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For the 48th Lightapalooza 2013 contest, we asked participating contestants to share thoughts on their preferred reflector surfaces and uses. We had countless submissions and choosing a winner was difficult! However, Mitch Wood’s encouraging response won us over and we’d like to congratulate him as champion of Lightapalooza’s 48th contest!


…We use reflectors both indoor and outdoor with our photography business, they are extremely useful to have when you are on a budget. We use the silver reflector mostly for indoor as a way to gain a second light source (we only have one Speedlight). We use the white reflector mostly for outdoor to softly fill in shadows…


Thanks to Mitch’s response, he will be receiving a 40″ 5-in-1 Reflector Kit, which includes a 1-stop Diffusion panel, a slip cover, a reflector holder, a 7.5′ light stand, and an educational DVD. This kit is an essential piece in any photography studio! Mitch and his wife will also be receiving one of the 200 Lightapalooza Golden Tickets, entering them into a year-end drawing to win the grand prize: $15,000 in choice Westcott gear!

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