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It’s that time again! Westcott is now releasing 9 NEW products including 6 on the Westcott line and 3 on the Photo Basics line. AND as an added bonus and something Westcott loves to do – offer them at an extremely affordable price!

So, get ready for some amazing new additions including:

6 NEW Modern Vintage Backgrounds

The new Modern Vintage patterns and colors offer a little something for everyone. Rich chocolate brown-on-brown is Terracotta (#5507) and will add instant drama to any image. Dorian (#5508) features a classic grey-on-grey providing a neutral feel with just a little punch. The pastel green-on-green is Willow (#5509) and will look great against various skin tones. Harmony (#5510) features a blue-on-blue, a perfect choice for today’s seniors. Legion (#5511) features seafoam green-on-grey for the sophisticated perfectionist. Rounding out the line is Chantilly (#5512) featuring a tan-on-rose background offering a classic look that can be easily lit for a high-key contrast.

3 NEW 5-in-1 Reflectors

The new reflectors provide more options to the aspiring photographer at a very competitive price. Each reflector contains a slipcover with gold, black, white and silver as well as a 1-stop diffusion panel and comes in a cloth round carry case for ease of transport.

The new 20″ 5-in-1 Reflector (#306) opens to 20″ and collapses down to 8″. Weighing less than a pound (0.55 lbs), this is the ideal reflector for any on-location photographer. The street price is $19.90. The new 30″ 5-in 1 Reflector (#307) opens to almost 30″ and collapses down to 11″. Weighing less than a pound (0.80 lbs), this is the perfect reflector for any photographer both in and out of the studio. The street price is $29.90. The new 50″ 5-in-1 Reflector (#308) opens to almost 50″ and collapses down to 18″. Weighing a little over a pound (1.26 lbs), this is the perfect reflector for photographing large groups of individuals. The street price is $49.90. The already popular 40″ 5-in-1 Reflector (#304) opens to a little over 40″ and collapses down to about 14″. Weighing right around one pound, this reflector is great for on-location as well as 3/4 length portraits. The street price is $41.10.

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