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‘Tis the holiday season and Westcott has again provided some amazing opportunities to our social media followers in our recent ‘Fun-Day Monday BOW Contest’. Since it is the season, we decided to give away a TON of Westcott gear to some lucky winners! This time around, we chose more winners than ever before! We are excited to announce our international winners of our biggest BOW Contest yet! Thank you to everyone who submitted in the contest. Be sure to stay tuned in for any future contests that we may be holding in the not-so-distant-future!

*HINT: There will be a ‘New Year’ BOW Coming soon!

Our Winners

Again, CONGRATS to our winners! All winners were selected at random throughout our office. Please note: All winners have been contacted prior to the announcement about being a winner.

Charles B – San Francisco, CA

I am very appreciative to Westcott for holding this contest.  I have been using home-made reflectors and natural lighting for inside work, so this will help experience what it is like to have the right tools!

Corey C – Mesa, AZ

I’m surprised and honored to be the Fun-day Monday Bow winner!  I hardly ever win anything!

Dave F – Brampton, ON

David P – Carol Stream, IL

More gear to shoot my kids and annoy my wife with!

Holly A – Maylene, AL

I’m very excited about winning the BOW contest!  Westcott makes wonderful products and I can’t wait to see what is wrapped up in the BOW.

Jana S – Birmingham, AL

I am so excited! I can’t wait to try out your products. Thank you!!

Jef H – Brookings, OR

I entered the BOW contest thinking I would never win. How surprised was I to open my email this morning and find out that I had won. Thanks Westcott for the holiday surprise, you rock!

Jennifer M – Bradenton, FL

WOW!!!! I can’t belive I won!!!! So exciting – I can’t wait to try out my BOW Prize!!! yeah yeah yeah!!!

John P – Seabrook, TX

Are you kidding me?  What an awesome Christmas gift!  Seriously, this has been a tough year for my family.  After a layoff and a tough job market, I was forced to go pro a little earlier than anticipated and this gear will be well used and very much appreciated.  I love the Westcott gear I already own and this will be a welcome addition.  Thanks Westcott!

Kevin V – Beaverton, OR

Mark V – Suffolk, VA

I can’t wait to see what my Westcott surprise bag contains. I’ve always admired how they deliver top of line quality at affordable prices and I’m sure I will enjoy whatever I get a long time.

Mike T – Weaverville, NC

What a great Christmas present! Of course, I don’t yet know what’s in the “bag,” but I know that, whatever it is, since it’s from Westcott it’ll help make me a better photographer.

Philip A.

This is very cool as I have never won anything before.

Rob B – Huntsville, AL

It is an honor to have my name mentioned by Westcott.  I am in awe of all of their products, and constantly search the Westcott catalog and website for the next product I need to help create my next great photograph.

Stefan G – Helsinki, Finland

Susan J – Dayton, TN

Thomas Z – Sinzig, Germany

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