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BOWAre you ready to win a BOW?

Well first, you may be asking yourself, what is a BOW? A BOW is a Bag Of Westcott!!

Every random once-in-a-while we will offer a BOW out through Facebook & Twitter. This contest is all about randomness! We will start the contest on a random day, with random items to win! Some items could be very small, strange, or funny, but then other items could be big such as Westcott product!

BUT do remember – this contest is all about RANDOMNESS!

So as I announce the First EVER BOW – please enjoy, play along, and enjoy Westcott!

BOW Contest #1:

Below in the comment area – please enter only the following:

  1. First Name
  2. State
  3. What you would do with a million dollars?


When doest the contest end?

Friday, May 14, 2010 at 10:00am ET.

How will winners be chosen?

For this contest – winners will be randomly chosen. There will be more than 1 winner but less than 20.

When will the winners be announced?

Friday, May 14, 2010 at 3:00pm ET.

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  • 1) William

    2) Washington

    3) Charity, Debt, Camera/Lighting Equipment to grow with for sports, and small photo vacation with family :)

  • Chris Noronha 4 years ago

    1. Chris Noronha

    2. Ontario, Canada

    3. Buy alot of FJWESTCOTT gear?

  • Keith Koegler 4 years ago

    1. Keith

    2. Ohio

    3. Buy lots of photo equipment, after the wife gets to it.

  • 1. Jessica H

    2. Minnesota

    3. Travel, debt, fun photo stuff!

  • 1. Roman.

    2. Illinois.

    3.I will move to the mountains!

  • 1. Larry

    2. Nevada

    3. Bet it on red at the roulette table…

  • 1. Rick

    2. New York

    3. Pay off debt, save for children’s college, build a personal photo studio

  • 1. Michelle

    2. California

    3. Pay off student loans, put money away for my kids’ education, then see what’s left over, take the lump-sum payment and take time off from my non-creative day-job to enjoy my family (and photography).

  • 1. Steve

    2. AR

    3. Pay off parents debt, new gear, charity, travel

  • 1. Olivier Lance

    2. Country: France

    3. I’d place the money, buy and rent a flat to have some incoming money each and every month, and use this to travel and take pictures. And buy some studio stuff too, when I’m not travelling :)

  • Phil Gastwirth 4 years ago

    1) Phil

    2) Pennsylvania

    3) Canon 5d MK2 and ever single L lens. Strobist equipment. Lots of flashes. Then a nice house with area for a studio and home theater room.

  • kellee enneman 4 years ago

    1. Kellee

    2. Nevada

    3. Travel and Pay Bills

  • 1.Jennifer


    3.Buy my mom a house,debt,Get all my photography gear and lighting equipment I need and take a much needed vacation,give back to community.

  • 1. Rob

    2. New York

    3. Pay off my mortgage and save the rest for my son’s education.

  • 1) Likah

    2) Colorado

    3) Open my Fine Art Gallery in downtown Denver.

  • Tony S. 4 years ago

    1. Tony

    2. Ohio

    3. Travel Photography

  • Harold 4 years ago

    1) Harold

    2) Oregon

    3) Pay off debts and get back into photography full time!

  • 1. Scott Russell

    2. Florida

    3. Pay off my family and mom and dad’s debt and hopefully invest well enough for my wife and I to quit our day jobs and do photography full time. It would be nice to do photography full time and have dedicated time to a charity of interest.

    If that don’t work… I’ll take one of each Westcott Products!! :)

  • 1. Tyler

    2. Indiana

    3. Dig myself out of debt, invest in pro gear, donate rest to the arts.

  • Fernando 4 years ago

    1) Fernando

    2) Virginia

    3)Give to NILMDTS ( no I lay me down to sleep),debts of loved ones, college savings for daughter, fly my father to Argentina to see his brother that he has not seen in 15 years.

  • 1. Sid

    2. New Hampshire

    3. A million bucks? First I’d pay off college debt. Then I’d give my girlfriend of 10 years the wedding she’s always dreamed about. Then I’d refit my photography business with new branding/marketing materials. Lastly, I’d purchase a home with a large barn studio in the back and continue to enjoy my profession in photography.

    Oh, and I’d travel. A lot!

  • 1.) Matt

    2.) Upstate NY

    3.) Travel with an emphasis on not traveling like a millionaire. Backpacking, hostels, trains, bicycling…

  • 1. Brian

    2. Florida

    3. Buy house and studio space, pay debt, invest

  • 1. Sage

    2. California

    3. I’d invest it in Westcott stock (if they’d let me). You guys are soaring!

  • 1. Kevin Liu

    2. CA

    3. If I had a million dollars, I’d pay off grad school, buy a beautiful ring and propose to my girlfriend, buy a modest house in a suburb, and save save save!

