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Congratulations to Dustin from Kentucky! He is our lucky winner of the FREE Spiderlite TD5 Kit!

Style: 4892 Medium Daylight Kit Plus

Style: 4892 Medium Daylight Kit Plus

Westcott: Did you expect to win?

Dustin: Of course not!  Nobody ever expects to win cool contests like this one!

Westcott: Have you ever heard of Westcott prior to this competition?

Dustin: I have heard of Westcott prior to this competition.  You can’t pick up photography related magazines or head into a photography store without seeing Westcott.

Westcott: Where did you hear about this competition?

Dustin: I heard about this competition from the cool guys of Photoshop TV.

Westcott: Do you own any other Westcott products?

Dustin: I own a Westcott PhotoBasics kit.  I was in the market for some lights for a business startup, and instead of being patient and ordering lights online, I went to my local photography store, and the PhotoBasics kit was all they had.

Westcott: What type of photographer are you? Amateur? Professional?

Dustin: I am an amateur photographer, who enjoys taking travel and family pictures.

Westcott: When did you become interested in photography? How long have you been taking photos?

Dustin: I’ve been taking pictures since I knew how to hold a camera.  My father had a Canon AE-1 (which I stole from him, and currently use as my film camera), and he taught me the basics of using it.

Westcott: What do you plan on doing with your FREE Westcott products?

Dustin: I’m hoping to start up a portrait photography studio in my town.  We’ve got quite a large number of families with small children around us, and it seems like great opportunity to use my skills.  This kit will surely be a great tool in that!  Thanks for this awesome contest!

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  • Congratulations! I love that the set went to someone who wants to put them to use as he starts his business. He had great answers to the questions. I work with kids everyday, and I am glad these will be used to help families make memories with their children.