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Team Westcott would like to congratulate Wyoming photographer Mike Roberts for winning our on-location photo contest with this eye-catching lakeside image. Mike will be receiving an Ice Light and an Ice Pack! We saw some really amazing submissions this past week and cannot wait to host another photo contest.


Thank you to the judges for bestowing the honor on my image. We finished the initial image just minutes before the storm in the background poured on the location, so it was quite dark in the background.

The subjects were about 25m from the light. The image was captured in RAW, Canon 6D with the Sigma 24-70 at 37mm, 1/80 @ ƒ3.2.

Initial adjustments, including color temperature, contrast, etc., along with graduated filters and painting with the brush tool, were done in Lightroom 5. 

I sent it to PS CC, and from there into OnOne for application of an effect, and, sadly, I did not record the history in either application. Final adjustments were done in Lightroom 5, followed by export to post.

I have screen shots of the history in LR, if anyone would like to see them. I can also post a screen shot of the steps via the survey mode in LR, if desired.


On-Location Photo Contest - Mike Roberts


Stay tuned to the Westcott Lighting Facebook page for information on more photo contest and sweepstakes.


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