Tyler Stableford: “Shattered” Video

By on 2012-06-19

When you’ve given everything, what do you have left?

This is truly something everyone thinks about at least once in their life. Top Pro Photographer and Canon Explorer of Light Tyler Stableford created this amazing video. This video is based around an elite climber named Steve House. After achieving his dream summit, he finds himself empty. Broken and untethered, he searches for a fulfillment more lasting than a faraway peak.

Details of the Video

Shot entirely on the Canon EOS 1D X
See the behind the scenes of the film here:


Starring: Steve House
Produced and Directed by:Tyler Stableford
Cinematography by: Tyler Stableford and Draper White
Associate Producer: Kate Rolston
Editor: Dave Wruck
Assistant Editor: Ben Thomas
Field Audio: Ben Thomas and Matthew Van Biene
Riggers: Hayden Kennedy and Matthew Van Biene
Music by: Paul Fran-zik

More information?

See more by Steve House and his award-winning book Beyond The Mountain at:stevehouse.net

See Tyler Stableford’s portfolio at:tylerstableford.com

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