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calagaz staffWhen Westcott’s New Green Screen Kit was first presented to Westcott Dealers, a family run retailer in Mobile, AL, was not sure how well it would do with their customers.  The customers of Calagaz Camera made them glad they took a chance on this hot new product!  Pauline McKean of Calagaz said “It really sells itself.  The price point is a no brainer!”   She added an employee wanted to purchase one before they even had it in stock.

Calagaz held their 7th Bi-Annual Girl’s Night Out this fall where the Green Kit was a favorite.  The Girls Night Out event raises money for local charities while giving their female customers a fun evening with wine and prizes and much more.ladies iiladies

Congratulations to Calagaz on their success with the new Photo Basics # 417 Green Kit!

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