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This year was the first year we partnered with NAPP to provide the ‘Shoot It First’ exclusive event for some attendees. NAPP held a special contest to the images shot during this event for a chance to win a Westcott TD6 Perfect Portrait Kit. And needless to say, the competition was fierce, but a winner had to be named. The winner of this exclusive ‘Shoot It First’ contest was Michael Reeves! Below is his winning image!

Image by: Michael Reeves

A little about Michael Reeves

Westcott: What this your first time at PSW?

Reeves: No, this was my 4th Photoshop World.

Westcott: How long have you been shooting?

Reeves: I have been interested in taking pictures since I was in Junior high school but never really took it seriously until about five years ago.  Now I do all I can to learn and try new things.

Westcott: What was your first camera?

Reeves: I really don’t remember my absolute first camera, but my first digital was a Canon EOS with 8 megapixels that I bought from B&H in 2006.

Westcott: Do you do photography as a hobby? or professional?

Reeves: My Photography, at this point, is as a hobby.  However, my long term goal is to learn all that I can in the years until I retire so I can supplement my income in my golden years.

Westcott: What did you think of the ‘Shoot It First’ opportunity?

Reeves: I loved it! Since we were able to beat the crowds into the tech expo, we were able to interact with the models more than we were able to later.  I also really enjoyed the different scenarios and concepts involved.  I also thought that Debra Weite did a wonderful job with the makeup.

Westcott: Have you ever had an experience like this before?

Reeves: I have only experienced something like this at Photoshop World Las Vegas 2010.  However, with Scott Kelby’s annual Worldwide Photo Walk, the leader we have here in Oklahoma City sets up models for the walkers to photograph in natural light.

Westcott: Any thoughts about what you are going to do with the Westcott lights once you get them?

Reeves: I plan to clean a room in my home to set up a small studio to learn more about portrait photography!

Westcott: Would you recommend PSW to others?

Reeves: Yes, I think Photoshop World is one of the best events that I have ever attended and would recommend it to anyone that deals with photography or design of any kind.  I feel as if I have a block when it comes to creativity because of a lack of imagination.  The classes at Photoshop World have helped me somewhat unleash this hidden gem inside my mind.  I know I have a long way to go to really show a creative side, but it does give me things to talk about with my Photoshop Students.  I am amazed at times with the imagination some of these young people have after I share my experiences of Photoshop World.

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  • Wow, I could have written his repsonses word for word. Glad to know I’m not the only one out there with the same experiences. Except however for winning a Westcott product. If that were to happen I would have to swear we were seperated at birth.