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Normally when we post a #Tog Tuesday, we like to provide information, education, and inspiration to our readers. However, sometimes, it’s always nice to see what others have to say out there and jump the gun to post on a MONDAY instead. So with this #Tog Tuesday (yet really a Monday), we would like to open this up to YOU. What inspires you? What makes you ‘tick’ as a photographer? We want you to highlight who you are as a photographer, provide links to your work, and share with others!

The great thing about photography, is it become a circle of people you surround yourself with, as well as opens the doors to new friends, people who will inspire you as well as others who will push you to become a better photographer! And who doesn’t want to be a better photographer?! 

So please share the following in the comment section below.

  • *Name
  • *City & State
  • *How long have you been shooting?
  • *What inspires you?
  • Website (if applicable)
  • Facebook/Twitter/Google + (if applicable)


For everyone that shares the above – you will be entered to win some FREE Westcott gear! Winners will be contacted directly. Deadline – Friday February 27, 2012 at 12:01pm ET. Only 3 winners will be chosen & highlighted in next week’s blog.

*Please note: All items marked with (*) are required in order to be entered in the contest. Also, please notice we review all posts before they are posted. Once approved, they will show up in the comment section below.

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