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The tour has kicked off with 4 amazing stops: Newark, NJ – New York, NY – Portland, OR – Seattle, WA. We have featured some amazing speakers at each stop: Rick Sammon – Joey Quintero – Pete Wright – Dave Piazza – John D. Williamson.

Some words to describe these first 4 stops by some attendees: Amazing, Awesome, Affortable, Spendid, Unbelieveable Рand so much more!!

We have had the great opportunity to meet some amazing individuals/photographers throughout the United States this past week, and this is only the beginning! We have many more cities to go, talent to see, people to meet and some amazing images to shoot! Yes – that’s right – SHOOT! Bring your camera to our stops – you will get the opportunity to shoot and get some hands-on time with the lighting equipment and be assisted by both featured speakers from each stop! Don’t miss this opportunity to walk away with some amazing images to add to your portfolio!

Below is just a short video of our speakers at the stops! These were all taken with our lovely new Flip! Enjoy and please leave us comments or suggestions!

In the meantime, if you are still interested in joining us at the Top Pro Tour, please go to the website and register. Don’t forget to use Coupon Code TPT9195 to save $20 on an All-Access Pass! We hope to see you there!

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