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For Lightapalooza Contest #41, we why you wanted to win a Rapid Box with a Deflector Plate. Simple enough, right? We had a ton of great entries and randomly chose the following response from Bob M.:

“Why would I want a Rapid Box? Why would I NOT want a Rapid box! Simply put, it’s an awesome modifier! It’s portable, it’s lightweight, easy to setup, and it’s made by Westcott so you know it’s quality! But in all seriousness, beside the cool factor, as a novice photographer looking to take my photography to the next level, I can see so many ways I can use this as a tool to help me do that. I only shoot with speed lights, almost always on location, and I can image the difference this would make in the portraits I take over using simple umbrellas. I can already see the impact of being able to have more control of the light now. In this case, I’m running to the Light!!”

For this response, Bob has won a 26″ Rapid Box with a Deflector Plate which makes the most portable beauty dish in the photo industry as well as a Golden Ticket, which could win him over $15,000 in the year-end Lightapalooza raffle. Thanks to everyone who participated in this contest.

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