  • 1. Janet

    2. Ohio

    3. Buy Westcott Products of course!

  • 1) Josh

    2) California

    3) Pay off stupid graduate loans that are currently crushing my soul. Get a sweet apartment in manhattan for a year and take jay maisel’s workshop like 6 times! Donate to

  • 1. Marcus

    2. Georgia

    3. Buy a house in Fiji.

  • 1. Brooke

    2. Texas

    3. Pay off all debt, set money aside for kids college, build a rockin studio filled with fabulous Wescott products, donate to a couple of great charities and church.

  • 1. Chuck

    2. Arizona

    3. Invest, invest, invest… and buy more photo gear. ;)

  • 1. Jason

    2. Washington

    3. Pay off my wife’s student loans, invest so neither of us have to work a regular job and we can just enjoy life and my photography business at our own pace.

  • 1. Darcie

    2. Minnesota

    3. Pay off my student loans! Then invest the rest in some new lighting and photo gear and a killer studio space.

  • 1. Josh

    2. Rhode Island

    3. Pay off current house, buy a vacation house, invest, charity, and photo gear :)

  • Jessica 4 years ago

    1. Jessica

    2. Connecticut

    3. Pay off our debt, buy all the photo equipment and lighting I want and send my hubby back to school!

  • 1. Marty

    2. California

    3. Use it to set up educational funds for my grandchildren.

  • Richard Martin 4 years ago

    1. Richard

    2. Indiana

    3. Take my wife on the honeymoon she never got, pay off house, start my own business

  • Charles 4 years ago

    1. Charles

    2. NY

    3. Invest and Pay off my Mortgage

  • 1. Kayla

    2. Utah

    3. payoff house, add to kids’ college funds and definitely upgrade my camera and lighting equipment.

  • 1. Alan

    2. Florida

    3. Pay bills, finish fixing hurricane damage around the house, rebuild my studio, help family and friends, help the community.

  • 1. Amber

    2. OH

    3. Pay off my own and parents debt, and then TRAVEL, TRAVEL, TRAVEL!!!

  • 1. Michael

    2. California

    3. I have to ask my wife.

  • 1) steph

    2) california

    3)i’d do so much fun stuff with a million dollars, most of it practical – i’d go back to school for my masters, pack up the family and move to savannah georgia, pay off bills, invest, buy some solid gold underwear.

    i didn’t say all of it would be practical.

  • 1. Amy

    2. Georgia

    3. Pay off pending debt and invent on new equipment for my photography business!

  • 1. Joao

    2. Connecticut

    3. I would create a non-profit for the arts to help

    underprivileged kids and support emerging artists in general .

  • Lindsay 4 years ago

    1. Lindsay

    2.North Carolina

    3. pay off my mortgage and my parents mortgage and travel with what’s leftover.

  • Holly Thomas 4 years ago

    1) Holly

    2) Ontario, Canada

    3) Pay off my parent’s mortgage and set up a bad-ass commercial studio

  • Scott Tidlund 4 years ago

    1. Scott

    2. Massachusetts

    3. Pay bills, set-up my kids so they don’t have to be a slave to the clock, buy the right photo equipment to enjoy my hobby for the rest of my life!

  • Andrew Kufahl 4 years ago

    1. Andrew

    2. Wisconsin

    3. Pay all debts, donate to church, shopping spree, vacation, majority into savings, the remainder would be invested.

  • 1. Elias

    2. Massachusetts

    3. I would a be philanthropist, open up computer labs, give grants away, whatever a million dollars can be spent on…

  • 1. Jeff

    2. KY

    3. Finally get the things needed to have a stable family life. House, Car, and Life, Medical, etc. Finally devote more time to what I love, Photography..

  • 1. Keith

    2. NY

    3. Any Wescott product that I could add to our studio would help

  • 1. Dave

    2. Oxfordshire, England

    3. Pay of debt, sponsor local youth rugby team and provide them with better facilites, upgrade camera equipment and then invest in quality training.

  • Bob Mobley 4 years ago

    1. Bob Mobley


    3. live life

  • 1. Jet

    2. London, U.K.

    3. ill make all my dreams into life..=)

  • 1. Nancy

    2. Ohio

    3. With ONE MILLION DOLLARS, I would pay off my debt, save for my kids college, help family members pay off some debt, give to charity, travel, quit my day job(labor & delivery nurse), invest for my future, and BUY LOTS of WESTCOTT products:)

  • 1-Todd


    3-Help in ways that I have never been able to.

  • 1. Fran

    2. Florida

    3. Pay off the mortgage, keep a little to retire on, and give the remaining three quarters to charity.

  • 1. JP Sevillano

    2. NY

    3. I will pay off all my debt. buy a house for my family and will put up my dreamed photography studio.

  • 1. Jim

    2. Virginia

    3. With a million dollars, I would care for my father who recently had a major stroke, make sure none of my family members had to worry about money, and relocate my business to be closer to family.

