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Last year we opened up a contest to pick up to 100 top endorsed pros to be showcased through Westcott.  I have a funny story to share on how this contest got started.

At PhotoShop World in Orlando last year I met a young photographer who just had a charisma about him that was amazing.  I spent some time talking with him at our booth and saw he had a portfolio and asked to view it.  I was completely blown away by his images and creativity.  Why weren’t these images blown up on a billboard somewhere?  That is when I knew we needed to create something in order to showcase the work of individuals such as him.  His name is Michael Green by the way and in our Westcott catalog this year.  Needless to say I sought him out after the show and those of you with a Westcott catalog can concur his work is amazing. I got the pleasure of seeing him again at the show this year while he said “I can’t believe I’m on the same page as Scott Kelby!” Way to go Michael, you deserve it.

Image from Michael Green

The entries we received were overwhelming and took us much longer than expected to get through them all.  However, we do have a final list of winners:

Andrew Faulds

Andy Marcus

Bob Davis

Bob Garas

Bruce Dorn

Claude Jodoin

Clay Blackmore

Courtney Dailey

Daniel Doke

David Jackson

David Maynard

David Ziser

Dawnn Wiesinger

Don Gale

Dua Gurdas

Ed Pierce

Elias Stimas

Eric Eggly

Eric Prine (attic fire)

Hernan Rodriquez

Jack Huerta

Jeffrey & Julia Woods

Jerome Hamilton

Jim Schmelzer

Joao Carlos

Joey Quintero

John Williamson

Juan Camillo Ramirez Carvajal

Ken Sklute

Kent Smith

Larry Peters

Marc Blake

Marco Simola

Michael Chevalier

Michael Green

Mike Roy

Nirav Shah

Nyght Falcon

Parker J Pfister

Patrick Connor

Paul Ladd

Rick and Deb Ferro

Rick Hughes

Rick Sammon

Rocky Berlier

Rod Evans

Sandra Kemppainen

Scott Kelby

Stephen Diehl

Terry White

Tom Munoz

Tyler Stableford

Vincent Isola

Zach Gray

For everyone that can count, we are not up to 100 so keep those entries coming in.  We are building a new website now that will include an interactive gallery featuring the work of these winners that will launch this summer.  We truly want this area to be a source of inspiration and want to thank everyone who entered.  Keep up the great work and keep entering!

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  • What a great selection of photographers and their work to kick off the Westcott Endorsed Pros. I’ve been a shooter for more than a few decades and I must admit that I feel very honored each time my endeavors behind the lens are acknowledged. Thank You Westcott.

  • Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.