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For the 55th Lightapalooza 2013 contest, we were inspired by Westcott Top Pro Elite photographer and personality Erin Manning and her use of our PhotoKey green screen software. Westcott’s Illusions line of green screen software and kits allows photographers to place their subjects in a variety of locations through digital composites. Hence why we asked contestants what their dream photo shoot locations would be in this Illusions’ contest. Reading through the responses was a joy. Some photographers chose tropical paradises and others chose winter wonderlands. Jamie Huffman discussed in wonderful detail how he looks forward to shooting in Crete, Greece during an upcoming anniversary trip with his wife. We’re very happy to announce Jamie as the 55th winning contestant of Lightapalooza 2013!

My ideal location is Crete, Greece. My military career took me many places around the globe, but the one spot that always takes me back to true island beauty is the island of Crete. This small Greek island is full of unique history, a crystal blue ocean, beautiful landscape with white stonewashed houses surrounding the country side along with people who are truly embedded in their culture, history, and lifestyle. The colorful boats in the fishing ports, stomping grapes for wine making in the small villages, nightlife along the island seashore, the old woman riding her donkey sideways into her grape field, and of course the old Greek ruins; there is not a better spot.

My wife and I met there while she was on vacation in 1988. For our 25th, the plan is to take a cruise back to this beautiful picturesque island.

For this winning response, Jamie will be receiving an Erin Manning green screen Creation Kit and the newest Photoshop actions set from MCP Actions, Inspire. He will also be receiving one of 200 Lightapalooza 2013 Golden Tickets, which will enter him into the year end drawing to win a $15,000 Westcott shopping spree.

We would like to thank everyone who participated! Good luck in the latest round of Lightapalooza contests. Prizes this week are from LensPro ToGo!

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