  • 1. Stefaan Declerck

    2. Belgium

    3. Studying for a photography degree

  • 1. Debbie Ellis

    2. NH

    3. I would be my beach house on the ocean in New England. :) Photographing people on my beach all morning and every afternoon!!!!

  • Tonya Canada 4 years ago

    1. Tonya Canada

    2. Mitchell, Indiana

    3. If I had a million dollars I would pay off bills, buy new camera equipment to start a photography business, and then donate to all the causes I wish I had the money to donate to (domestic violence shelter, animal shelter, food banks, etc).

  • Jason Barden 4 years ago

    1. Jason

    2. Michigan

    3. I’d pay off all my debt, and get kids education funds set.

  • 1. Timothy White

    2. Texas

    3. Pay off debt. Take Photography classes, setup photo studio, and do charity work by photographing portraits for people living in shelters.

  • 1. Larry

    2. NJ

    3. Help My Crippled mom. donate to charity and use the remainder on my new studio :-)

  • ffejbrown 4 years ago

    1. Jeff

    2. Rhode Island

    3. Pay off my mortgage, set aside money for my kids’ college education, and then go into photography full time.

  • 1. Chase

    2. Tennessee

    3. I would make the million into more millions to fulfill several dreams of my family, friends and others. Make that money make money, double the talents.

  • 1. Ron

    2. California

    3. Buy a second camera, some lens, more lighting equipment and take my wife and I on an unforgettable photographic world tour.

  • Mike House 4 years ago

    1. Mike

    2. Illinois

    3. Pay off all my bills, travel to all the places I want to shoot.

  • Bobwyo 4 years ago

    1. Bob

    2. Wyoming

    3. Invest some for retirement, some to charity, learn to make better photos.

  • 1. Edy

    2. New Jersey

    3. I’d pay off all mine and my parents bills, and send them on a vacation. Donate a few Grand to the Leukemia Foundation under my brothers name. Open up my Dream Photo Studio with all the trimmings, and Invest the rest. :) Ohhhhhh yeaaaa!!

  • 1. Jack

    2. Oregon

    3. Help care for family as things changed quite drastically since both Mom and Dad passed within 54 days of each other.

  • 1. Sharma

    2. Florida

    3. Pay my Student Loans, save for retirement, buy photo equipment, gave my parents the Alaskan Cruise as a Gift and donate a part to a local charity.

  • 1. Mikey

    2. Colombia

    3. Are you putting a million bucks in one of the bags. That would be awesome. Hmmm…I would put the money in an annuity that exempt from paying taxes until you take out the money. That way I could earn interest on the original lump sum and only pay taxes when I took that money out of the annuity. I would continue to live my same lifestyle and do a hell of a lot more traveling. I would also buy a Leica with all their groovy lenses.

  • jarvie 4 years ago

    1. Jarvie

    2. Michigan

    3. Will buy a full frame camera, lenses, and westcott lighting equipment

  • 1. Adrian

    2. British Columbia (Canada)

    3. Open a center for photographic arts.

  • 1. Michael

    2. Florida

    3. Pay off debt and buy lots of land to start a farm.

  • Keenen Brown 4 years ago

    1. Keenen

    2. NY

    3. rent another apartment to turn it into my studio full of Westcott lighting mods so I dont have to move my furniture around to make space :-)

  • 1. Andrew

    2. New Jersey

    3. *EDITED*

  • 1. Oscar

    2. Plano, TX

    3. Pay my bills, help some family, donate some and then have some fun.

  • 1. Matt

    2. Illinois

    3. With a million dollars, I’d make dreams come to life, putting my vision into action, making memories memorable by recording them in photographs. Wescott products would play a crucial role in making the magic come to life.

  • Yohann 4 years ago

    1. Yohann

    2. France

    3. Live

  • 1. Jason

    2. Colorado

    3. Pay off debt then start my photography business and then buy a house.

  • Giselle Pemberton 4 years ago

    1. Giselle

    2. New York

    3. If I were to win $1 million, I would use it to pay off my dept and to finish school. I’d save/invest some and use the rest to finance all the things I like to do.

  • 1. Steve

    2. Michigan

    3. Buy all the Nikon and Westcott products I want. Buy the dream car I always wanted (nissan gtr), invest in most of the money, and donate the rest.

  • 1. Spencer

    2. Portland, OR

    3. Buy a small home and an RV and then climbing road-trip the US for six months.

  • 1.Andy


    3.Buy a lot of ink and paper and continue with the lightenupandshoot project! Oh, and I would also buy one of those SB-900’s everyone is talking about!

  • 1.Summer


    3.Buy a home, Pay off debt and visit Ireland!

  • 1. Shari

    2. California

    3. Pay for my kid’s college tuitions, pay off our home, then that should just about leave enough money for a new camera :(

  • 1. Chris

    2. Florida

    3. Help my parents and family members thru tough times right now, donate to my church, help my community, then use the rest to buy my family a house and car closer to friends and family.

