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Includes PhotoKey 5 Lite Software and 200 digital backdrops

This all-in-one Photo Green Screen Lighting Kit with PhotoKey 5 Lite Software comes complete with everything necessary to take amazing images. This kit includes constant lights and softboxes that reduce shadows while illuminating the subject. The specially-engineered 9′ x 10′ Green Screen background is wrinkle resistant and glare-free making it a breeze to extract. Included is a copy of PhotoKey 5 Lite green screen software with features such as, instant green screen removal, easy background replacement, 9 effects & color correction filters and a greeting card design aid!

Magically go anywhere in minutes with this easy-to-use software that automatically extracts the Green Screen from behind your subject and allows for insertion of any one of the included 200 digital backgrounds and 20 overlay graphics. Cant find a background you like. No problem. You can simply upload any JPEG image for an endless supply of backgrounds. Software offers free video tutorials, supports up to 25 megapixels and is Mac OS X or Windows compatible.

The magic behind this whole process is the green screen. Included in the kit is a specially-engineered 9×10 green screen backdrop that is constructed from a heavy-duty, wrinkle resistant matte fabric. Both a pole pocket along the top 9 edge and grommets in each corner are provided so you can hang your backdrop either using a background support system or wall hooks on a flat surface. Once your backdrop is hung, place your subject at least 3 feet in front of the backdrop and position your lights.

TIP: Placing your subject at least 3 feet in front of the backdrop helps avoid any shadows on your backdrop that would need to be taken out during post production.

The next step is correctly lighting your backdrop and subject. Included in your lighting kit are 2 uLites with 20 collapsible softboxes. The uLite was designed to be compact in nature with the ability to project a broad area of light coverage. The silver, reflective lining and removable front diffusion panel creates a soft and even light output. This simple 2-light setup with properly light both your subject and included green screen backdrop. Now its time to take your picture.

Westcott Green Screen Photo Lighting Kit setup shot

Westcott has enhanced this Green Screen Photo Lighting Kit by providing the latest and greatest of green screen software, PhotoKey 5 Lite. New advances in green screen technology give you finer control and better results than ever before. Improvements include a new interface making PhotoKey 5 Lite faster and easier to use as well as a new home screen that provides instant access to training videos, updates and all the latest news.

PhotoKey 5 Lite instantly removes the green screen from a photo as soon as it has been imported. Enhanced spill suppression techniques are included and designed to work with difficult subjects. Also provided in PhotoKey 5 Lite is a selection of color filters for adjusting your images appearance.

The inclusion of PhotoKey 5 Lite is an enhancement all in its own, but Westcott has made this even better by providing 200 digital backdrops and 20 digital overlay graphics.

Once your image has been imported you can choose between any of the included 200 digital backdrops to take your image anywhere the imagination can go. Dont see a backdrop you like No problem, you can also upload any JPEG image for an endless amount of possibilities.

Westcott Photo Illusion Green Screen Photo Lighting Kit

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