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First, we want to thank everyone for participating in our New Background Contest! So, without further delay, here are our winners of each of the backgrounds.

Please Note: If you are the winner, you have already been emailed regarding your winning entry.


"Kingsly" Winner: William F.

"Bisbee" <br> Winner: Patrick C.

"Bisbee" Winner: Patrick C.

"Onyx" <br> Winner: Mark C.

"Onyx" Winner: Mark C.

"Pasha" <br> Winner: Kelly M.

"Pasha" Winner: Kelly M.

"Ornate" <br>Winner: Amanda R.

"Ornate" Winner: Amanda R.

"Vintage Mod" <br>Winner: Nancy M.

"Vintage Mod" Winner: Nancy M.

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  • Andrew Kufahl 5 years ago

    Confusing contest rules? I’m beginning to wonder about the wording of the contest rules… what exactly does this mean: “If you submit a name for the background that we choose in 2 weeks, you will receive that background FREE!”

    There might be two ways to interpret that, and I’m guessing my original interpretation is possibly incorrect, even though I feel my interpretation is more accurate based on how you wrote it.

    So here I am waiting for you to select a backdrop (because I submitted a name for each one, which based on my interpretation means I [and everyone else that submitted a name for that backdrop] will receive it free)… but I don’t think that you will be selecting a backdrop, will you?

    Could you clarify what you actually meant? I’m not bitter because you didn’t select any of my submissions… I just am beginning to feel a little “tricked”. It could have so easily been worded more clearly :(

    It was a good contest, and my congratulations go out to all the winners.

    – Andrew

  • Nice! “Kingsly” fits well! Thanks Westcott!

  • When will these be available for purchase?