  • 1. Dante

    2. Ohio

    3. Toss up between 38 Cigarette top gun or a new Ferrari :) Oh, and the rest to the humane society.

  • 1. Bobbi

    2. Alabama

    3. I would finish building a house on our farm in TN so we could go back to farming and transplant the over 1100 blueberry bushes in our backyard.

  • 1. Mike

    2. VA

    3. Buy all sorts of pretty things.

  • 1. David

    2. Florida

    3. Spend it any old way. Just spend it.

  • Dennis


    The whole Westcott & Photo Basics Catalog

  • 1. Terrie

    2. Hawaii

    3. I would use the $1M to pump capital into my Maui Photo Festival & Workshops, bringing Westcott and Westcott professionals to Maui to sponsor and teach. We could also use it to fund more high-school student scholarships to the festival, set for Aug. 25-29, 2010 at the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa. (end of shameless plug)

  • Carolyn Barnett 4 years ago

    1. Carolyn

    2. Tennessee

    3. I would repair my house and help my family.

  • 1. Charity


    3. wow a million dollars… that sum almost seems unimaginable to wrap my mind around at this point in my life. Fist, buy my own house so that each of my four children could have their own room. Second, buy a studio so I could work comfortably. Third TRAVEL. Five give back to my community

  • susan patrick harris 4 years ago

    1. Sue

    2. PA

    3. Set up a photography studio/school/co-op that would teach, help and utilize taught skills of women returning to the world from incarceration, rehab, homelessness, abusive relationship or mental illness confinement.

    The money would help integrate the basic needs as well as the educational/job training needed for these folks to be able to earn a living. After completing the educational part of the program the women would be employees/owners of the biz and implement the skills learned to continue the business. Not only would they be earning a paycheck and self reliance but each would also be moving up to teach another woman a skill as well. Much like the sweat equity concept of Habitat for humanity, the program would be growing and teaching on more and more levels the technology skills women need to stay marketable in the ever changing face of the visual arts/communications industry. The most important aspect though would be giving each woman a vehicle to create her own voice rather than me or anyone speaking on her behalf! LOVE IT!

    Will you join me?


  • 1. Jeremiah

    2. Georgia

    3. To be responsible I would pay of debt, put some money in a savings, and invest the rest in my photo business. What I would really like to do though is build a replica of the Hindenburg and travel with my wife across the globe.

  • 1. Charity


    3. a million dollars… that sum almost seems imposable to wrap my mind around at this point in my life. Fist, buy a house so a my four children could have their own room. Second, buy a studio so I can work comfortably. Third TRAVEL. Five give back to my community

  • 1. Daniel

    2. Northern Saxony, Germany

    3. A better Home & buy tons of apollo softboxes and stuff to become the official Westscott Distributer for Germany :)

  • 1. Bill

    2. PA

    3 pay off home, help my children to get started in life,give to church and charity.

  • Mark Feliciano 4 years ago

    1. Mark

    2. Calif.

    3. I would pay off my debts, build my wife the house she deserves with a studio and a place for my dad. Then if there was any left, buy Westcott for the Studio I’ve always dreamed of owning and now have!

  • 1-Bob


    3-Pay the bills, buy new toys

  • 1- Sofia

    2- Lisbon, Portugal

    3- With a milliondollars i would buy a big sailing boat and fill it with my family and equipment and travel the world taking pictures to share the beauty as we went along.

  • 1. Maria

    2. Indonesia

    3. Buy a little peaceful house for my little family… Have a vacation… Then back to work, and make my videography business an empire here, in Indonesia… With those money, I think i could make a great business with great equipments… I go crazy for Westcott lamps… >,<

  • 1. Thank God

    2. give 10% to charity

    3. Open up my dream photography studio, complete with all westcott equipment, a new Canon with all the trimmings, and the necessary consultants to be the best studio in the area.

  • 1. tim

    2. illinois

    3. finance an in-depth photography education.

  • robin brown 4 years ago

    1. Robin

    2. Pennsylvania

    3. First thing i would do is book a trip to photoshop world. after i come back from that trip i would book some of the workshops that i have been drooling over for a while now. then and only then will i act like a responsible adult.

  • 1) Matthew

    2) Alabama

    3) I’m currently a student, so a million dollars would be awesome! I would first pay off college debts with it then purchase tons of camera, lighting, and equipment. I would then donate some to charity and place the rest in savings.

  • 1. Carla

    2. Indiana

    3. With a million dollars I would pay off our house and bills,

    donate some money to a church, NILMDTS, move to

    South Carolina, open the studio of my dreams as well

    as travel/photograph.

  • 1. Mike

    2. Arkansas

    3. Buy a house, buy a Ducati, buy lots of Westcott gear to start a new career as a motorcycle photographer.

  • 1. Mike

    2. NordRhein-Westphalen, Germany

    3. I would dearly love to stock up on the ultimate traveling photo/lighting kit and travel from the north to the south of India, documenting what I found along the way, then using half of the money to help those who touched my heart the most.

