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This sci-fi project took place in Las Vegas at the Photoshop World Convention for Westcott. Westcott wanted a sleek alien style creature body painted at their booth to help showcase their amazing lighting equipment. Pashur made the headpiece, claws, and boots prior to day of the painting. The day of the event, Pashur painted the model with a combination of airbrush and hand paint while Westcott set up the lights. Pashur walked the model out to the set to find the large egg on the set and snapped about 500 images. Thousands of photographers rushed to take photos of the masterpiece throughout the day. Later, Pashur did some post editing to make the background look a bit more otherworldly.

The images below were shot with Westcott’s Spiderlite T6 on a Canon Rebel.

Photo Credits:

  • Body Painting & Photo – Pashur
  • Drone Model – Luxbot

See more of Pashur’s work at

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