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Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, keep your eyes peeled for this amazing pair of Zach and Jody Gray.


This husband and wife team, specializing in wedding photography, will inspire you through their images, drive and passion.  We’ve heard amazing things about their hands-on seminars.  Seminars by Gray Photography are intimate with the limit of 8 people.  mmodel-setup1model2

Thanks guys, you’re an inspiration to all of us.

Check out their blog.

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  • Thanks a ton guys for posting on us! We had such a blast teaching at this workshop and can’t wait for the next one!! If anyone is interested in further workshops, check the blog and click on “Photographers” to find out more!

  • Andrew King 5 years ago

    Hey guys, this is Andrew King, Jenny Johnson’s cousin, we had lunch at Chili’s last month. Anyway, hope you guys are doing well. I would love to get your advice on buying a new/used camera between $500-$600, whenever you get a chance. I might be interested in a workshop too!

    Thanks again.