  • 1. Dan

    2. Missouri

    3. Pay off college debt, buy lots of wescott stuff and spend most of it at BH photo&video. Than maybe pay for a few trips to make some great images

  • Kelly Carey 4 years ago



    3.Take care of my family and friends bills! So they would all be debt free! Some of our family members are in foreclosure so this would be a god-sent.

  • 1. Hugo

    2. Quebec Canada

    3. quit my day job and devote to photography

  • Kim Rask 4 years ago

    1. Kim

    2. Sweden

    3. Get married to my fiancée, go for a looong honeymoon.

  • Philip Martini 4 years ago


  • 1. Tom

    2. California

    3. Buy a nice home for my family, a nice car, and a lot of lighting equipment!

  • 1. Andrew

    2. Michigan

    3. With a Million dollars, I would pay off my home and student loans, and make sure that my kids future education is planned for.

  • Philip Martini 4 years ago

    1. PHILIP

    2. NEVADA


  • 1. Becki

    2. Florida

    Thank God, give 10% to charity, and use the rest to open up my dream photography studio, complete with all Westcott equipment, a new Canon with all the trimmings, and the necessary consultants to be the best studio in the area.

  • 1. Becki

    2. Florida

    3. Thank God, give 10% to charity, and use the rest to open up my dream photography studio, complete with all Westcott equipment, a new Canon with all the trimmings, and the necessary consultants to be the best studio in the area.

  • sentow 4 years ago

    1. Sentow

    2. Wisconsin

    3. Give a bunch away, take time to take improve my craft.

  • 1. Spencer

    2. Utah

    3. What would I do?… honestly put in the bank and live off the interest and start my own design firm. Sustainable design on course. But if I splurged,… toys and more toys… like a new kayak, roadbike, mtn bike, SUV, and a ton of camping/climbing gear… yeah.

  • 1. Bruce

    2. Arkansas

    3. First I would give at least 10% to the church then as Dave Ramsey would say….”Pay it off”…meaning pay ALL my debt and then most likely put enough aside to provide for my family in the future, college ed for 3 kids, savings for the future, and most likely help someone out who would least expect it.

  • 1. John

    2. Missouri

    3. My first priority would be to set up college funds for my four children. That would take a significant chunk of the money, but I would definitely want to have some “Mad” money to get a few of the big ticket items on my photography wish list. I would add the 300f/2.8 lens as well as a few more Canon 580EXII strobes with pocket wizards to my kit. The wife and I would both have new iPads and I would let her pick something nice to spend some “Mad” money on as well. The rest we would put into home improvements, and investments for the future.

  • 1. Will

    2. Maine

    3. I would pay off debts first and then purchase some equipment so I can open a studio and a photo excursion company and offer an arts summer camp for kids. That way I can give back and still live within my means.

  • 1) Åsmund

    2) Norway

    3) Give my photography-business the best possible start.

  • Troy Breidenbach 4 years ago

    1. Troy

    2. Ohio

    3. Debt, church, Disney

  • Dennis Boyd 4 years ago

    1. Dennis

    2. Ontario

    3. First off I would build an indoor horse arena for my g/f, build a little photo studio type shop so our local camera club group could have some place to shoot year round (we’re isolated in the frigid north here :) ) and after that was all done… I’d take my g/f and the kids on a terrific adventure and marry the girl. Of course the family would have the bills paid off and my neices set up for university in the future… but the most important thing… I’d make sure my family was happier in any way possible :)

  • 1. Kevin

    2. New York

    3. Come on, $1,000,000 isn’t enough to fulfill all my dreams. :-) Actually, I’d pay off a little debt, market my business, buy some more Westcott product (I already have a ton), and put the rest away for a rainy day.

  • 1. Brian

    2. Michigan

    3. In chronological order:

    a. Pay off student loans

    b. Set up trusts for my daughter, future son/daughter and nephews for their educations

    c. Set up retirement accounts for my parents

    d. Set up retirement accounts for myself and fiancee

    e. Put a relatively large down payment on a house and a new car for my family

    f. Pay off my parent’s, sisters’ and in-laws mortgages

    g. Put the rest into various investments

  • 1. Corey

    2. Seattle

    3. I wouldn’t know where to begin with 1 million dollars. Give for sure.

  • 1. Allen

    2. Georgia

    3. Pay off Mortgage, Set aside funds for children’s college, Buy one of every Westcott Product Made ;-).

  • 1> Marco

    2> Florida

    3> Buy a property.

  • Curtis 4 years ago

    1. Curtis

    2. Virginia

    3. Secure my family’s future, perform some not-so-random acts of kindness, and go nuts at the camera store.

  • 1: Pete

    2: Florida

    3: Set up a trust so that my mom could actually retire.

