • Matt
    Seattle, WA
    I am interested in learning more about lighting.

  • Jason

    Woodinville, WA

    I’d like to learn about shooting with chroma key backgrounds

  • Aric

    Olympia, WA

    Learn how to improve on my reception lighting and shooting details of weddings.

  • Matt


    I am interested in learning more about lighting.

  • Steve O'Hara 4 years ago

    Norwalk, CT
    How to control light better in tight spaces.

  • John

    Seattle, WA

    interacting with and posing my subjects

  • Shawn

    El Paso, Texas

    Proper balance with multiple light sources.

  • Belkis 4 years ago


    Yonkers, NY

    The goal is to learn lighting using multiple speedlights.

  • David

    Los Angeles, CA

    I would like to learn how to take my bird photography to the next level.

  • DeAwna

    Chicago, Illinois

    This year I want to learn lighting techniques for boudoir and fashion photography.

  • Daniel

    Riverside, CA

    I would love to learn about soft Boxes. What the different sizes do. Fall off from the center to the edge. How does changing where the subject sits affect the image. Also if there is an inside modifier to some of the boxes how does this affect the light?

  • Aneta

    Anaheim, CA

    Softbox lighting techniques for fashion and glamour photography.

  • Dylan

    Seoul, South Korea

    My goal this year is to learn to work with light and composition more conceptually.

  • Gerry

    New York, NY

    I would like to learn more about flash photography.

  • 1. Benny

    2. Singapore, Singapore

    3. Astro-photography!!! x)

  • Dean

    Ojai, CA

    I’d like to learn more about shooting angles and perspective.

  • Shawn H 4 years ago

    1. Shawn H

    2. Quincy, Wa

    3. Lighting techniques with my old Norman strobes

  • Chris

    Fort Wayne, IN

    My goal for the year is to learn how to use creative lighting and posing techniques to make the average person off the street look stunning.

  • Ivan Ortiz 4 years ago


    Mexico City, Mexico

    Definitely would like to learn long-exposure photography..

  • curtis Fong 4 years ago

    Curtis Fong

    Calgary Alberta

    I would like to Learn some new portrait techniques, specifically with speedlights and their modifiers.

  • Leann- Huntington Beach, CA. I would love to learn more about off camera lighting: )

  • 1. Andres

    2. Chicago,I’ll

    3. Using Nikon speedlite with four square (4 or 8 speedlite configuration)

  • Chelsea.
    Calgary, Alberta
    I’d like to learn more about off camera flash/lighting

  • Vithiavuth Tin 4 years ago

    Costa Mesa, CA
    I want to be able to light anything anywhere

  • Jason

    Yuba City, CA

    How to pose people for portraits

  • Vithiavuth Tin 4 years ago

    Costa Mesa, CA
    I want to learn how to light anything, anywhere

  • Dave: Salt Lake City, UT 4 years ago

    Salt Lake City, UT
    I would like to know how much light gets transmitted through and how much bounces back with a translucent (shoot-through) umbrella.

  • Waytao

    Austin, TX

    I want to learn to control and modify my lights to enhance and give my images more emotions and feeling.

  • Josh

    Manchester, UK

    Learn how to light super long exposures with speedlites!

  • Lee henderson 4 years ago

    Medium format. I’ll take some of that.

  • Alex

    Danbury, CT

    I want to master the use and modification of just ONE light

  • Brent Workmnan 4 years ago

    Kingston, Ontario, CAN
    Posing for portraiture

  • Jim

    Phoenix, Arizona

    Lighting in many situations

  • Ed

    Toledo, Ohio (home of FJ Westcott)

    Off camera flash portrait photography

  • Beatrice

    Detroit, MI

    I want to learn how to light food so that it looks scrumptious!

  • John Nieminen 4 years ago


    Toronto, ON Canada

    I want to learn how to use lighting and shadows in and out of the studio

  • Mike
    Raleigh, NC
    Posing fundamentals and techniques.

  • Julie

    Seattle, WA

    I want to be able to master on and off-camera flash.

  • Jeff

    Oak Forest, IL

    I want to learn more creative ways of modifying light.

  • Pete

    Reno, NV

    Nailing down awesome lighting with minimal equipment.

  • Richard 4 years ago


    Upland, CA

    I want to learn how to light anywhere

  • Flerida 4 years ago

    South gate, ca
    To learn more of camera lighting!

  • Zoë

    Toronto, ON, Canada

    When to choose which lighting modifier in terms of quality of light, etc.

  • Jason

    Ballarat, Australia

    I want to learn more about portrait lighting using only speedlites.

  • Michael 4 years ago

    Toronto, Ontario
    Lighting, lighting and more lighting.

  • Kern
    I would like to learn more about Babies,Kids and Teens photography

  • April

    Las Vegas, NV

    I would like to learn everything about lighting… it is my main weak point right now.

  • PHILIP MARTINI 4 years ago

    Need 2 learn everything I’m a beginer

  • Shandi Scrivner 4 years ago


    Hughson, CA

    Lighting, Lighting, Lighting!!!!

  • - Ben
    – Leicester, Leicestershire, UK
    – In 2011 I’d like to learn more about using studio strobes and their modifiers.

