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Originally posted on Scott Kelby’s Blog Sept. 13, 2010.

Last week I promised that I would tell you guys a little bit about what the folks at FJ Westcott did on the Photoshop World Expo Floor that made them the talk of the show, but first a little history. (All Photos by Terry White. Thanks T!).

Dave Moser (NAPP’s Chief Operating Officer) and I had come up with an idea with based on the the fact that so many people already bring their cameras to Photoshop World. We thought it would be cool if we set up “shooting stations” for lack of a better term, where we would have sets and props or professional models, all professionally lit, where they could practice their skills.

A few months back I called Kelly Mondora over at Westcott Lighting to share the idea, because the only way this was really going to work was to use Continuous Lighting, like their TD5 Spiderlites (having to deal with strobes, and wireless channels, and getting multiple people shooting at once, just would be a nightmare, and by using the TD5?s we’d sidestep all that, plus as many people that wanted to shoot at one time, could).

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