  • 1. Kevin

    2. Florida

    3. Pay off debts. Become a full time photographer.

  • 1. Andy

    2. California

    3. Get a house/studio, invest and donate the rest

  • 1) Michael

    2) Indiana

    3) Pay off my loans and finish paying for school (thankfully only about $12,000). Then Invest half and then take the other half and travel the world until I run out of money (taking pictures along the way of course).


  • As many have stated…I would also pay off mortgage and set my children up for college. I would then open a studio/cafe to specialize in photographic education workshops. A place where you can learn about lighting and other aspects of photography. As well as sit down with a cup of joe and discuss all things photography with other photographers. The cafe portion would also be used as a small gallery to highlight the work produced by the students enrolled in the studio’s workshops.

  • Lauren Rothenhauser 4 years ago

    1) Lauren

    2) Kentucky

    3) Pay off student loans, create my own photography studio (with Westcott products), give back to my community (including the one’s I used to live in) and help some aspiring student(s) pay for college.

  • 1. Jared

    2. Utah

    3. Quit my job and go to school (university)

  • 1. Dave

    2. New York

    3. Pay off family debts, buy a small house, purchase a small inventory of cameras and lighting gear and outfit a home-based video and audio post production facility.

  • 1. Bernt-Inge

    2. Oslo, Norway

    3. Pursue a career in Photography and travel the world.

  • 1. James

    2. Georgia

    3. Concentrate my photography in areas that interest me more rather than just jobs to keep the lights on.

  • 1. Vi

    2. Texas

    3. Pay off my debt then party like a rockstar.

  • 1. Dot

    2. Connecticut

    3. Retire, travel the world, shoot photos, and share the wealth with those who have worked as hard as I have all my life.

  • 1. Amanda

    2. Idaho

    3. Pay off my debts… Invest… and move on with my life!

  • 1. Juan

    2. Florida

    3. STUDENT LOANS would get paid. Then i would make sure my family is set and stress free from the hassles of debt. I would make sure my son wont have to worry about student loans along with any future children.

    You know i have an amazing job. i work with video so i might just purchase some TD5s with those big bulbs and continue making cool videos at work. And of course i would go out and purchase the Nikon D3s with 50mm1.8, 24-70mm2.8, 18-200mmf2.8 along with westcotts Stropelite Plus.. OK sorry got carried away with the wish list.

  • Rebecca Eubanks 4 years ago

    1. Rebecca

    2. Arizona

    3. With a million dollars first and foremost i would I would use a portion of the money to help someone in need buy setting of a scholarship or educaitonal trust for female disabled veterans like me. Then I would finish my education in photography, pay for my husband to finish his college education, and set up an account to fund my daughter’s future education. I would also pay off my home, invest in my photography business and my retirement. For a spluge I would buy fully loaded SUV so my family can ride in comfort on long family roadtrips.

  • Stefano Sargentini 4 years ago

    1. Stefano

    2. ITALY Florence

    3. I buy the last Ferrari model (evrybody must see me aahh), I stop work and then start to live the life as it should

  • 1) Gregg

    2) Colorado

    3) Pay off debt and buy a studio worth of lighting!

  • 1. Jack

    2. Pennsylvania

    3. Give some to charity, the rest would be invested to ensure a good future for for my children and grandchildren.

  • 1. Chris

    2. Massachusetts

    3. I would pay off debt, move to Maine or New Hampshire and buy a house, take a long vacation with my wife anywhere she wants to go, then go back to school for photography or attend a bunch of photography workshops.

  • 1) Ken

    2) CO

    3) Pay off house, college for kids, lots of new photo gear, specially Westcott.

  • 1. Randy

    2. Arizona

    3. Provide for my disabled son’s care for a lifetime and with the pittance left over buy more studio equipment, new Canon 5D MkII and70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM lens.

  • 1. Lavonne

    2. New York

    3. Invest & donate

  • I. James

    II. Indiana

    III. Become free of debt, my wife and I quit the 9-5 gigs, move to Montana, produce art: visual, arual, and otherwise.

  • 1. Chuck

    2. New YorkK

    3. Pay of my bills so I could open open a studio!! Start a foundation to support aspiring photographers and their education

  • 1. Mette

    2. Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain

    3. Build my own studio with all that fantastic lightning gear from Westcott you can imagine of course. Then I would give away money to my family and maybe to someone that really want to do something with their lives but need some help to get started.

  • 1. Joanna

    2. North Carolina

    3. Buy some photographic equipment (like the lens I have been dreaming about for some times) & get camera for my friend (he’s been dreaming about it too) and after that… I will see how much I have left! :)

  • 1. Chris

    2. New Jersey

    3. Buy half of a NYC apartment

  • 1. Patrick

    2. Michigan

    3. Pay off my mortgage and buy a D3x and D3s.

  • 1. Ryan

    2. MO

    3. Blow half, save half

  • George 4 years ago

    1. George

    2. Costa Rica

    3. Pay my debt, setup fund for kids college, help parents and in-laws with any of their debt, charity, quit day job and invest in my photography career.

