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Rick Sammon

B&H, Canon and Westcott teamed up for an amazing event featuring Rick Sammon, prolific author and world renown photographer.

There was a crowd of over 80 people packed into B&H’s Event Space, for a two hour lecture.  Starting the day was Rick Berk, Canon Camera Product Educator, who went over the intricacies of Canon portable electronic flashes and all the various technical knowledge that is critical for successful flash and, especially, wireless flash photography.


Westcott's David Piazza

Following the insightful Canon presentation, Westcott’s Dave Piazza took the stage and went over the theory behind and the practical use of various light modifiers, including collapsible reflectors, umbrellas, and softboxes including Westcott’s unique umbrella frame based Apollo soft boxes that are perfect for wireless portable flash operation.

Rick Sammon finished the lecture segment of the day with his usual fantastic discussion of the recognition and use of light via manipulation using light modifiers.  Rick delighted the students with a visually dazzling slide show of his photographic exploits all around the world.

A break allowed students and instructors time for a quick lunch and a trek through the jungle of Mid-town Manhattan to the Bethesda Arcade area of Central Park off 72nd St and Fifth Avenue.


Featuring Westcott Collapsible Umbrella

There, almost 100 photo enthusiasts , were joined by Rudy Winston, Canon Technical Information Advisor, John Williamson, Westcott Technical Advisor, Jason Friedman, B&H Marketing and professional photographer expert and B&H’s Event Room Co-ordinator, David Brommer.  With six models and a bunch of Canon 580EX and 580EXII flashes provided by Canon, and gobs of light modifiers provided by Westcott including their 43” Collapsible Optical White Umbrellas with Removable Black cover, 28” Apollo Soft Boxes, various collapsible reflectors and Westcott’s Magic Slipper with Bruce Dorn’s Asymmetrical 18” x 42” Strip Bank held up by Westcott’s 8’ Lightweight Lightstands and their NEW Adjustable Umbrella Bracket, the attendees were presented with a plethora of interesting photo set-ups.


Featuring Collapsible Reflector and Bruce Dorn Asymmetrical Strip Bank

The weather was perfect for a photo shoot.  The combination of an interesting architectural structure and tile of Bethesda Arcade ( and great models made for a unique photographic experience.  The ability to receive expert instruction from knowledgeable instructors is what the B&H Event Space concept is all about.  Additionally, Westott’s dedication to educating photographers in lighting expertise dovetails perfectly with Canon’s similar instructional endeavors.

For many attendees, this was their first time working with a model, and, with light modifiers.  So, they were able to “see the light”, sometimes, in ways that they never imagined.  The vision of accomplished internationally renown photographer’s like Rick Sammon only made a day like this as special as they come.

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