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Back at the end of August we asked for your feedback on ways to improve existing product as well as new product.  One response that came up over and over again was for a 7mm shaft for the Elinchrom and Pro Foto lights for our umbrellas and Apollo product line.  Well ~ we have a solution for you!

We have changed the design on all of our umbrellas (except the 86” white) to work with these lights by including a 7mm tapered tip! In addition, we have available an insert that can go right into the end of the 28” or 16” Apollo shaft that will modify your units to work with these lights!!

Check out this video demonstrating it!

This tip can be purchased from F.J. Westcott for $5.00 and you simply hammer it lightly into the open end of the umbrella shaft.

Thank you guys for the suggestion!! Keep them coming!

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