  • Rob
    Leicester, England.
    Portraiture & lighting. From instructing a subject to shooting natural light with diffusers and illuminators.

  • Michael 4 years ago


    Salem, OR

    I would like to learn about getting permission for location shoots, how do you know who to contact on properties, how do you contact them etc

  • Alvaro 4 years ago

    1. Alvaro

    2. Lima, Peru

    3. I would like to experiment more mixing strobe with ambient light and using different modifiers to achieve the look I’m after. And also learn more about the business side of photography.

  • April

    Frisco, Texas

    I would like to really learn better off camera lighting that’s quick and easy to set up on the go.

  • Matt

    Nashville, TN

    I want a better workflow from CF card to client.

  • Robin

    Lake Stevens, WA

    I would like to learn more on using small flash both for indoor settings and in natural light.

  • 1. Laura Anderson

    2. Parker, Colorado

    3. I want to learn to master my camera in manual so I am able to focus on the subject vs. being consumed w the technical aspects of my camera while shooting.

  • Michael 4 years ago


    Arlington Heights, IL

    I’d like to learn more about how to use fill flash to compliment other lighting situations.

  • name: Brittani
    city, state: Sylvania, Oh
    what i’d like to learn: how to tell a story and have it flow through my photos.

  • Kristin 4 years ago


    Omaha nebraska

    I am really wanting to learn more off camera lighting and flash Wppi was a great start

  • Diana H 4 years ago

    Diana H

    Calgary, AB, Canada

    My goal is to learn how to take food photography.

  • Randy

    Lafayette, Oregon

    Getting the glow and skin softening of glamour photography.

  • Richard

    Kaiapoi, New Zealand

    This year I want to learn about small strobes.

  • Chrashawn Jackson 4 years ago


    Rancho Cucamonga, Ca

    I would love to learn about lighting for portraits, babies, and groups.

  • Justin Novak 4 years ago


    San Diego, CA

    I’m looking forward to learning how to be creative with my 28″ & 50″ Apollo soft boxes!

  • Stanislaus

    Lagos, Nigeria

    This year, I want to really learn studio photography

  • 1. Beverlee

    2. Annapolis,Maryland

    3. Would like to go to the next level and have fun working with different lighting techniques! To be able to walk into any situation and know the right lighting setting and nail it!

  • 1. Matt Klopot
    2. Toronto, Canada
    3. I want to learn lighting in a studio environment

  • 1. Ryan

    2. Santa Ana, Ca

    3. I would like to learn to better utilize filters in landscape photography.

  • David

    San Juan, PR

    Better light control.

  • Joshua 4 years ago


    Firestone, CO

    Building a studio.

  • Gem Fadling 4 years ago

    Mission Viejo, CA
    Off camera flash

  • Michael

    Oviedo, FL

    Product & still life lighting.

  • Erik

    Tucson, Arizona

    Learning proper lighting

  • Erik

    Tucson, Arizona

    I want to learn how to do proper lighting.

  • Leamington Spa, UK

    better lighting control using speedlights.

  • Mark Acton

    Leamington Spa, UK

    better lighting control using speedlights.

  • Andreea


    I would like to experiment tilt-shift and infrared photography.

  • Vanessa Laurnoff 4 years ago

    1. Vanessa

    2. Chestertown, MD

    3. Composition and a better B&W post processing tecnique

  • Chris

    Roebling, NJ

    I want to learn how to market my business better to attract more clients. Word of mouth is slow…

  • Tiffany Kelly 4 years ago


    Massillon, Ohio

    I would like to learn how to properly balance ambient light with flash to create the type of cinematic images I love.

  • 1. Jennifer
    2. Austin, TX
    3. Lightroom 3!!!!

  • 1. Cory

    2. Indianapolis, IN

    3. I really want to master off camera lighting this year.

  • 1. Pavithra

    2. San Diego

    3. I would really like to better understand off camera lighting and how it can affect the darks and lights at each angle. Thanks :]

  • Nithin 4 years ago

    1. Nithin

    2. South Weymouth, MA

    3. Gimp

  • 1. Gary

    2. Colchester, VT

    3. Lighting; when to use what–flash, strobe, constant

  • Sandi
    Richland, WA, USA
    Stronger skills using Manual mode & painting w/ natural light.

  • 1. Sarah

    2. Winnipeg, MB, Canada

    3. I want to learn how to comppose better shots in low-light settings

  • 1. Elizabeth

    2. Nashville, TN

    3. I want to learn to use strobe lighting more accurately and consistently.

  • 1. Jea Lee

    2. Philadelphia PA USA

    3. would like to learn how to properly use strobes/speedlights for outdoor shoots with softboxes/umbrellas.

  • 1. Brent

    2. Aiken, SC

    3. What’s the latest on continuous (read LED) lighting and how much longer will i be buying strobes?

  • Andrea 4 years ago

    1. Andrea
    2. Toronto, Ontario
    3. Want to learn how to use my flash effectively at indoor and night events.

  • J Johnson 4 years ago


    Kyle, Tx

    I would like to learn how to light macro shots so they’re more consistent.

  • 1. Michael

    2. Fairfax, VA

    3. I would like to master compositing images in photoshop.

  • Antonio Rosario 4 years ago

    1- Antonio

    2- Brooklyn, NY

    3- Strobe lighting on location

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