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_MG_0742e copyRecently, I had the pleasure of visiting the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) for the first time as part of joint seminar on Fashion Photography presented by Westcott and the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP).RIT is a legendary school and has been one of the most respected and successful photo departments in the world. The facility was everything and more than I imagined. Best of all – the dedicated Westcott Studio where I was honored with the opportunity to present a hands on seminar on fashion photography using Westcott’s Spiderlite TD5.  For three hours the students and I photographed our model each creating fantastic images thanks to the Spiderlite TD5s.

Since this was an exclusive event, I was able to explore more advanced lighting setups as well as discuss unique ways to approach and look at light. Here is an example:


Setup Shot

Example #1: For this shot, I used four small Westcott softboxes (16”x22”) positioned lightly around the camera. I removed the front diffusion panels so the bulbs would show as catch lights in the eyes. The top two boxes were set to twice the power as the bottom two giving us a different butterfly lighting pattern.


Image #1: Butterfly Effect


Image #2: TD5 catch lights in eyes

After shooting we headed over and attended two presentations by RC Concepcion from NAPP. With the professional effectiveness and entertainment which has made NAPP the industry leader in Photoshop education, RC demonstrated how to integrate Lightroom and Photoshop into an easy and effective workflow. Both seminars were well attended by not only the students but the faculty as well.

I would like give a big “Thank You” to RIT for their gracious hospitality and to RC and NAPP for donating their time to provide two killer seminars! This was a great opportunity to show RIT photographers how easy it is to work with constant fluorescent lights in the studio.

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