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F. J. Westcott, a leading producer of photo-video lighting equipment, is running their year-end 12 Weeks of Giving holiday promotion. With a new special being advertised each week, now is the time to invest in Westcott’s leading lighting equipment for your studio.

This week, we introduced our Spiderlite TD6 Softbox Kits. Available in three size options, these kits include the Spiderlite TD6, an adjustable tilter bracket, six 50-watt fluorescent bulbs, and a 500-watt Pro Softbox. Our Spiderlite TD6 is considered one of the most powerful constant lighting systems on the market today, emitting effectively up to 1200-watts of continuous daylight or tungsten light. Extremely versatile, these lights include three separate controls, allowing for easily adjustable light output, and can be rotated 180-degrees.

Spridelite TD6 Kit

In conjunction with the Spiderlite TD6, our Pro softboxes are also considered some of the best in the industry. Constructed with a double layer heat-shield fabric, they offer heat resistance up to 500 watts and come standard with an extensive five year warranty.

Together, the Spiderlite TD6 and the Westcott Pro Softbox are an essential addition to your photography studio. Until December 31st, you can own this kit at 49% off, a savings of over $400 dollars. Visit a dealer in your area to order your Spiderlite TD6 Softbox Kit.


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