  • Dave


    I would pay off the house, buy a studio along with lighting equipment. With the money left over (.5 million), I’d setup a scholarship for deserving photography students, where I would pay for them to attend Zack Arias’ OneLight workshop.

  • Jim Blocker 4 years ago

    1. Jim

    2. Virginia

    3. Pay off some debt, setup a formal studio, make investments

  • 1. Mike

    2. Connecticut

    3. Pay down debt. Donate to the non-profit I volunteer with. Replace my trusty D100.

  • 1.Matt


    3.Get rid of school loans! Take my family to disney, quit my job, buy a house, pay off my parents house, start a photography non-profit.

  • 1. Clay Blackmore

    2. Rockville, MD

    3. Help out hurting kids.

  • Andy Oakden 4 years ago

    1. Andy

    2. Mpls, MN

    3. Of course pay off my obligatory debtors but after that I would pay off all the debts and homes of my brother, sister, and parents. If there is anything left, I could use a 24″ Apollo.

  • 1. Frances

    2. Texas

    3. Pay off debt and travel around Europe and Asia

  • 1. Sunny

    2. Oklahoma

    3. Continue to love life…with some extra cash on hand.

  • Gary


    By a house for my son and his 5 children so he can move out of the 2 Bdr Apt he lives in now. Start a trust for my 6 grandkids. Remodel our house. Get an nice RV and proceed to photograph America.

  • 1. Kortney

    2. Tennessee

    3. Pay off debt, setup college fund for my 2 year old daughter, buy some more photographic equipment, and have fun.

  • David Farstead 4 years ago

    1. David

    2. Illinois

    3. Finally take my wife to Hawaii

  • Peter Richards 4 years ago

    1. Peter

    2. Wisconsin

    3. Invest. Live. Create images with the passion and creativity that I know could given the time. (and money, but most of all, time)

  • 1. Jody

    2. Alberta, Canada

    3. Invest, buy some studio lighting, set up a college fund, fund an orphanage, upgrade the house!

  • Neal Lippman 4 years ago

    1. Neal

    2. Connecticut

    3. I would wind down my day job and make that career change to full time photography that I have been hoping for.

  • 1) Colin

    2) Missouri

    3) $100k for glass (I like big lenses!), $100k for the wife, $300k for mother and mother-in-law, donate the rest around…

  • 1. Heymo

    2. North Carolina

    3. Pay off debt, invest some, give some to charity

  • DiAnna


    I’d have to spend a lot of time praying and considering before deciding how to spend/invest $1,000,000!

  • 1. Anna

    2. North Carolina

    3. Become debt-free, invest, and give to those in need.

  • Mat M. 4 years ago

    1. Mat

    2. Ohio

    3. Pay off student loans, go medium format digital, and go country hopping for a few years.

  • 1. Curt

    2. Iowa

    3. Pay off my son’s student loans daughters house. Go Russia I allways wanted to shot the chruchs and Red Square.

  • 1.David



  • Chris Barnett 4 years ago

    1. Chris

    2. Georgia

    3. Tithe 10%. Buy gear, a house, pay off all debt, and give some away.

  • 1. Wes

    2. Georgia

    3. Like most people, pay off student loans and debt. Then help out my family and father who has been dealing with cancer this past year and a half. Update a few camera related things and then start a non profit group to help out kids in need with music and other arts (some involving photography/video). Take out some close friends to dinner who have helped me out over the past few years to say thanks.

  • 1. Jeff

    2. Texas

    3. If I had a million dollars I would probably manage to squander it in about a year or so.

  • 1.Brian


    3. I’d give 100k to the MS Society, pay off my & my fams debt. Connect with other photographers and second shoot my way around the world. Invest to start a scholarship to give an aspiring photo student a solid body & 1 pro lens.

  • Bryan French 4 years ago

    1. Bryan

    2. California

    3. I would pay off student loans, buy a house, and give the rest to God. Oh, and get a new camera body and some glass.

  • Melissa Lawrence 4 years ago


    2. North Carolina

    3. Get this damn debt neuse from around my neck then save every penny of it for another disasterous rainy day!

  • 1.Amy


    3.Buy house, car, pay school, travel,invest and donate for those who needs!

  • 1. Mike

    2. Florida

    3. Pay off debt, start a photo studio, and donate to charities.

  • Bryan French 4 years ago

    1. Bryan

    2. California

    3. Pay off outstanding debts, buy a house, get a new camera body and some glass, and give the rest to God.

  • 1. Brett

    2. Georgia

    3. Screw debt, I need more camera gear, and then a box of twinkies to chow down on. I’ll share….:)

  • 1. Jeff

    2. Wisconsin

    3. Teach photography and donate the proceeds to charity. Set up a foundation so I could photograph children with disabilities and their families who are in need….at no charge. Build my children a little treehouse. :o). Become a missionary.

