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We are back from Photo Plus Expo in New York City and wanted to give everyone a recap of the show. First, we want to start off by thanking everyone who came out! It was great seeing some old faces as well as some new ones. Also, what a great opportunity it was to meet some of our newest friends from the social media world. In 2010, social media has become a huge part of Westcott, and we have found some amazing photographers through networks such as Facebook and Twitter. It’s great finally putting some faces to twitter names!

Now for the recap:

Each day at the booth was amazing! We literally had a rush through the booth from the minute the show started and even past the time the event ended. It was great seeing individuals who are just starting in photography as well as those pros who were looking to update their studio. Questions were all across the board, and it was great hearing how many individuals are looking to expand on their photography. Some questions while at the booth were:

  • Question: I’m looking to get started in photography full-time, but want to invest in a kit that is going to be able to grow with my business. What do you suggest?
  • Answer: For anyone who is looking to grow their photography business, the perfect kit is the Spiderlite TD5 kits. We have some great kit combinations fit for any photographers needs. Best kit for anyone starting out who is on a budget, we have the Perfect Portrait Kit that will give you everything you need. It is also a perfect kit for anyone looking to get into video as well as photo. Because it is a constant light source that is daylight balanced, you are able to use it for both.
  • TIP: When traveling with the Spiderlite TD5s, take the box the 20watt bulb comes in and place that around the bulb to make it easy to transport. All bulbs will remain in the TD5 while doing this. Also, the TD5 cap is ideal when transporting the units along with a Two Light Travel Case.
  • Question: I would like to get into Green Screen photography, but everything I have tried up til now, I am not getting the green to key out correctly. What can I do to help me with keying out the background?
  • Answer: When lighting Green Screen, you need to make sure the green is evenly lit from top to bottom. Always remember that lighting your Green Screen is just as important as lighting your subject. Be sure your subject is ideally about 3-5 feet away.
  • TIP: Always remember to have your subjects wear colors that are not associated with the color green. If you end up with them wanting to have something green on, always remember that you can switch to Chroma Key Blue. Photo Basics by Westcott has an opportunity to buy 9' x 10' Chroma Key Backgrounds of both colors. Also, depending on your space, Westcott also has a Collapsible Chroma Key Background.

Another highlight at the show was our featured speaker in the booth – Jim Schmelzer. For over 25 years Jim Schmelzer has been photographing weddings and striving to produce the highest quality portraits. Jim has interned and studied with some of the best photographers in the world.  Most famous, Ken Cook, from Salinas, California has been Jim’s mentor since 1983. In 1986, Jim started lecturing on studio lighting techniques for F.J. Westcott Company, one of the largest manufacturers of lighting equipment.  Jim has produced and published instructional videos on studio and outdoor lighting techniques that have been sold all over the world.  His most recent video on lighting was produced for Ritz Camera, the largest camera store chain in the U.S.

A BIG thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth at the show! Also, a thank you to the dealers who were there at the show that made Westcott available for purchase: Midwest Photo Exchange, B&H, Adorama and Unique Photo.

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