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For Lightapalooza Contest #34, we wanted to know how you would use the Ice Light if you owned one. Simple enough, right? We had nearly 100 entries in a week and randomly chose the following response from Breanna R.:

“I feel like there’s so many ways I could use the Ice light! It would be nice to use on location as a fill especially for under trees. I?ve been doing a Warrior set of photos in the last year, editorial based photos of girls dressed as different kind of warriors whether it be Amazon, Indian, gladiator or even an elf from Lord of The Rings. I do these outside because that’s the light I prefer, but it would be nice to have the Ice Light to give a nice look on their faces for those pesky shadows that trees create. It would also be great for portraits in locker rooms of Athletes.”

For this response, Breanna has won an Ice Light, which will help create amazing “shadow-less” images for her. Breanna has also won a Golden Ticket, which could win her over $15,000 in the year-end Lightapalooza raffle. Thanks to everyone who participated in this contest.




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