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We recently held a BOW Contest that was truly unlike any others in the past – why? Because we actually told you what our 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners would be receiving. Well, the winners have been contacted and we are excited to share with you the winners!

1st Place Winner: 50″ & 28" Apollo + Educational DVDs

Lynette Kent

Huntington Beach, CA

2nd Place Winner: 28" Apollo + Educational DVDs

Mary Beth Mahaney

Farmington, NY

3rd Place Winner: 28" Apollo

Roy Balsley

Austintown, OH

What did our winners think about winning?

What a great treat! I had just started building my lighting equipment collection last January – and yes, I had really started putting together Westcott products! I had purchased a couple of Mini Apollos and a number of stands, but had not gotten the larger modifiers yet! These new pieces will be perfect for adding great soft and controllable light…and the educational DVDs will give me more ideas! Thank you Westcott! – Lynette

I am excited to try out Westcott gear.  They are the best in their field! – Mary Beth

I can’t believe I’m a winner! Westcott makes the best lighting equipment and accessories, and I can’t thank you enough for having this contest! – Roy

How did our winners answer “If you could select any photographer to teach a hands-on seminar, who would it be?”

Lynette chose George DeLoache

I have seen George DeLoache’s work both in the Westcott catalog and on his website, and I have watched him teach a lighting session. He truly is a master at sculpting light to fit the subject, and takes the time to explain what he is doing and why, that is, he teaches what he does as he is doing it, and without talking down to his students!

Mary Beth chose Zach & Jody Gray – Gray Photography

I chose Gray Photography because they are so open and willing to share information and make people comfortable.  Plus they have fantastic personalities and know how to make it fun in front of the camera.

Roy chose Rick Sammon

I just love Rick Sammon’s techniques and photography. He seems very down-to-earth and has a special love of the craft that always comes out in his pictures. I have always admired his work!

Interested in finding out more about our winners?

Each of our winners are active on the web! Be sure to visit them at:

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