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We are excited to release 2 new products to the Westcott line – the 7' Parabolic Umbrella and the Spiderlite TD6! Many of you attended WPPI in Las Vegas the other week and were able to see these products in action. So, without further wait, here are the two new products!

NEW 7' Parabolic Umbrella

7' Parabolic: Silver/Black

The Parabolic Umbrella comes in 3 options: White/Black, Silver/Black & Diffusion. And…are you ready for this…with an introductory price of only $99.90!!! Each umbrella comes with a heavy-duty carry case and has features such as: high quality fabric umbrella, fiberglass ribs, double wall shaft with metal insert and a 7mm tip!

NEW Spiderlite TD6

Spiderlite TD6 w/ Fluorescents

Another amazing product we are adding to the Westcott line is the Spiderlite TD6! This continuous lighting system offers features that are perfect for any photographer. The Spiderlite True Daylight (TD) series is the most power and compact constant lighting system available today. Perfect for photo and video, multiple lamp options offer the ability to warm tones (with our Tungsten lamps) or cool tones (with our Fluorescent lamps) to any image. Some of the added features are: All-metal construction, built-in adapter ring, 3 controls to adjust light output, tilter bracket included, 180 degree rotation, power switch on the 15ft power cord and the ability to switch out lamps from daylight to tungsten. This light is a MUST for any studio photographer!

Contact your local dealer with our Dealer Locater. If you have any questions about buying them, please feel free to contact our customer service at or call us at 419.243.7311 OR 800.886.1689. Interested in the Press Releases? You can find them here.

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