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"Faces of Ground Zero"

We recently received an email from Drew Gurian who is the Photography Assistant to Joe McNally. After September 11, Joe embarked on a massive portrait project that became known as “Faces of Ground Zero”. In this project he photographed rescue workers, family members and other effected by 9/11 on the world’s only giant polaroid camera (3×9 foot polaroids). The photos became an exhibit which was staged at Grand Central Station, Rockefeller Center, and traveled to multiple stops around the world. It also became a book, which raised over two million dollars for the relief efforts of downtown public schools affected by the tragedy.

Now, ten years later, Joe & Drew embarked on an update to the original project, taking still portraits of many of the the original subjects as well as doing documentary-style video interviews with many of the people as well.

The project is now complete and just opened at Manhattan’s Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle this past Wednesday and will be opened to the public through September 12, 2011.

When Westcott first heard about this project from Drew, we were so excited that the Spiderlites were the light of choice when capturing these interviews.

Joe McNally & Drew Gurian interviewing Mike Lomonaco

You can check out the video loop we’re using at the exhibition here:

If you want to check out more info on the project itself, or to see the full interviews, go to

Some of the images are featured on the TIME website as well here:,29307,2037720_2219820,00.html

Click to watch the video

More from Joe & Drew

Want to learn a little more about Joe McNally? Be sure to check out his website, blog as well as follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

Want to learn a little more about Drew Gurian? Be sure to check out his website, blog as well as follow him on Twitter or Google +.

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