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In February, Portland-based filmmaking studio Stillmotion is launching a North American tour of their first feature-length documentary film, #standwithme. This film introduces us to a 9-year-old who started a lemonade stand to help end child slavery and explores how we all can make a stand against it, too.

In the making of #standwithme, Stillmotion relied heavily on Wescott’s lighting solutions in order to travel light during their shoots in Namibia, Nepal, and the Dominican Republic. In particular, Wescott’s Ice Light and Scrim Jim kits made it possible to tackle the harsh lighting conditions of the Kalahari desert. Because using a generator and high-powered continuous lighting wasn’t practical or even an option, Stillmotion used the Scrim Jims to both soften and diffuse the natural sunlight; allowing them to practically shoot during any time of the day.

Stillmotion #standwithme Lighting

The film premieres will be combined with a 30-city Storytelling with Heart workshop tour. During these workshops, the Stillmotion team will share a set of approaches that filmmakers can use to bring remarkable stories to life. This workshop will include a module on how you can use new tools including Wescott’s lighting solutions – to stay nimble in the field and tell powerful stories through film. Each workshop includes an opportunity the following day to get out in the field with Stillmotion to shoot, try out new gear, and meet other local filmmakers.

The tour will begin on February 1st, 2014 in San Francisco, CA and will continue on to 30 other cities through April 8th, 2014; ending in Portland, Oregon. Learn more about these workshops at City-by-city screening information can be found at

Stillmotion & Westcott #standwithme

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