By on 2012-03-05

Throughout the past month, we have had some exciting contests going on. So, what better time than to announce them all right here. Now, if you didn’t win – do not fret! We have contests going on all the time (which reminds me, we need to have another BOW again here real soon). So with that said – our winners!

WPPI: Ice Light Giveaway

During the WPPI Show in Las Vegas the other week, we opened the opportunity for individuals to submit their receipt on our website for a chance to win a NEW Ice Light designed by Jerry Ghionis and crafted by Westcott. After reviewing all the entries, we found our winner:

San Diego, CA

I’m extremely excited about winning the new ICE Light from Westcott! I love Westcott products and am confident this will add a new dimension to how I light my subjects!

PhotoPro Expo: Shootout Giveaway

We attended a conference in Kentucky this past month put on by the one-and-only David Ziser. Some of the biggest names in the industry attended like Jerry Ghionis, Scott Kelby, Joel Grimes, Syl Arena and many others! We held a shootout contest featuring professional models, makeup artists, sets as well as lighting! So here is our winner as well as the featured image:

Photo by: Dana Burress

What inspires you: BOW Giveaway

Every once in a while, we hold a random Bag of Westcott (BOW) Contest. This time, we asked our readers what inspires them. After all the entries were reviewed, we picked our favorite. Our winner is:

ANDREW S. – Annapolis, MD

What inspires him?

“I create images to justify my existence and satiate that deep desire to feel connected to humanity. It’s also fun to visualize a concept, plan it, create it and stand back and say ‘I made that!’ It didn’t exist until I created it! Photography is my life. WIthout it I would have surely lost my mind many moons ago.”

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