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Westcott has decided to implement a new, little thing we call ‘#Tog Tuesday’. What is a ‘#Tog’? Well, in Social Media a ‘#Tog’ is defined as an abbreviated term for ‘photographer’ or ‘photog’. Because of the Social Media Network Twitter allowing for only 140 characters in each message, we must shorten everything because every character counts!

Now, what is a ‘#Tog Tuesday’? This is all about highlighting photography. Whether it be images, tips, tours, videos, new upcoming photographers – anything! This is all about what is going on in the world of photography and how Westcott can provide the information to you!

What to expect?

Expect everything photography! On Tuesdays we will launch out a new #Tog Tuesday topic – this could be anything from a simple term with a setup, or a short bio on a new upcoming photographer with a link to their page. Something simple – something short.

We want your feedback!

Please feel free to leave us feedback, comments, or suggestions of something you would like us to focus on or if you have any recommendations on topics, please let us know!

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  • Joe A. 4 years ago

    I suggest making “tog Tuesday” an easily identifiable, or bookmarkable web link.

    Also, can you include some sort of discount incentives? Even special offers from your partners or suppliers will be fantastic. I find that I have several sources already, to find tips and tricks, or photographer features and they all have special offers… But many of the special offers I see are for books or services. At Wescott, you are unique in that you can tap into your vast product portfolio to build good offers for your “tog” fans.

    Also, if you’re going to feature various photographers, could you throw in a few unknowns? Or perhaps, those known only in their local area, but not nation wide? This way, we can capture the “taste” of photographers down at the local level. It would be challenging, but I believe well worthwhile. Thx.

    • We plan on offering all types of contests, unknown photographers, education and so much more through our newest addition of #Tog Tuesday! I appreciate your feedback. We are looking forward to see where #Tog Tuesday will take us! Thank you!