  • Laura Lok 4 years ago

    1.First Name – laura

    2.State – washington

    3.What you would do with a million dollars? – quit my day job and go back to school, travel and take lots of pictures

  • 1. Lucas

    2. Georgia

    3. Finance indie film(s)

  • 1. Sean

    2. Ontario

    3. New house, No Debt, then camera stuff..

  • 1. Ruben

    2. Texas

    3. travel the world

  • 1. Ian

    2. Berkshire, UK

    3. Invite my friends round to dinner. Say ‘stand up if you have a mortgage’. Tell them to sit down again as they no longer have a mortgage. Use anything left to upgrade my camera and lighting gear and travel the world shooting.

  • Michael Pollock 4 years ago

    1. Michael

    2. Ohio

    3. My four kid’s future + an iPad (for my wife and I)and 5D Mark II (for me…oh come on I won the money)

  • LeMouton 4 years ago

    1. Pierre-Jean

    2. Country: South Korea

    3. First of all, I’ll go around the world for a year or two. Then, I’ll use the rest of the money to start a company about photography… maybe ;)

  • 1. Tom

    2. Massachusetts

    3. Kids College and travel to those exotic places I’ve wanted to photograph

  • 1. Roberto

    2. Valencia, Spain

    3. Retire

  • 1. First Name: Jean

    2. State: Ontario

    3. What you would do with a million dollars?: Quit my day job and spend most of my time enjoying photography!

  • 1. David

    2. Hertfordshire, England

    3. Quite job, buy house & new car, pay off mine / family’s debts and give them some treats, donate some money to the charity I volunteer with, get some new camera gear, and invest remaining money to ensure a steady income

  • Roberta Luft 4 years ago

    1. Roberta

    2. Pennsylvania

    3. I would pay off my mortgage, buy a couple Apollos, contribute some to charitable causes and invest the rest.

  • 1. Curtis

    2. Atlanta, Georgia

    3. Since I have a baby due in three weeks, I would put a bunch of money away for her schooling and our house bills. Then I would go buy a Nikon d3x. After that I would travel and share my pictures with the people who cant travel.

  • 1. Rob

    2. Minnesota

    3. Pay off all my debts. Buy new camera and computer and of course a new vehicle and travel.

  • Darren Thompson 4 years ago

    1. Darren

    2. North Carolina

    3. Buys some land, build a studio, purchase tons of camera and lighting equipment, take a nice family vacation, put some away for a rainy day, put some in savings for the kids, and invest a little…in no particular order. Oh wait, you said only $1 million, right?

  • Brandy 4 years ago

    1. Brandy

    2. Michigan

    3. Build my husband a studio in our garage.

  • Amber Noland 4 years ago

    1. Amber

    2. Michigan

    3. Pay off bills, build a new house and studio, and start a business.

  • 1. Rex

    2. Nevada

    3. Open a Photo Studio for wedding, family, portrait, and pet photography. Buy a Canon EOS 5D Mark II and a Canon EOS 7D. Buy more FJ Westcott lighting equipment.

  • 1. Mike

    2. North Carolina

    3. Pay off bills, take my wife on a cruise, give a big chunk to my mom, donate some to my college alma mater, spend a bunch on Westcott and other photography stuff, invest the rest.

  • Elizabeth Gower 4 years ago

    1. Elizabeth

    2. Vermont

    3. Travel around the world taking pictures with my family.

  • 1. Ken

    2. MA

    3. build house w/ a studio, but given how much stuff costs around here, it’ll maybe buy a decent condo since any contest winnings are taxed at 50% :-P

  • 1. Diane Parsons

    2. CT

    3. That’s a no brainer – lights, cameras, lenses! ;) {Westcott lights, of course}

  • 1. Diane

    2. CT

    3. That’s a no brainer – lights, cameras, lenses! ;) {Westcott lights, of course} :D

  • 1. Seshu

    2. Connecticut

    3. I would give 50% of it to a non-profit eye hospital in Chennai India ( The rest will help my wife and I to pay off our school loans.

  • 1) Melissa

    2) Florida

    3) Pay off our debt, put money aside for the kids’ college and START a retirement fund, take some photography classes,join some Pro Photo Associations, purchase some photo equipment, travel back home (to Germany) and then share the rest.

  • 1. Tim

    2. GA

    3. Put the rest of my family through college

  • Jonathan Ramos 4 years ago

    1. Jonathan

    2. Cypress, CA

    3. Invest most of it into a photo studio. Take my girlfriend on a nice cruise to somewhere special and maybe buy her that ring I have been putting off getting because of lack of funds.

  • 1. Carl Lawrence

    2. Mississipi

    3. I would pay off debt, buy a home to replace the one hurricane Katrina destroyed and use the rest to seed new business ventures.

  • 1. Rob Acocella

    2. New Jersey

    3. Pay off any debts, donate some to charity, and then travel the world so I can see new things before it’s all gone.

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