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Another season of Photoshop World has came and passed. And of course without making it sound too cool – IT WAS AMAZING!!!! Once again, Westcott came out in force to bring the best PSW Shootout Contest yet! We embarked upon something that we had not ever done before in a live shoot – we brought on a body painter to change it up a bit! But, before I proceed forward with the recap, I have to highlight the contest and give some shout-out thank you’s!

Shootout Contest: Deadline 09/23/2011 at 12:01pm ET

You may be wondering what 3 Contest winners will be winning – well – can we say, it’s quite the Westcott Studio!

First Place:

(2) TD6 Perfect Portrait Kits & Lamps

(1) Background Support System

(1) Rich Black Background 9×20

Second Place:

(1) TD6 Perfect Portrait Kit & Lamps

(1) Background Support System

(1) Modern Vintage Background

Third Place:

(2) TD6 w/ Stands & Lamps

(2) Silver Parabolic Umbrellas

(1) Background Support System

(1) High Key White Background 9×20

Contest Guidelines: Use any photos captured at the Westcott Photoshop World Shootout booth in Las Vegas, NV. Get creative and show your unique style through editing, special effects and more! Submit them to our Flickr Group: PSWFALL2011
Deadline: Final images must be submitted by September 23, 2011 by 12:01pm ET. Winners will be announced on September 30, 2011.
Selection: Team Westcott will pick a group of the most unique, eye-catching creations. From there, our Top Pro panel of judges will select the final winners.

Thank You

First, we want to thank all the photographers who came out and put together amazing hands-on education right in the booth: Eric Eggly, Michael Green, Terry White, Robert Vanelli, Joey Wright, Erik Valind, Dave Cross, Jim Schmelzer, David Ziser and George Simian. You guys made each person who stopped by the booth an even greater experience at our booth!

Second, we have to thank the make-up staff and models that pulled this whole thing off: Debra Weite and Pashur the body painter! Our models: Caroline Sol, Juha Adolf, Rachel Michele, Lacheln, Shaun Williams, Adam Watkins, Taimi Sotolongo, Model Nicotine, Tiffany Ann, Chelsea Dawn, Meli Spahic, Gevorg Mehrabyan and Cindi Khongwiset. We think we are with everyone else when we say – You totally outdid yourselves for the show! Well done! We also have to give a quick shout-out to some special wardrobe individuals who made this happen: Thomas Willeford from Brute Force Leather who designed the steampunk costume as well as Marisa Miranda who designed the Barbarian and Warrior Princess costumes. And a final shout-out to Ian over at Amazon Events for the props. Also a HUGE shoutout to Barbour Backdrops for providing the steampunk backdrop. It looked AMAZING!!

Third, we have to thank YOU guys! All the attendees who came to the show, asked the questions, and joined Westcott for another amazing shootout! Without you the conference wouldn’t have happened. So thank you for everything!

Fourth, we have to take a moment to thank our crew who worked so diligently to make the shootout happened: Kelly Mondora, Ben Marckel, Amber McCoy and Brad Matthews.

And last but not least, we want to thank everyone over at NAPP/Kelby who allowed us once again to put on such an amazing shootout!

Recap Video

If you didn’t notice, Ben Marckel – Art Director at Westcott, was running around taking pictures during the whole event. Here is a quick recap video of just some highlights! ENJOY!

Click to play the PSW Westcott Recap Video

Quick Recap

Prior to the first day of the expo, we attended the Tweet Up hosted by Erik Valind and sponsored by Adobe and onOne Software. To sum it up – this was a blast! Everyone had a great time! Visit the Flickr page to see all the images:

Click to visit the Tweet Up Flickr Page

Each day of the prep started about 4-5 hours prior to the opening of the expo. With all the crazy makeup & body paint – it was completely necessary but totally worth it! The models arrived and we got busy with prepping them for PSW. While the models were becoming ‘beautified’ Eric Eggly & Michael Green were all over setting up the sets and setting the lighting. On day 1, NAPP offered a “Shoot It First” contest. Congrats to Mike Reeves for getting 1st Place with this winning image!

Photo by: Mike Reeves

Day 2 and 3 continued with what we believe to be a record number of people in the booth! With some amazing SHOW DEALS on the floor for Westcott products, the questions didn’t stop – and we were happy to answer every single one! If you missed any of the deals, be sure to check out our website here.

Interested in attending future shootouts?

If you are interested in attending future shootouts – be sure to subscribe to our email list! We launch everything out through there and want to make sure you don’t miss anything! You can subscribe here.

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  • Thanks for setting up such a great booth with awesome models / costumes / make-up each day of PSW! It was a lot of fun to experience and shoot. Oh, and thanks for the link too! :)

  • Kim Melore 3 years ago

    Love love love Westcott, but NOT FAIR! Those who can afford to trip to Vegas to attend a show more than likely have the equipment you are giving away. I want to see a give-a-way just like this for those of us who need the equipment. *just saying* :)

  • Gary Lanier 3 years ago

    This was my first PSW and I had a great time while learning a lot. But, I had the best time photographing at your booth. As someone who is still learning, having professional models, makeup and costumes combined with guidance from professional photographers made it incredible. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Really enjoyed my 1st shootout! The models, make-up, bodypaint and equipment were terrific.

  • Thank you so much for putting together this fantastic opportunity for us! This was my first time at Photoshop World and I had so much fun shooting your models. I have never shot with lighting equipment before, and now I think you’ve created a monster… I can’t wait to start getting some lighting equipment of my own! Thanks again! I’m so excited for next year already!!