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Being a part of the photography industry is being able to share educational information across all platforms to everyone. Now finding that education is another story. BUT – every once-in-a-while, you come across something that just ‘hits the spot’ so-to-speak.

Share your work and sharing anything you learn along the way. – Preston Kanak

Preston Kanak is the creator of 3minuteshorts and assistant editor of Philip Bloom is launching a new series of how to film timelapses. Designed to fit any level of photographer/videographer, this series is the ground work of learning timelapse photography.

The breakdown of the videos is as follows:

  1. Introduction
  2. Kit Breakdown / Software & Hardware Solutions – Introduction
  3. A Closer Look at my ‘Tool Kit’
  4. Pre-Production – Story, Scouting & Scheduling)
  5. Production
  6. Post Production

Where can you access the videos?

These tutorials are all part of a ‘Pay It Forward’ practice that Preston believes in. The tutorials will be available on an open vimeo group: The RAW Timelapse Tutorial: Paying It Forward Group

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