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Westcott just returned from Las Vegas from another amazing Photoshop World in Las Vegas. It was absolutely wonderful seeing our good friends at NAPP as well as some old faces and new. We can’t thank NAPP enough for putting on such an amazing event – so to that, CONGRATS!!

Shootout Contest Info

The shootout contest has ended. The deadline for all submissions was October 4, 2012 at 3:00pm EST. The prizes were as follows:

1st: TD6 Perfect Portrait Kit & Ice Light

2nd: Ice Light

3rd: Your choice of (1) Modern Vintage Backdrop

Most Creative: Your choice of (1) Parabolic Umbrella & Parabolic Diffusion Front

Day 1:

We had arrived early in Vegas for setup, but the first official day of the tradeshow was Wednesday Sept 5. We started out the day by getting a welcome greeting from Russell over at Adobe bringing two amazing & talented special effects makeup artists to our booth – Rayce Bird (Season 2 Winner of FaceOff) and Frank Ippolito (Season 1 Contestent of FaceOff). We had the opportunity to meet with them and discuss the character they would be creating on day 2. More on that on Day 2.

We started out the show with some amazing models and education. This Photoshop World we decided to change it up a bit offering some top notch education in the booth. The Canon Westcott Educational Stage was HOPPING! We had Professional Photographers Eddie Tapp, Jack Reznicki, Eric Eggly,  James Schmelzer and Erik Valind.

Our models for the day consisted of a classic vintage boudoir, young Lady Bird Johnson as well as Fashion Runway on the stage. All makeup for the models was created by Shelley Giard.

We also had the amazing opportunity to partner with Adobe. Adobe was running a contest where photographers who photographed in our booth could take the images over to the Adobe Booth, edit them and submit them into a contest! Here are the Adobe winning images:

The show ended that day with much success. We had such an insightful crowd asking the best of questions. So for that, thank you! Westcott always loves a good challenge of questions!

Day 2:

Day two started off early. We had some big looks coming that day and wanted to make sure it was over the top – Westcott style of course! Another gentleman joined the crew of Rayce and Frank – Ian Von Cromer (Season 2 Contestant of FaceOff) and they got started! Rayce & Ian did an absolutely amazing job on the Frankenstein look played by Thomas Willeford. Now, many of you may be familiar with past Shootouts at Photoshop World – Thomas is the gentleman who modeled in Photoshop World Spring DC and also the mastermind behind all the steampunk creations! Definitely check out Brute Force Studios if you would like more information on steampunk goodies.

Frankenstein Crew of Makeup Artist Rayce Bird Ian Von Cromer Frank Ippolito

Photo by: Eric Eggly

The day went by without a hitch having a complete cast of Frankenstein characters. We had Frankenstein (Thomas Willeford), Mad Scientist (Russell Brown), Fritz (Daniel Presedo) and our Frankenstein Bride (Andrea V with ModelExpertsOnline). We also had our High Fashion up on stage as well as our prized Candy Girl Set.

A big thank you to both Eric Eggly, Michael Green & Joel Grimes for stepping in and giving some hands on photography education this day! The booth was crowded, but people were able to walk away with some great information!

Day 3:

Last day of the show! It was another busy day and the questions kept coming from attendees. We were happy to help everyone who had questions. Hot questions of the day came from attendees about the Ice Light, X-Drop Backdrop, Apollo line and Spiderlite TD6.

The day continued with some amazing looks featuring an Avant Garde, Magic Mike and Fashion up on stage. All of these looks could not have been possible without Shelley Giard. Big thanks goes out to her for a job well done!

Thank YOU

We want to take a second to thank all the attendees! Without you guys, we couldn’t do what we do! Thank you to our speakers in our booth, the staff and everyone who helped put on another amazing shootout and educational experience at the Westcott booth.

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